20 sophisticated films created for aesthetic pleasure

There are movies so perfect that their terrestrial origin is in doubt. They delight us by its very existence, they distract us from the prose of everyday life, they inspire our creativity and give food to our hungry imagination.

Website was devilishly beautiful collection of movies, past which can not pass any kinoestet.

Only Lovers Left Alive

Only Lovers Left Alive

When you watch this movie, you forget what it is to understand. Because it is damn fine. Because here the atmosphere is important, but not the details of the adventures of two ancient vampires aesthetes, diners blood and staring lovingly into each other's eyes. Because this film is flowing like a river, and a choice - go or not go - none of his characters, nor his no spectators

Mood for Love

. Faa yeung nin wa

A stunningly beautiful film about two lonely people who live in Hong Kong and communal gradually converging. Their spouses had no home, and the world around us is impregnated with a special mood, which is simply impossible to resist. Light, streaming music, the magic of color, simplicity and expressive character, hypnotic repetitions smooth movements - all this fascinates and captivates the depths of the feelings that never come true ...



One of the most fascinating films of Federico Fellini. The structure resembles a picture of the dream and the dream - it is a delicate lace, woven of lyrical, funny and obscene scenes generated by the memories and imagination of the great director. The small Italian town, a little boy Titta, the little people, things, events are woven into a colorful and charming picture painted by hand a genuine genius.

Stealing Beauty

Stealing Beauty

Lovely young American arrives in Italy to find his father, solve the mystery of her mother's death and met his first love. The film is in all respects subject to the definition of aesthetically movie - studio work of director Bernardo Bertolucci, unmatched Liv Tyler in the title role, picturesque landscapes of Tuscany, shrill and pure feelings make it one of the most beautiful and touching films in the history of Italian cinema
Spring, summer, fall, winter ... and Spring

Bom yeoreum gaeul gyeoul geurigo bom

Deep meditative painting of the time, the fate of human life and vast incomprehensibility beautiful and mysterious world. The action takes place far from civilization - in the old monk of the monastery. His student - a little boy who is prepared hard and full of life tests. But neither the teacher nor the student can not stop the heavy tread of the rock, it is impossible to stop time itself.

Last Tale of Rita

Still youngish woman Marguerite Gautier (Olga Kuzina) ill with some terrible disease and treatment falls on to his girlfriend Nadezhda Mikhailovna (Tatiana Drubich). Immediately he found Renata Litvinova as a beautiful and charismatic of Death, which is eager to pick up a margarita in the other world. Three charming women enter into relationships on the life and death of this female friendship. Naturally, all this fun and serious action steeped in huge sea kind, affectionate Litvinovsky madness.


Le Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain

There is no doubt that this film is a look at everything, but do not include it in the list of the most beautiful films of all time is simply impossible. French director Jean-Pierre Jeunet created so bright, attractive, tasty and juicy love story, without it is unthinkable modern aesthetics. "Amelie" - is the perfect combination of colors, rhythm, music and inspiration to go off-scale concentration charming eccentrics per square meter of film. "Amelie" - a "beauty" only written other letters


. The protagonist of this film - endless Don steppe. In her rush expanses Paul, in love with Vera, Vera's husband is jealous, eager to kill Paul, and more - dog, cow and other animals unpretentious. Animals or silent, or moo. People mostly do not find the words. Silent element comes through from all the cracks, filling the world is aching love and madness. Name this state - euphoria


. Adjuster Andrew in love with a gorgeous blonde. She reciprocates, but the problem is that the young man is ugly poor. Only one way out - to indulge in vice and ensure the proper level of the beloved being. All this is done in a unique style of Kira Muratova, where the game brilliant surface effects at times open unprecedented existential abyss, and the words, repeated monotonously strange characters, suddenly regain long-lost meaning.



