Michael Litvak: Tell me what you enjoy, and I'll tell you who you are

Enjoyment and pleasure: what's the difference?

Under pleasure I understand a pleasant feeling associated with satisfaction of biological needs.Thus, pleasure is the feeling that unites us with the higher animals. The feeling of pleasure is accompanied by the act of eating and drinking, and sexual intercourse, and the act of breathing. And the act of defecation and urination brings us great satisfaction. If we want to strengthen it some, we just need to refrain from immediate gratification of this need. Then we will be able to experience something like joy, in a way reminiscent pleasure.

The ancient saying that the best seasoning for food is hunger.

From my point of view, it is impossible to enjoy if biological needs are not satisfied. If I'm very hungry, eat fast. If I hadn't been with a woman, all my actions hasty, and pleasure to feel I can't.

Pleasure occurs after the biological need is satisfied. For example, I'm sick, but all of a sudden offer me my favorite dish. I savor it, in General, enjoy the food.

The feeling of pleasure in some way artificial and peculiar to man, i.e. to enjoy food and need to learn. The same can be attributed to sex. To do good they can only be trained persons, untrained only gets pleasure. All pleasures, which we have just spoken, bodily, and they are limited by our physical capabilities. But there are spiritual pleasures. Spiritual pleasures, from my point of view, no. I can't enjoy listening to classical music. There are only two options: or I enjoy, or die of boredom. Thus, spiritual enjoyment to learn. Range of spiritual enjoyment much wider than the bodily pleasures.

Spiritual pleasure I experience in the process of intellectual activity (thinking and reading, lectures, work with patients and clients, writing books). No less pleasure, and, maybe more I get, when you begin to understand the depth of the thoughts of famous writers, poets, and philosophers. I know the pleasure of the music (but not from their own games, as I play bad). Gives me pleasure theatre, less painting.

You probably noticed that I gave myself a characteristic. Indeed, the level of enjoyment one can judge about the development of man, his abilities. After all, if I can't something to enjoy, I just do not own it, I is not developed. The ability to enjoy enhances our ability. If I get pleasure from swimming in a stormy sea, no weather could ruin my vacation. If I can't walk on mountains, you will not be able to enjoy the view from the top of the mountain.

The degree of pleasure depends on the degree of skills. And if there's anything I can do, but do it badly, then instead of enjoying will get only flour. To paraphrase a famous adage may say so: "Tell me what you enjoy, and I'll tell you who you are."


Where to find joy?

Easier and better only in their professional activities. But this should be a high-class professional. If the teacher says she feels a lot of excitement before each lecture, she takes a lot of effort, I'm starting to doubt the level of his qualifications. The doctor shouldn't die with every patient. He only needs with a clear conscience to do for the patient all you can, and then his work will become a pleasure.

For me now the criterion of effective work is a delight. If after work I was tired and did not receive pleasure, it means that I should be looking for ways to increase its effectiveness.

There are several significant differences between physical pleasure from spiritual. Physical pleasures us rather separated, but spirit unites. If I get pleasure from caviar, and the number on the table is limited, another fan of red caviar at this point my friend becomes. Hardly anyone wants to share your sexual partner, from whom you get the pleasure.

An important feature of spiritual enjoyment — they don't mind sharing, on the contrary, because we share them, have an additional source of enjoyment. This situation is well illustrated by the Eastern parable.

"I have one Apple and you have one Apple. If you exchange them, you'll have one Apple and I have one. But if I have one idea and you have one idea, after the exchange of ideas each of us will have two ideas."

And finally, enjoy enhance health and prolong human life. After all, when you delight in the blood increased levels of endorphins and alcohol, which improves the process of adaptation. The man who often enjoys, ceases to drink alcohol, and he has no inclination to use drugs. But how to morphine or alcohol, the person gets used and we get used to the object of enjoyment.

The same object after repeated sense enjoyment ceases to be called the same things. Note how quickly go out of fashion songs, how quickly you stop to enjoy the recently acquired and newly renovated apartment. You have to come up with something new. In fact, the pursuit of pleasure is the source of human development.

But there is another source of pleasure that does not require additional material investments and shift of the object of pleasure, especially spiritual.

The source of this spiritual development. Then the man starts to see more in the same subject and in the same person. Then you can repeatedly return to the same brilliant book. At the subsequent reading you will find in it something new. More you will begin to wonder the same people, because you will see in them something which had not noticed before. And then the sources of enjoyment will be immense and will always be near us.

So let us learn to enjoy! published

Author: Michael Litvak

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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