Love is the key... the Pleasure is the Way

The author does not claim the truth or any other absolute truth of life. This is another opinion derived from personal experience or another point of view.

“The energy of pleasure is the most powerful tool to attract people" © Lin Бао

The strength of women in its perfection is a deep perception and experience of their absolute value. Values which do not need to prove, to fight for it — it's already there. Women's universe it differs from men's. Only in the experience of this perfect (rather unfinished) the world is real contact with perfection — this is happiness!

The most important thing based on what the mission of the woman — a sense of basic comfort enough for the primary enjoyment. There is no feeling of missing someone or something. There is no room for ideas about the "wrongness" of the world (on current problems, poor people, poor themselves. There is no "good" attempts to cause good and cause the benefit of themselves and others, to compete aggressively and to "improve" ourselves / partner / peace.

What awaits us then? Contact with being itself, the notorious moment in the here and now as perfect. Here happens the acceptance of the presence and gratitude to yourself / man / people / universe — and is a delight.

Perfection and pleasure is an infinite resource, and that's the power of a woman. Productive force is not the violence of the kicker, and the creation in joy and peace.

My friend, the instructor, paraglider pilot, said: “we Have never criticized the rookie, not condemn any of his actions — it is impossible, otherwise it won't fly”.
Paragliders are very gentle people, and a woman — she's like a glider in the sky. Without the pet name is not revealed, no sure action to reject. Gentle confidence, is that a woman needs in a relationship with MYSELF!

Here begins the acceptance, and when acceptance materialized, then comes the presence. And when there is a presence, then the creativity can go. Here consciousness will happen automatically and will cease to be just a buzzword. Then the improvement in life will not happen from lack but from plenitude. The action performed by the woman will proceed not from fear, but from abundance and the inability not to do. Then the events and people around you will need "naslajdenie" quality.

In the awareness of its value and there is a real acceptance and love. Because the world starts with you. With you, Woman! With your “gift” of life to mankind and that generosity is good to learn from, we, women, have own body during pregnancy. Pregnancy can be understood as a metaphor and as a literal act of creation. This is the key to building the beauty of life woman. In this fertile soil in which to grow up — children, a close man and she. In this state there is acceptance of their feelings, desires, of sensuality, of power and powerlessness. Accepting of your powerlessness — it is delicate to be treated and respect their boundaries.

When there is acceptance, there can be the idea that something should be otherwise (inside or outside). Than you can actually think that the fact that now is may be different than it is? It is here and now! This is the power and beauty of the moment. But many women try to argue with life itself.

The credibility of what is happening here is credibility. Allowing emozionanti, pulsing his inner world without the sharing of emotions good and bad just to live in them. To realize oneself is to think and fantasize about yourself and your life. To seem and to be — are two big differences — this is the basis of charisma, the secret of which in the inner truth and perfection, not in the aesthetics of the external manifestations, sincere contact with his own inner world.

Trust the processes of his inner world and not fear him is to receive his strength. All, without exception, bright experiences. The strength of their desires, impulses and pulses. This is the beginning of the formation of women -Woman. Instead of an application — the image appears, but instead of glamour — the naturalness and depth. To be a woman's pleasure. And this delight is the accommodation itself, in the fullness of love and trust in the world.

My inner world can be described very simply — Yes, everything Yes! Even if sadness is my sadness and it's perfect. If anger, then it is fine — I accept myself in this. If tears are honest. I accept them, they flow easily without suppression. I let the tears flow and life force through me as is. Once I feel complete, and the world in which I live, perfect, and the people with me the best and doing our good and our way is undoubtedly true. Here is the error and the loss is impossible, but if suddenly in my universe that something resists — so do not go there and I will take the hint and be happy with her. Happy to choose another direction, or will grieve, stop, pause, go back, and then chose a different path. I can, I want to play with it, and you?

Often women, me as a psychologist, asked: “how to attract a man?” The answer is simple: learn to enjoy. The stronger the ideal, the more men will want to experience this feeling together with you.

And what is pleasure? This is when You enjoy life when you don't eat an orange in a moment, and savor his taste, rolling on the tongue juice... When You stay with Apple alone ... and let the whole world wait.... When the brief rays of sunset makes you want to stop for a minute, for a second and soak it all in... When you don't just put the cream on the body, and dissolve into the sensations of touch to your body...When you “enter” nose in a bouquet of flowers and screwed up eyes from the joy of fragrance...

It is not necessary to limit yourself to enjoyment only through men.
You can't deny myself the pleasure, even if You're temporarily alone. You can not suffer that you closed the path to pleasure, because now there is no one who could to give you pleasure. The path to enjoyment starts with those little things that you surround yourself when you're alone. The enjoyment begins with intimate detail, when no one sees you. On what you sleep, how you eat, as you relish a glass of water with lemon and honey, you touch my feet with the drops of oil with bergamot...

Your linens... the aroma of your bathroom... favorite movie even alone... Beautifully decorated table, even if dinner is to share with whom. Evening shoes and stockings with garters, even if this weekend the farthest place that you're going to Shine is the kitchen and bathroom of your apartment.

To be feminine means to be alone with him in the first place. Listen to music, walk in nature, drink your body by emotions and feelings. Throw to hell worn bras and old things, which is not encouraging. Wear a string of pearls at home and another thing... do in the end the manicure! Decorate your bed with pillows and rose petals or ever, when you have a perfect interior, and decorate right now... and the rose petals on your bed, will catch up perfect interior, and perfect ...., the perfect and eternal joy. Respect for the basic principle of attraction can bring you more luck than you can even imagine.

