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We are all human and we all sometimes leave the keys in the car slamming or just lose them. And then he goes on stage - expert on locks and keys, or, as is more often called in the people, safecracker. Meet Alexander Bakunkin. It can reveal everything locked in the car.

About how it all began

Even before the '90s I worked in aircraft modeling Republican station of young technicians. And it so happened that one of our teachers broke the lock on the radio "Zaporozhets," and he had his to us to fix it. Make castle we could not, but to fully understand it and understand how it all works. And then I started to help with the repair of acquaintances, neighbors. Then another fleet was much older than they are now, and the keys used only iron, without chips and electronics, as it is today. And once more all by itself it has developed to a professional level.

The working office of Alexander. Who would have thought that this is where he works wonders in the field of programming and encryption security systems car

About essentials

To open the car, you need to have sensitive fingers, special tools and an understanding of what is happening at the castle. It is not even hacking work, and hash mathematics, engineering level. The universities do not teach it. "Iron" for their devices I buy in the shops and at night, when the phones stop ringing, sit payayu and programmed processors create their own software. In addition, each programmer is sharpened by their type of activity, there is no universal.
Latchkey to modern car locks look like this


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