Young successful photographer Thomas met an interesting couple in the park and make a few shots. The woman notices this and demands to give her the tape. Intrigued Thomas cheating girl and leaves the pictures themselves. After development and enlargements is that it has become an unwitting witness to the crime drama ... The action takes place against the backdrop of London's bohemian life, which shows Michelangelo Antonioni with a special taste and elegance.


Dead Man

Jim Jarmusch's cult film that combines philosophical parable, road movie, and Western mystical ballad. Young accountant William Blake (Johnny Depp) travels to the Wild West, along with a strange Indian named Nobody. They leave behind a dirty industrial city and head to the ancient Indian spiritual center. The journey is also internal - melancholic landscapes, almost Zen dialogues and black and white conciseness make each viewer to do it together with the heroes of this wonderful and nothing on similar

movie 2001: A Space Odyssey
<. br> 2001: A Space Odyssey 14,612,437

Stanley Kubrick's film is about the mysterious black object, which periodically come into contact with people and affect the Earth's evolution. Scientists have found that the objects send their signals to Jupiter. It was decided to send an expedition there, but no one did not even know about the miracles that open astronauts ... "Odyssey" - the most famous and respected science fiction film in the history of cinema. It is made with great taste, and his style has long canonized design and fashion.

Color of Pomegranate

This is not a movie, but a real visual poem, a fantastic motion picture shaped, laboriously written out by director Sergei Parajanov. The plot itself is not in the film. All the action is a series of images inspired by the works of Armenian poet Sayat Nova. To realize his Screen poetic universe, the director has created an amazing new film language, thanks to which the film entered the world cinema gold fund.

Throne of Blood


Surprisingly strong film based on Shakespeare's "Macbeth." Expressive images, emotional intensity and depth of mystical happening embodied the best traditions of the genius of Akira Kurosawa. In the center - the samurai, which witch foretold victory over his master. Spurred on by the insidious wife Vasidzu Taketoki decided to betray and murder for the sake of performance prediction. But remorse spoil the enjoyment and life brings him a new trial.

Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow

Gothic horror fiction genius of Tim Burton and grotesque, wizards shoot frilly not dull movies with fantastic stories and unseen characters. The film stylistically, obvorozhitelen and tighten in a moment. This is a story about the New York Constable, who investigates a series of mysterious murders. They say that they made a Headless Horseman ...

Brotherhood of the Wolf

Le Pacte des loups

Beautiful historical thriller, which takes place during the French Revolution. In the provincial town Gévaudan appears a terrible monster that brutally kills random travelers. Uncover the mystery of the beast and destroy the predator want many, but this job is not for the faint of heart.


Ying xiong

Red - a lie, blue - misleading, white - truth. Three colors, three philosophical parables, the three blockbuster masterpiece in a film of Chinese director Zhang Yimou. The nameless hero comes to the castle of the emperor and tells him about the three victories over the enemies of the throne. The entire film -. It is an animated painting on an ancient Chinese legend, is as beautiful as it is wise

Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch

The story is charming and not quite normal Dolls - a thriller, thriller and fantasy in one bottle. Her mother died, and his stepfather stepdaughter wants to do a lobotomy. Mental hospital, which found itself Dolly seems it is a brothel, then of feudal Japan, the trenches of the First World War. It has almost all the elements of a mashup - zombie soldiers, samurai, orcs, knights, thermonuclear bombs, and magic items. But the film is not valuable to, and its striking grim picturesque and the perfect taste, which actuated his every frame.



Horrible movie, filled with religious and psychoanalytic symbolism, causing infernal unbridled genius of Lars von Trier. The grim aesthetics of painting immerses the viewer into the complex world of couples, just lost a child.



Surprisingly intelligible, meaningful Hollywood blockbuster, shot by the legendary James Cameron. The story takes place on a distant planet Pandora, populated by beautiful blue creatures. They live in enviable harmony with nature, but once on the planet come Americans, and the magical world is on the brink of destruction. Fortunately, humans can penetrate into the world of the indigenous population with the help of avatars - biokostyumov original, in which you can introduce human consciousness. All rescues love and, of course, quite unearthly beauty.

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