10 is very strange plant, which surprised us

In this collection contains a variety of plants that have one thing in common: the presence of amazing, we can say exclusive, quality. Some of them are dangerous to humans, the other - a very strange look. < Website offers you a selection of facts about the strange plants.

Flower laughter h2>

On the vast territory of Asia from the Caspian Sea to China is a plant, which is called "Flower of laughter." Its size of a pea seeds can cause a person wanton laughter for half an hour, after which the person calm and serene sleep. The scientific name of this plant, "Datura Indian».

Doll eyes h2>

This plant is called white black cohosh, although people often call it "doll eyes." No unusual properties of this plant does not have, can not be said about his appearance. And it looks as though in the eerie red snag some maniac planted the eyes of his victims.

Devil's Claw h2>

Devil's claw, or, in scientific language, devil's claw - plant, widespread mainly in the South and South-West Africa. Its fruits are the properties of something similar to our burr. They too thorny, and are also able to cling to passing animals and people's clothing. The difference is in appearance. Devil's claw is similar to some evil spider, ready at any moment to pounce on you.

anastatica h2>

Amazing plant common in North American desert of Chihuahua. It is well-known that a long time, up to several years, may be in a "sleep mode" - dried state as a dense pellet. However, when a water plant immediately "wakes up" and it looks like real magic.

Jasieniec h2>

Jasieniec or Diktamnus - very unusual poisonous plant. Dangerous flowers and boxes of seeds: they in any case can not be touched, and the more they smell. At the moment of touching the person does not feel anything, but about a day there are signs of burns with blistering. After a while, they burst, revealing the naked flesh.

What substances in the plant cause a burn - is still unclear. The burns will heal with time, but will not disappear without trace, will remain maloestetichnye scars, extensive dark spots, which are held about a year.

But even more strange that this is happening only in sunny weather, cloudy day fraxinella safe.

Gidnora African h2>

Flower-a parasite that lives in the African desert. It feeds at the expense of other plants prisasyvayas to their roots. Most of the time is underground. Only occasionally, when the desert falls sufficient precipitation, it appears on the surface. At the height of Gidnora reaches 15-20 cm.

Sundew h2>

Carnivorous plant, occurring on all continents except Antarctica. Sundew provides small droplets of mucus by which catches insects and eats them.

Nepenthes Attenborough h2>

Carnivorous plants - not uncommon, there are many kinds of them. Nepenthes But Attenborough, perhaps the most unusual of them. It was first discovered in 2000 on the slopes of Victoria on the island of Palawan (Philippines). The plant has a trap in the form of a pitcher, which gets its victims. The largest one found "jugs" plants of this species had a volume of 1, 5 liters. Although nominally considered insectivorous plant, there are cases where it is eaten by even small rodents.

Bloody tooth h2>

The official name of this fungus hydnellum peckii, but more often it is called "Bloody tooth." However, he is more like used chewing gum oozing blood. And even more unusual it gives what he for some reason, smell strawberries. Is this mushroom is not necessary in any case, because it is one of the most poisonous in the world. Even just licking it can get serious poisoning.

Chinese myshetsvet h2>

Perhaps one of the most disgusting-looking plant imaginable. The name of the plant has received an unusual black color, resembling hanging upside down bat. Colors reach the size of 30 centimeters in diameter, and long black "whiskers" that grow from them, there are 70 or more centimeters.

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