For some reason, women who know how to give themselves pleasure, are more likely to suffer from the fact that so few opportunities to be alone. There is always someone who wants / craves / lusts to share it with you. And even if you temporarily have all been “pushed out”. Love is not from lack of love, being attached to the pain, falling into addiction, and love of Excess, when love pours over the edge, from the heart, from your eyes and sparkles in the corners of your mouth... the Main task of women — to love themselves and the World with such love...

Is it possible to develop this skill?
— Yes! Just start to enjoy a meal, a morning Cup of drink and his clothes... Everything that you don't like, put in a box and get... When You feel frustration and dissatisfaction, You multiply the world's woes.
You're a woman, you have great power. You can this power to create entire Worlds, but you also can ruin someone else's life after their...

Multiply pleasure. Give pleasure to themselves and will not notice as will make the whole World more beautiful.

Think for yourself than to attract a romantic relationship with a man? Of course the fact that they can bring to your life happiness and change for the better. It also calculates and man. He also wants to see next to a woman who can bring happiness in his life.

If you tend for any reason to Express their displeasure, showering the chosen one by petty chicanery, and in every way to undermine his self-esteem. If any conversation comes down to the flood of complaints about not understanding parents, unruly kids, stupid boss and an even more clueless friend, and your lover needs to be a “champion of stupidity” to soon not have to think of happiness with you he can't wait!

Happiness is a magnet for love. What happens when you fall in love? You are beginning to overwhelm the happy excitement! But happiness itself is able to attract love. These feelings, like two inseparable friends: will call one to come running and second. And so, to entice love into your life, you need to learn to radiate happiness.

Happy woman as electro-love-high voltage generator — generates around itself a field of high arousal. People in this field falls more often than in any other environment stay. And you, generating its own field of high excitation and inexhaustible happiness, turn into a lively cute magnet that attracts love.

How to enable this magnet to work?
Very simply, start saying to yourself: "I'm so happy everything around me! I'm happy to respond to expressions of love, kindness and inner beauty of each person! Let the feeling of joy fills all my life! I am happy that live, breathe and feel the beauty of the world! What a wonderful day today! What an amazing tree over there on the other side of the street! What an amazingly interesting person my companion! What a charming baby in the arms of the woman! How he laughs! How happy I am proud for all to see, to feel, to know!"

If initially you will not experience these feelings, it is only because your electro-love generator not running at full capacity. Do not fret and do not throw begun midway. Add internal energy to the words, and soon you will begin to feel the current “love high-voltage” in every cell of your body.

Happiness is a gift that should be shared with others. This occurs when we Express his sincere person location, encourage him in a difficult moment, give him a piece of his soul. The joy in the eyes of the loved one...

Compared to this, all the money in the world put together – this is such a nonsense! When you are happy people think you have something special than they themselves are, unfortunately, deprived of. They want to be around you – maybe just stand nearby in the hope that a part of your happiness will be passed to them. People will never refuse to receive from you a piece of happiness as a gift, not a debt that must be repaid. Your generosity makes them think you're amazing! And indeed it is. For your chance to become happy

And what to do if you don't feel happy?
— The output can be only one, to force yourself to take the necessary attitude. Want to be happy. Every cell of his body radiating happiness. To show it. To play the role of a happy person, even if the real reason to feel happy soon you have not expected.

Be happy!
Psychologists argue that if you manage to put a smile on my face of a happy man – will receive the necessary state of mind, and there is a real feeling of happiness will not keep itself waiting long. Learn to generate around itself a field of high excitation, radiating happiness and the pulse of life wherever you are. To master this art easy.

Just need

  • to go a little bit faster than usual (because you do not go to Calvary, and take your time for happiness);
  • to be in a state of idle happiness, but it inflated a giant wave will pick you up and carry him;
  • look not at his feet, and on the sides, as if looking for someone – a good magician lurking somewhere nearby and is waiting only a minute to hit you with a hurricane of boundless happiness;
  • and then, you need to be prepared not to drown in the vast ocean of happiness.
Each of us has both masculine and feminine energy. Male giving — care, Finance, shelter. Manhood is manifested by way of giving. If he does not feel counter-flow of the love of women, he ceases to give. Thank you to the woman LOVED him. Not taught, not educated, and TOOK it.

Femininity is revealed in the adoption. She must learn to accept his decisions, his reactions, his essence. A woman's ability without thinking to take her man, develops a man's ability to give his power to the woman. The love of a woman is to take men and this emotional energy — is a virtue.

Tenderness, humility, respect, tolerance – these four energy teach man to live through generosity. Around it is formed a protective field, the strength of which the life of aspiration, success. If a woman possesses these energies, a man becomes generous and around him formed a protective energy sheath: career growth, life success, emotional balance.

Modern women have too much masculine energy. They have forgotten how to love heart / feelings. Love began to proceed from the mind. Girls tend to choose a husband is not the heart and the mind: he earns well, he has his own property, he will be a good father...

Women have changed the power necessary for procreation: the woman began to give herself, showing excessive concern about his son, making it difficult to show his manly qualities; husband, him not becoming a wife and mother. It is men's ways of creation with his mind. All this has an impact on the exchange of energies between a man and a woman. Often, that's why there are many differences in the pair.

The main manifestation of Femininity is acceptance.
The ability to make man in all its manifestations. This does not mean to grovel before him. It means being able to envelop it with life force, unconditional love from which he will draw his strength and to give the woman more of his work, their victories, their joyous achievements. published

Author: Natalia Walicka

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind - together we change the world! ©

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