5 effective natural remedies for gout

Gout is a fairly common problem. Unhealthy lifestyle and poor nutrition — without a doubt the main causes of disorders of metabolism and blood circulation. We will explain how nature helps to deal with gout and what natural remedies to use.

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The herbs in the fight against gout

Gout occurs when excess amounts of urate in the body. Under normal excretion of uric acid by the kidneys gout you're scary. But improper diet contributes to the accumulation of mochekisloy compounds, which are the wastes of the digestive tract proteins from animal meat, coffee and alcoholic beverages.

What happens to your body when increasing the level of uric acid? Violations of this nature lead to the development of gout, inflammation and aching joints. And also bear in mind that ignoring the first symptoms, you may face more serious consequences: kidney failure and liver disease.

Don't forget that uric acid leads to an upset pH level in the blood that affects the body in the form of decrease in protective properties, fatigue, brittle bones, diseases of various organs.

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How to prevent the increase of uric acid and avoid gout and other health problems? First, reduce the consumption of red meat, animal fat and protein, sausages, alcohol, refined flour, salt, sugar, fizzy drinks…

Diversify the diet with vegetables, fruits and cereals. Especially useful are oatmeal, citrus fruits (particularly lemon, pomelo, oranges), strawberry. Fruit acids, and fiber will get your metabolism moving. In addition, pay attention to the herbs that can solve the problem. Of course, they do not replace medical treatment, but serve as a good Supplement to therapy. Take infusions daily to cleanse the blood from harmful components. The best assistants will be:

1. Natural diuretics

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Take note: horsetail (ponytail), dandelion and artichoke will allow you to withdraw excess fluid from the body, rid it of toxins, cleanse the blood and lymphatic system. They are good diuretics. Excretion of urine, will help to reduce the content of uric acid.

Drink infusions of herbs after the main meal, and you will reduce the risk of developing gout.

2. The Thistle and its protective properties

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You might have heard about the beneficial properties possessed by the thistle. He is able to protect the liver and has a cleansing effect and transformerait ammonia in the urine. Among other things, the Thistle is a natural antioxidant and removes from the blood the adverse waste from the processing of proteins. You can find Thistle in the pharmacy in the form of herb or tablets. Start receiving now!

3. Martin scented

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Martin scented ordevil's claw not very well known to the ordinary consumer, but in herbal medicine its medicinal properties are indispensable. This plant has a direct effect on the muscles and joints, relieving inflammation caused by high levels of uric acid.


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For those suffering from gout it is a real boon: reduces pain and improves joint mobility. Find collection martinii fragrant at the pharmacy and phytotherapy stores. You can also use this plant as a natural analgesic. published 


Source: steptohealth.ru/fitoterapiya-pri-podagre/


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