20 of the rules of good taste, that are timeless. Re-read it every day!

Modern life is very busy, and often it seems that in order to achieve some heights, or just to attract attention, you need to dig in its heels. What is the one who does not meet the current standards of beauty and not dressed according to the latest fashion trends - is doomed. Nothing like this! Fashion has always changed, and found their happiness and shrunken models and lush beauty.

There are unspoken rules of good appearance, that are beyond the time nor the bandwagon. And do not be ashamed of its forms: all you that given the nature - beautifully. This means that you just need to be able to emphasize their dignity and well-flavored. Check with these golden rules, which must know each girl and woman. Print several copies and memorize!

1. Any outfit says about a person a lot more than he could do it.

2. The secret of success - simple solutions that will never go out of fashion: black pants, white shirt, and for contrast - bright scarf or shawl.

3. Mothers girls should definitely teach babies to dress. Grow - say thank you, it's the same thing can be acquired, not an unconditioned reflex.

4. The best simulator that will forever say goodbye to the man's gait - skirt in two or three palm below the knee.

5. At the time, Yves Saint Laurent is very well noticed that turtleneck with high neck - a great way out of any awkward situation. She clings beautifully and emphasizes the chest, at the same time hiding from prying details.

6. Gently with tight jeans! After all, they, like plastic surgery can improve the shape or fantastic or completely ruin it.

7. flat shoes - a sign of housewives and oligarchs. If you do not consider yourself to no one, nor the other category, urgently buy himself shoes with heels!

8. Do you think that if you're not 20, you can dress like a priest? And in vain, because even Coco Chanel said: "In order to look good, do not have to be young».

9. Absolutely ideal beauty is very boring. To attract attention, you should be in some small irregularity.

11. If you have neither the time nor the desire to do make-up, you can wear sunglasses and tie a head scarf in the style of the sixties - nobody will doubt your integrity!

13. In your wardrobe of clothes should be divided into three types: for yourself, for friends and for men. Do not confuse these outfits!

14. Reconsider its collection of scarves, shawls and lipsticks. When the scarf and lipstick chosen correctly, no one will remember that the color is not "yours».

15. If your skirt or dress is lifted up while walking - you necessarily needs any other style or size bigger.

16. In the evening of the publication has an unwritten rule - should shine just one thing: a dress or accessory. Of course, not to mention the fact that you should always shine!

17. If you aspire to go up the career ladder, dress as if you were already there!

18. In order for any age look sexy and elegant at the same time, talk to the classics: a black pencil skirt, tuxedo studs, a tiny clutch Handbags.

19. Shoes must be not only comfortable but also elegant. Remember: if the shoes matched in color pants, it's good to visually lengthen legs.

20. Good taste need to train every day. When you stop doing it, then no matter how much you may be years - 19 or 75, begins aging.

Remember once and for all: a well-dressed man - this is not the one whose clothes are paying attention. At first the plan must always speak of your personality, which is expressed in the dress, shoes, hairstyle. After all, what's inside - and outside it!

Tell us about these expressions of good taste to her friends. I wonder what they think about it?

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