Phenomenon Daniel Tammet, an autistic genius who stunned the world

Once, in the framework of the reality show, almost in front of shocked spectators, he learned Icelandic in a week language. Yes its true. The site wants to introduce you to Daniel Tammet - highly functional savant-autistom.On can easily play back up to 22,514 decimal places in the number Pi, thoroughly knows at least ten languages, writes books, draw. There is almost no mathematical problems, which he failed. His intellectual abilities really incredible.

In appearance it is no different from ordinary people. But he is autistic. Or rather highly functional autistic Savant. Such a condition is quite rare, only ten percent of autistic savants have the skills. These people have incredible mental abilities, but at the same time have no idea about the society, adaptation and survival in it.

Daniel Tammet Status even more rare. Unlike other savants, he has self-reflection. Usually, people with such powers can not talk about his actions, knowing just pops in their heads. Neither they nor the scientists can not explain it. But Tammet can describe what he sees in his head.

Often when people are familiar with it, and learn about it, Tammet sees that there is a certain awkwardness. Almost all have a desire to ask anything. And usually they ask recite some text, or talk about the cube root. But he does not like to put on a show with calculations. More interesting, he said to give an understanding of how the mind works it. He believes that our personal perception - at the base of how we acquire knowledge. And by their example proves that aesthetic judgments rather than abstract reasoning, guide and shape the process by which we know what we know.

At the age of four years old boy suffered a seizure. Since then, he has become a see the numbers as some unique form with its texture and color. His perception of the world is quite different from the usual. For example, edinitsa- flash of white light. Six - small and very sad black hole. Troika green. Four blue. Five yellow. His world of words and numbers with mixed emotions and character. But the interesting thing is that when Daniel puts the number, it is not immersed in the calculation process, it does not need to think. His response is instantaneous images. Two forms that merge together giving birth to the new.

He often depicts the three-dimensional shapes, which formed between the space creates a new shape, which becomes the result of the work. He's really obsessed with numbers. They are for him as a real live friends. Tammet cares about them and feel for them a special emotional attachment. It sounds strange, but how does this amazing man, this is not just an intellectual side of his personality. What he does with the numbers in my head, it all himself.

Unfortunately, this often giftedness becomes a punishment. Brain Tammet clings to everything that happens. So, a trip to the supermarket for him turns into endless calculations. Each composition of fruit or vegetables every price tag, a long display of goods creates rapid intellectual process, which he is unable to control. He can not easily get out of the store, until everything is converted. For the same reason he never walks on the local beach, close to where they live. There are too many pebbles. And the thought that there is a problem that he could not solve, bring Daniel almost physical pain.

His brain can not plan without a clear and perfect order. All his actions during the day are definitely built structure. All he does is always consistent and occurs during certain hours. Every day he must dine at the same time, or drinking a cup of tea. Because of this, it will never work in a traditional office.

"I can not feel comfortable in the university. The setting will certainly annoy me! Try to find a job that is orderly, logical, quiet, suitable specifically for me "- with these words, Daniel Tammet went to his parents after graduation.

He did not want to feel helpless disabled person who sits on the neck of the parents. Therefore Daniel Tammet has organized its own website, which offers itself as a tutor. He developed an individual method of teaching foreign languages, which responded volunteers from different countries. He also teaches private clients primary computation skills. Through these activities, he became financially independent of their relatives. But do not forget that he is autistic, and in all other spheres of life, he will always need help.

The thirst to explore the nature of perception, how different types of outlook creates a completely different kind of knowledge and understanding, made Daniel Tammet is also a talented writer. He turned out to be subject not only to the top of the math. American Library Association in 2008, named his book, «Born in the blue day» , the best book of the year for young people. His other book, «Embracing the huge sky» , has become the most replicated publication in many countries.

Author Anna Baklaga source magazine "Amateur»



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