Licorice - corrector of the endocrine system

Licorice - licorice, licorice, yellow root (Glycyrrhiza). Licorice root (rhizome and roots) contains glycosides, sucrose, flavonoids, essential oil, vitamin C, a yellow pigment, mineral salts, pectin, and others. From the dried roots of licorice and shoots cooked expectorants (eg, thoracic Elixir). Licorice root is a member of a diuretic tea; it is also used for the preparation of pellets and improve the taste of drugs. From the root is prepared likviriton medical preparation that is used in gastritis and gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer.

Licorice is known for its enveloping, expectorant and mild laxative effect. Expectorants properties associated with its content in the roots of glycyrrhizin which amplifies the secretory function of the upper respiratory tract and improves mucociliary activity in the trachea and bronchi. The saponins contained in the plant, irritate the mucous membranes of not only the respiratory tract, but also in other organs, increasing thus the secretion of the glands, so licorice included in the composition of expectorants, diuretics and laxatives. Because of licorice flavonoid compounds spasmolytic drugs act on the smooth muscle of the bronchi. The licorice contains a substance similar both in their structure and by the action of steroid hormones that are produced by the cortical layer of the adrenal glands and have a very strong anti-inflammatory properties. Of licorice identified a number of biologically active substances that reduce cholesterol levels and contribute to the disappearance of cholesterol plaques in blood vessels.

About the medicinal use of licorice is said in ancient monuments of Chinese medicine "Book of Herbs" written Bole than three thousand years BC. Over millennia, Chinese doctors attributed liquorice drug first class and tried to turn it in the all medicinal mixtures, since it enhances the effect of other drugs, as "conductor" to them and, moreover, is able to neutralize poisons, caught in the body. In Tibet, believed that licorice root "promote longevity and a better administration of the six senses." The roots of the plants have been widely used in Assyria, Sumeria, were borrowed from the doctors of ancient Egypt.
 - Ginseng - an ordinary "untwisted" brand, - said Head. Chair of the traditional healing systems of the National Institutes of Health Rinad Minvaleyev. - Ancient is not revered as a panacea for all ills. In the traditional texts of the grass attention is paid no more than all the other medicinal plants. But licorice in ancient formulations is very common. She was a primary drug.

 - Syrup of licorice? The same "miksturka"?
 - Licorice extract - it's just a sweet Vodicka, has lost much of its medicinal properties. To make a true drug, you need to buy licorice rhizomes in dry form.
 - Yes, this drug is known primarily for the fact that causes vomiting. It turns out that our ancestors loved "to clean the stomach"?

 - To licorice did not cause nausea, it is necessary to prepare properly.

 - On the packaging there is an instruction: "30 minutes water bath, then filtered ...»

 - Unfortunately, the instructions of modern pharmacotherapy is often far from the truth. To some of the officials, so it seemed, he signed a decree, and now all the herbs prescribed to cook this way. While in ancient times have never used a water bath. It was mainly on evaporation to 2/3 volume. That is boiled with terrible force. No one came into his head shaking over vitamins and other active principles. This did not know anything, and relied only on the therapeutic effect. I devoted much time to the study of these effects, and I can say that the healing power increases dramatically with this preparation. And when using a water-bath of herbs do not have time to go out, and the remedy is simply in the midst of which you need to throw out. (This does not apply to all herbs.) Moreover, another procedure was provided against licorice. Roasting. Without this herb roasting just gives a lot of trouble, including nausea. Fried also licorice has a very pleasant taste. And we know that food becomes medicine only if it is delicious.

 - How to fry it?

 - Fry in a dry frying pan, coffee. And watch closely so as not to overheat. If properly fry from it is a very pleasant smell. By the way, all finished pharmaceutical syrups and extracts obtained from unroasted licorice. Fry it incredibly difficult in an industrial environment. It does not pay off. Therefore, this medicine is for individual use. We need to sit and to decide: whether or not browned.

Licorice works by ... licorice

 - What components make this plant a healing?

 - Say, thereby running licorice, can not yet be sure. But if it is found, make sure the substance is identified and began to produce, destroying not such great resources of licorice. I think that the highlight one thing - it is senseless. When, for example, lemon isolated rutin - a complex of vitamins P, then began to produce it. And after some time, the discoverer himself realized that it is better to use together with askorbinku (vitamin C, which is also in the lemon). Released a new drug. Then we find other useful components of lemon juice. They began to combine all this, coming up with new drugs. But in the end it became clear that the lemon juice, from which received and rutin, and askorbinku acts much better than all those "separate" drugs. And I wondered: why merge if it's all there in the lemon? The same with licorice. Most likely, licorice acts as a "bundle" vazoprotektorov. There's a lot of tannins, leucoanthocyanins, phenol carbonic acids, and so on. D

When cold
The main reason the use of licorice - a bronchopulmonary ailments autumn-winter period. Licorice - very strong expectorant drug. It is especially effective when the cough was just beginning. In this case, simply toasting licorice, crushes, there also can be crushed anise and violet tricolor. Take should be twice: at sunset and midnight. Expectorant effect - the strongest, "plug" simply pushes. Although cough yet. Licorice dramatically increases the amount of mucus. And the mucus in the lungs - that's the main thing that removes all sorts of germs, that because of what we are coughing.

