30 things you need to get done before he died. I feel the fullness of life now!

All people want the same: to be happy and live a full life. But in many ways to meet these needs are different people! Unfortunately, many people forget that the most important thing - to live with love, love what you do, enjoying every moment spent on this planet. To achieve this is not so difficult. The main thing - not how long you live, the main thing - how wide the boundaries of your mind. To avoid putting yourself border, often you need to do things that go beyond the ordinary. This list will make your life more interesting, if you take the embodiment of the inspiring moments. Try to bring something bright in reality and feel the fullness of life. It is in such moments people live and feel alive really.

1. Stop worrying about debt. It is better not to have them and apply force to their maturity, but once they are there, do not poison my life constant thoughts that you have.

2. Forgive all their former, lovers / mistresses, friends traitors. The past - not what is worth living.

3. Stop constantly worry about the outcome, enjoy the process.

4. Look in the mirror with the unconditional love of self.

5. Leave a job that you hate.

6. Find a goal that makes you enthusiastic and work toward it.

7. Get into the pet, which you have long dreamed of.

8. Stop feeling guilty when recovering slightly during the holidays. It is better to go in for sports in the fun.

9. Believe that everything was okay. All that is done - for the better.

10. Send a journey on which you have long dreamed of.

11. Look into the eyes of his fear. Get rid of that scares you every day.

12. Be open to change.

13. Let go of all the troubles that happened to you in the past. Forgive yourself everything.

14. Stop trying to change people - it is useless.

15. All the answers are within you. It makes no sense to look for them outside, you know yourself that you need.

16. Stop thinking that you did something wrong, and blame themselves. You did as they should at the very moment.

17. Love yourself - the beautiful, strange, crazy, different.

18. Follow your heart.

19. risks all for love.

20. Try to make failure with the tranquility inside - you will see how the situation will change in your favor.

21. Look at the world as a beautiful, safe, magical place.

22. Look at the people around them as equals.

23. Give up attachment to things - it makes you feel the splendor of life to the fullest. Dari often something from the things around her.

24. Journey, even a little - the best reward. Reward yourself for services correctly!

25. In difficult situations, always use the optimism and hope as a cure for despair. They - a good assistant in the device life.

26. Look at everything that happens as an invaluable experience. These are important lessons to help you develop.

27. Seek opportunities for the realization of dreams in life, do not look for ways to quickly and easily give up.

28. Take care of your valuables. What is valuable to you, helping to keep afloat, no matter what happens.

29. inspires others by example!

30. Play with the world.

Let these words give you the inspiration to love yourself and your life. It is important that we often reminisced about the things that really matter. After all, in the routine of everyday life it is so easy to get lost, alas. Look at the world with joy, eyes wide open - and you will see how very happy to see you in a hurry.

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