Effective folk remedy for gout

Gout is a severe form of metabolic disorders. In this disease the salt of uric acid starts to be deposited in the joints and is the inflammation. The disease affects almost all joints, but in the first place is usually affects the joints of both big toes.

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Gout is known since ancient times and in recent times increasingly rare. If this disease is not bypassed you or your relatives, then carrying out the treatment at home, try to use folk remedies described in this article.

We have selected the most popular and effective folk remedies for recommendations from those who have used many methods of treatment of gout. To treat gout folk or traditional methods immediately.


Treatment with iodized salt

To make a mix for a poultice of iodized salt you need to pour 500g of salt water, bring to a boil, reduce the heat, wait until the water has evaporated, and add 200g of chicken fat. The resulting ointment applied to the joints on the wool fabric, securing it with a bandage. To treat themselves using folk remedies, also drink a decoction of lime blossom and exclusively from food beans and sorrel for the normalization of metabolism.

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Gout treatment herbs

In this method, it is better to combine the treatment for two recipes – for outdoor and indoor use. As a means for internal application use an infusion of the roots of the madder red (teaspoon per Cup of boiling water). Drink such means twice a day half a Cup.

To treat gout topically — mix 200g eau de Cologne with three vials of tincture of Valerian, which you can buy at the pharmacy. To infuse funds needs 10-12 hours. Then treat with compresses on swollen joints.

A comprehensive treatment of these assets in the home very effectively, but after a few days of their application may experience pain in the joints. To treat myself — will have to wait.


Treatment fish packs

Many who self-medicate with folk remedies for gout, it is recommended compresses of normal fish. To treat yourself with this remedy, take 2 kg of river fish scraps, bones gave, stripped the remaining flesh into 10 portions and put in bags and put it in the freezer. For ten days before bedtime thawed for serving fish and put the packages on her feet, and on top of warm socks. In the morning wash your feet and throw the fish. Treatment of this kind of tools contributes to a significant reduction in pain in just 10 days.

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Treatment lard

To use as a remedy for gout regular lard, cut it into thin slices and RUB them into the skin until it becomes quite small. The severe pain from gout you can also make compresses of fat by applying it to the joints and securing with a bandage. Treatment should continue until complete recovery.

Treatment simple folk remedies sometimes work better than surgery, especially since they are based on natural ingredients and do not bring harm to the body. If you have your own traditional methods, how to treat gout share them with readers in the comments in the article. Possible folk remedies, you can help someone get rid of a very serious and unpleasant diseases.



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Japanese method of treatment of gout

Gout treatment by this method in the home long enough, but effective. In order to use it, prepare 2 containers. One pour ice cold water and put in another grain of wheat and pour boiling water. Wait until the grains will be steamed and will remain hot enough, but they could lower the arm or leg. Put down the joint first in cold water for 5 seconds and then in a container of beans. Then tie the string to the joint woollen cloth to warm up. Treat yourself with this remedy should be continued for three months.

If you are applying any recommendations, remember that everyone's body is different, so it is best to consult a doctor.


Author: Alexander Bondarev


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