 - And if the cough lasts it is not the first month?
 - If there has been a complication in the lungs to help with raspberry licorice (preferably when the latter is also in the form of roots). If you struck by the upper respiratory tract - with anise. Tuberculosis is treated with grape licorice: fried licorice brew, drink and seize grapes.
But, say, licorice and ginger should be consumed as prevention of seasonal growing phenomena in the body associated with the accumulation of cold. Ginger cut, brew, infused with crushed licorice. Drink as a tea.

Cough - needs

We often try to suppress the inflammatory process and we think that helps the body. So, licorice NOT suppresses inflammation. She, on the contrary, it is indicated for the stimulation of the body's defenses. It is indicated for dry cough, cough when we need not clean up and strengthen. In addition, it enhances the action of certain medicinal ingredients.

Licorice also influences the endocrine glands. That is, licorice can be of great help, in particular, insulin-dependent diabetics. In clinical medicine there is such a thing - aloksanovy diabetes. This is when the animal gives aloksan - and he has diabetes begins. Then he was being treated. Different means. So licorice, it turns out, helps. It accelerates the recovery of the pancreas. In fact, we are talking about enhancing insulin production.
 - Why, then, endocrinologists do not use this tool?
 - Ask endocrinologists. And the producers of certain hormones insulin. What licorice treat diabetes seems to have no interest to anyone.
Total not list

VERY detoxifying effects of licorice. Especially in case of poisoning with meat and mushrooms. Allergies such as asthma allergenic nature, treated with such a composition: fried licorice plus violet, plus raisins - all equally. And you can do just violet with licorice, raisins and jam. Slowly it begins to emerge that using licorice, we can compensate for all autoimmune diseases. This also applies to rheumatoid arthritis, and multiple sclerosis. (This is according to the Brain Institute, one of the first medical institutions, where the use of licorice obtained very significant results.) It turns out that licorice helps in the treatment of autoimmune thyroiditis. It stimulates the production of the endocrine glands. That is why licorice - a means of rejuvenation. That's how she was treated in traditional Chinese medicine. It abruptly than ginseng.
In fact licorice can be called a corrector of the endocrine system. It stimulates a variety of processes in the body. But in general, licorice is not lucky. Research on it a lot, but the popularity it still does not enjoy.


Licorice root, used as a drug, is a kind of analogue of hormonal herbal medication. For many years it was believed that the use of licorice root significantly rejuvenates the body.
Licorice - a natural remedy, which has a remarkable property. This plant is an accelerator, or rather amplifier, the healing action of many medicinal herbs included in medicinal charges. This amazing quality defined its widespread use in numerous recipes of traditional medicine. This unique property is sometimes a decisive contraindication licorice for some groups of people with individual characteristics of perception of some medicinal plants in the herbal.
It is believed that licorice affects on the human body according to the principle vazoprotektorov complex. In this plant includes a large number leucoanthocyanins, phenol carbonic acids, tannins. Therefore, treatment of broncho-pulmonary infection is the main focus of the use of licorice root as a medicine. Licorice has a fairly strong expectorant effect. With regular use of licorice root dramatically increases the amount of mucus, which is made of light begins to actively withdraw germs that cause disease.

Known contraindications of licorice, be sure to know, because this plant is full of mineralocorticoid - substances which have a significant impact and reducing regulation of the process of water-salt balance, flowing in the human body. These substances are corticoids, so-called steroid hormones.
Particular attention to the natural medicines of destination, including licorice root, should be paid to people who have serious problems with high blood pressure. Hypertension is one of the most obvious contraindications of licorice for such people. Possible jumps in blood pressure sometimes arise on the basis of significant stagnation of fluid in the body. Therefore, high blood pressure is dangerous regular consumption of licorice root in the treatment of any disease.

It is necessary to refuse medical preparations, including licorice root, people suffering from diseases of the heart, liver and kidneys. Expose themselves to serious risk when using licorice as a remedy people with negligible levels of potassium in the blood. It is not appropriate to take herbal remedies based on liquorice diabetics. Contraindications licorice extend to people who have problems with the organs of vision. In particular, glaucoma licorice should be used with great caution.

People with certain disorders estrogen levels when fibrocystic breast, cancer of the uterus and breast, must avoid the use of licorice root in any combination. This herb stimulates the transformation of testosterone into estrogen.

It is dangerous to plant for men suffering from infertility or erectile dysfunction. They are under no circumstances should not use drugs on the basis of licorice as the root of the plant helps reduce the level of testosterone. Pregnant women and nursing mothers also have to avoid the use of licorice root. The use of drugs, including the licorice, threatening dangerous side effects. It is necessary to renounce the use of licorice for medicinal fees to people who use oral hormonal contraceptives. Side effects from the use of plant will not keep you waiting.

The main contraindications to the licorice need to know is mandatory for each patient.

These include:
pregnancy, since the use of licorice can cause edema in women
lactation as licorice extract is contraindicated for baby

heart failure high blood pressure, high blood pressure should therefore be very careful with licorice, and use it only in the event that will allow your doctor
idiosyncrasy of licorice, which is extremely rare

diabetes increased adrenal activity
liver diseases, especially cirrhosis
hypokalemia, as the use of licorice washes away from the human body potassium

Pay attention to their own health.


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