Stop pills poison yourself! These 5 medicinal herbs with analgesic effect is much better.

Every day alternative medicine with herbs and organic products are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. Most herbal medicines reduce pain, treat inflammation and remove toxins from the body. Below are some popular plants, which have a strong analgesic effect. They are no worse than ordinary medicines and do not carry any side effects! Of course, if taken in moderation.

1. Tanacetum parthenium

As an ornamental plant and a drug Tanacetum parthenium known since ancient times. It is used to relieve various types of pain: headache, toothache and stomach pains. Many people use it in food for the treatment of migraine. Tanacetum parthenium also stimulates digestion and fights parasites. It tastes very bitter, so most of it make infusions with honey.

2. Valerian root

Although valerian is most often used to reduce stress and insomnia, but it is also an excellent tool for reducing muscle spasms and seizures. This plant - a harmless painkiller for painful menstruation. Valerian root is also used to treat migraine.

3. MARTIN fragrant

MARTIN fragrant, or, as this plant is called in the people, devil's claw grows in the savannas of South Africa. If you will have the opportunity to purchase this wonderful plant, we advise you to do it without hesitation. Root extract of this plant has a strong analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. Martini is used to relieve pain in the joints, back, muscles and tendons. And also it can be used as a means to strengthen the immune system.

4. Air marsh

Effective "weapon" in the fight against pain is a medicinal herb such as Air marsh. It is used in powder form from the root decoctions and infusions. Doctors are advised to take a bath with this plant arthritis. It is also a great tool you can use in case of poisoning, intestinal colic, stomach diseases.

5. Arnica

Arnica - a painkiller which is considered useful in the treatment of soft tissue injuries. It also reduces the pain of sprains, reduces blood pressure and dilates blood vessels of the brain. The key is that the side effects with the use of tincture of arnica are not observed.

If left untreated mild pain, then over time they can develop into chronic. As soon as you have something ill, it is best to take the herbal painkillers and medications do not drink immediately. Most herbs do not have side effects if taken properly. But if you have persistent pain occur, do not pass, you should consult your doctor immediately.

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