6 invaluable advice that will help you change your life for the better.

We all want to be a little better than it really is. Self - a complex art that requires daily work on yourself. It's like gymnastics, but gymnastics of the soul and mind, not the body. Practise every day, and you did not notice how you begin to be transformed for the better.
Start now to get the best result!

1. Sets the bar high.

We often seek to understand other people say: « Understand others, treat others as you would want them to treat you» em>. All right. But the most difficult, it turns out - is to understand yourself. Some people, when faced with adversity, get nervous and worry. And suddenly left alone with him, in silence pondering: «Why am I? What's happening? Why I can not live the way I want? » Em>

Many are unhappy with themselves - they feel that they have not yet realized their full potential. His need to raise the bar high, and then want to achieve more and more. It's not that difficult, if correct attitude to himself and not to engage in self-deception. In fact, it is impossible to deceive themselves, but ward off certain bad thoughts we try deceiving themselves. «Oh, how bad! Nothing is impossible! » Em> drunk - is easier. Or go to the Internet and hanging there - and then fell asleep at the computer desk fatigue. A thought that is not very good things are going, will not disappear from time to time to remind myself to be. Again comes the loneliness and the feeling that no one understands you.


Most simple tools of self-knowledge - a sheet of paper and a pen. You just need to sit down and keep your diary - every day. Or create a file on your computer "My Diary" and write what you did, with someone met, what they think, that's bothering you, what you want, what are your plans. You'll be "splashes" thoughts and feelings. Do not tell the world about you: a lot of personal and intimate. And do not tell. And you can write about it. And the more people will write about myself every day, the better it gets, he expressed the same whatever the soul, looked on from the sidelines. Every day, do not you write: «I'm bad, I'm terrible, I did not, I did not do anything today!» Em> And with thoughtful introspection will enthusiasm and organization. Try every day to analyze their own lives. Stay himself in his confession, because it is impossible to deceive yourself. Is not that right?

2. Learn to speak in public.

Communication - the foundation of everything, it depends on the result of our work: we will find supporters or not, understand us in the family or not. How well do we communicate with peers, neighbors, friends, colleagues, superiors, subordinates?

How do you communicate? Observe for others and for themselves - tomorrow or today. You have to interrupt the other person when he says, because you have everything clear, or are you able to hear? My advice is to never interrupt the other. If you want people to quickly graduated to say - shut up. He will stop and say: - «you listening to me?" - "Yes,» em>. Again he starts something long story. And once again ask: - «you listening to me?" - "Yes,» em>. And then, noticing your silence, the caller will try to speak in short.

The second important observation: the vast majority of people, unfortunately, do not look at the conversation in the other person's eyes - his eyes are hidden, and even turns his head away. In vain. Watching interlocutor helps to assess your speech from the outside and it is very valuable for the person seeking to speak well. If you look into the eyes of the interlocutor prevent shyness fight it. How? Very simple.


Will pass through the streets of the city and each of the third counter, ask: «Can you please tell what time it is?» Em> Once you answer, ask any other question - anyone, for example: «You You tell me where in our city you can buy crocodile? » em> all smile. If you do this exercise 50 or 60 times, you can overcome shyness.

So, we communicate on an equal footing, quietly and smoothly. Avoid monotony. Look into his eyes. If you suffer from shyness, and it interferes with communication - do the exercises.

3. Do not be enemies to themselves.

"Courage" - you know this word? "He swagger" - is an expression with a negative tinge. On the other hand, the word "courage" means "courage" and courage "of the city takes».

About the artist, who does not work in the arena of the circus, saying: «Oh, everything is fine doing: he juggler and acrobat and trapeze artist, but he has no courage! Do not show it, how wonderful and how wonderful, great, great everything he goes! » Em> And many people do not have enough courage. They used to be gray mice masculine and feminine.

In life should be courage. So you woke up, got out of bed and realized that the day subservient to you. If you have courage - all turns out. But entering the courage, do not overdo it. Remember, one must live with pleasure and joy.


Think of the courage, the courage to think about, think about bad habits, think about in what terms you can get better. And life will smile to you.

4. You need money?

«Where the main thing - money is not everything else becomes the main» em>. The great phrase! And there are people who say: we must earn, earn, earn, get, get, get. «The more money, money, money in the pockets of one and the other, in one and the other banks, the better I» em>. Such a person becomes a hostage of money. But if the main thing - money, nonprincipal - everything else. Love - it is not that important? Is it not the main thing - the person that you love and who will love you? Family - Is not it important? Or calling, what are you doing?

People are deluded into thinking that if they have the money, all other problems will be solved.

Of course, the more money, the more comfortable living. But, if you give all of himself just making money, you will lose your own "I". You Dissolve.

If you will have a business that will entice you, the money will come. Are you passionate about - it is interesting to make films, write poetry, performing in an ensemble, to organize a theater, to produce a book or even take a stool. If this beautiful stool - the stool and go. And the money will be. You attracted by the prospect to organize their company, promote it, and most importantly for you - do not get the money, do not cheat - then the money will come.


Money should be a means and not an end. Means - to dress well, eat well, interesting to relax, to provide themselves comfort housing. Here is a must have to do with money. And let the money, of course, there will be more. But it is important that they have never been the most important for you. The main thing - that's life, and the money - only a small part of it. Let your wallets are full. But live, not for money, then you will never lose your own "I».

5. I do not regret the past.

Every year we get older. Time is running faster and faster ... We do not have time, hurry, do everything fast ... And on a certain day and hour of each one of us suddenly aware: «Do not go there, I spent my efforts, not on it. Where did the time? How many stupid things I've done ... ». Em> Remember: do not regret the past. Divorced? All - divorced. Fired from his job? I do not regret - the best you can find. You do not have time to do something and now regret it all and live the past? But it's already passed and forgotten.

Tune: «I am strong. I'll do. I will have a new job and a new wife and, maybe, there will be children ». Em> not received higher education or school bad student? He felt sorry that the time has gone? Do not be sorry. Again to enter a university - at any age you can start a new business. Life loves lucky. Lucky or not, but if you stop feeling sorry about the past and give the negative evaluation of the past, will become a successful person.


Think today on this topic. Remember the past. Remember how you were ten or fifteen years ago. Think of all the good, the bad and try to forget. Get used to think about the good and forget the bad. And never, under any circumstances, do not scold yourself for the past.

6. If you feel bad ...

«When you feel bad, you find the one who is worse, and help him. You'll feel better » em>. How simple it sounds! But why go and help someone, if I bad?

Wife threw the children forget expelled from work - life is crumbling! Everything is bad. But if you find someone who needs your help, if it is worse than you, your troubles step aside. Taking the pain and problems of another person, you are switched and temporarily forget about their difficulties and hardships.

Remember: negative emotions accumulate positive - no. Helping others, you feel positive emotions. You helped, you see, your help was needed. You could, you took part in someone else's fate. When you feel bad - get the person to whom is even worse, and help him - you'll feel better.


Look around a circle: if there are people who could help you - help them even if you feel good. You'll feel better. Oh and if you feel bad, you are sure to find these people! Try to act with this rule - and you'll feel better.

Follow these tips, and you did not notice how your life is transformed, the mood will rise and there will be a lot of encouragement and plans. Try to follow these tips, and help your friends to rebuild their lives!

Based on the book "Gymnastics soul»

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