At 73, he does something that many can not afford, and 20! Bravo forever young grandfather.

Anatoly Nikitivich - quite an unusual grandfather. Rather, after you watch this video, his grandfather called a language does not turn. In '73 this man gets up so that can not afford many young athletes! Energy and endurance Granddaddy strikes. How? As he has made such a body, such a development of its possibilities?

A set of exercises by Anatoly Nikitovich make strong and beautiful any man, regardless of age. It consists of 40 small static exercise on different muscle groups. It is thanks to the static load is so effective, the body immediately finds relief - drawn muscles very quickly. Of course, to achieve such a brilliant result, the athlete older worked more than half his life. He studied at the summer sports grounds, all the exercises are calculated on so fitted pad. Some types of exercise can not be done without special training, because Anatoly Nikitivich offers athletes a good warm up and prepare your body for heavy loads, starting small.

When you look at this man, unwittingly I want to go on the playground now. This grandfather - a worthy example for others to follow! He showed everyone that we must do to be forever young. Please send this this terrific video to your friends - it is guaranteed to surprise and make them think about their lifestyle.

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