Shampoo hazardous nature

Treatment of dandruff — an unpleasant and difficult task. Most often for these purposes use a special shampoo. But, it turned out that this "medicine" can be more harmful to skin than dandruff. American experts published the results of his research, which showed that the compounds contained in the anti-dandruff shampoo can be harmful to pose a risk to the environment. Experts studied the effects of the fungicide climbazole and connections that are found in shampoos against dandruff. Experts have discovered that these chemical components may stop the growth of low-growing algae and other aquatic plants when wastewater reaches natural waters.

Thus, they violate the local, and hence global ecosystem. Climbazole — inhibitor that prevents the growth of dandruff by effectively destroying fungi. Unfortunately, it also acts on other living organisms, and as proved, has slowed down or just killing the plants and algae. This is possible even in such low concentrations as 0.5 micrograms per liter. Fungicide — a chemical that is almost unchanged into the environment.

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