20 sophisticated films created for aesthetic pleasure

There are movies so perfect that their terrestrial origin is in doubt. They delight us by its very existence, they distract us from the prose of everyday life, they inspire our creativity and give food to our hungry imagination.

Website was devilishly beautiful collection of movies, past which can not pass any kinoestet.

Only Lovers Left Alive

Only Lovers Left Alive

When you watch this movie, you forget what it is to understand. Because it is damn fine. Because here the atmosphere is important, but not the details of the adventures of two ancient vampires aesthetes, diners blood and staring lovingly into each other's eyes. Because this film is flowing like a river, and a choice - go or not go - none of his characters, nor his no spectators

Mood for Love

. Faa yeung nin wa

A stunningly beautiful film about two lonely people who live in Hong Kong and communal gradually converging. Their spouses had no home, and the world around us is impregnated with a special mood, which is simply impossible to resist. Light, streaming music, the magic of color, simplicity and expressive character, hypnotic repetitions smooth movements - all this fascinates and captivates the depths of the feelings that never come true ...




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