Steep keys

Do light on whether something better key from BMW i8? And how! Here are several options.

This is - the key of the BMW i8 with LCD screen high resolution. It will tell you what the car running to refuel, how charged the battery, how much petrol in the tank and allow to remotely set the temperature in the cabin. All this makes it the smarter average journalist Top Gear. But if you really need to collect stylish collection, one incredible toughness and brains will not manage. We must also demonstrate excellence and those who did the car ... Anyway, here's our top 10.

10: The key to the Chrysler Neon Glow

Of course, Neon was just a bucket of bolts, and this has nothing to do about it. But he had a key, which glows in the dark! Which clearly provides additional convenience to its owners, bored while waiting for a tow truck.

9: The key to the VW Beetle / Microbus

The same amazingly simple, like a wheelbarrow, which he wound up. And so the key on a chain can perfectly decorate your neck or ear when your Beetle / Microbus finally collapsed.

8: The key to the VW PCP

Yin-yang key part of the "Bug & quot ;. In the key of VW PCP (which was an attempt to conquer the Chinese car market) are also integrated high-resolution screen, as in the key of the i8. It also allows you to track your cars via satellite. And the only software causes a tear ...

7: The key to the Subaru WRX STI 2004

Yes, it looks like a racing Avarin switch! And he made of titanium! And still a rarity: in this design, the key released just a year, and then replaced with a piece of ... uh ... something much less steep.

6: Koenigsegg CCXR key

The heavy sterling silver bullion in the form of logo avtoumeltsev from Sweden - with a small rubber button on the back to turn on the alarm. Perhaps slightly rough and resembles Indiana Jones. But Koenigsegg did not for the faint hearted.

5: the key of the Pagani Huayra

Horacio Pagani clearly wanted everyone in your yacht club exactly know on what exactly you are rolled back. And therefore gave key Huayra kind of machine, which he gets. And integrate into the flash drive to your favorite music.

4: Key from Ford release until 1980

One of our favorite - thanks to its One-Size-Fits-Who-For-All-In-World and the possibility of use as a screwdriver.

3: Key from Jaeger LeCoultre Aston Martin

Ok, it's more a ticking clock Jaeger LeCoultre. But if you click on the glass, they will open your Aston Martin DB9 or DBS. Very elegant! And much less monstrous than astonovsky "Remote management of emotions", which looks like a cheap corporate souvenir that distribute to customers free of charge for the new year. Although it costs £ 12,000 ...

2: The key to the Bugatti Veyron

Without this key Bugatti Veyron Super Sport will give only a measly 354 km / h. But if you insert it in the slot behind the driver's seat, it will reduce ground clearance, change the angle of the rear spoiler and diffuser flaps will close, which will squeeze your wheelbarrow full 428 km / h.

1: Key Porsche 917

No gain in time, not hilarious cast from metal and not copy the shape of the car. However, this is an outstanding example of Porsche obsessive desire to reduce weight. All the rest, immediately take an example!


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