How to get rid of dandruff folk remedies?

When dry dandruff

To change the situation, it is necessary to ensure sufficient hydration of the epidermis, as it does not produce the required amount of fat. Dry skin and begins to flake off, dandruff is formed.


To cope with this problem simply: it is every 2 weeks wash your hair with a mild baby soap. A few hours before water treatments on the scalp is applied a little bit of warm vegetable oil: olive, burdock, almond or any other. It is absorbed providing the skin cells with the hydration it needs.

If "oily" dandruff

To resolve this problem also by using a home recipe. This requires a good grind close to 50 grams of onion peel (with the hands, in a mortar or any other means). Then ready dust pour a liter of boiling water. After 40 minutes the liquid is filtered, and is ready for use. A broth rinse hair after every wash until the condition gets better.

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