Ephemeris planets or point your child's life - a key to education

During the first five to seven years of life appear the main features of his character and intelligence. At this age the child is totally dependent on their parents; he is like a flower that has not yet opened the petals and requires careful and thorough care. Rude or improper interference in education or lack of education in general can lead to irreparable consequences.

If before, then in the future will require a huge effort of experienced teachers and psychologists, to somehow fix it as the child turns seven years old, parents will not be able to perform its task. Ayurvedic Astropsychology gives twelve major keys to a child's education, which can be used by any family.

In order to properly select a particular key, you need to turn to special astronomical tables "Ephemeris planets" or any computer program to determine the first planet, starting with the first degree of the constellation Aries. There is a concept of a "point of life", which begins to move in a clockwise direction around the Zodiac from the date of birth of the child.

Its velocity is an average of 4, 3 degrees per year. That is, for seven years, she passes one sign of the zodiac: 7 years, it is in the constellation of Taurus, 14 years old - in the constellation of Gemini, the age of 21 - in the constellation Cancer, etc. Passing through the degrees of the zodiac, where the person may be in one or another planet, she would "include" them, making them important for the fate.

The first planet, which is in contact with "Point of Life", considered to be the key to raising a child. If these planets are two or three (in the case of their compounds) education program is synthesized and complicated.

• Sun (the first key)

Your child should be "to provide the stage" in all situations, because it needs expression. Any suppression of his nature will inevitably lead to the most horrible psychological complexes. He will need your recognition from the very first years of life. Do not be afraid to praise it, after all the praise only inspire him, and would not discourage. But if you constantly tell him that he is "bad", it (unconsciously) and so will be.

It is necessary to explain to him that in every man laid a talent that you just need to uncover and learn to do everything from the heart, or his heart will be closed very quickly. In such extraordinary personalities hidden vital resources that they are prepared to throw out the entire universe; they can recharge their energy all the others, including their parents. These children, like anyone else, need holidays, unlike the usual, traditional. Even birthday presents or for the New Year in a special way always have to take shape and be a pleasant surprise.

If the family several children, the "solar child" should be allowed to dominate. And so he became selfish, parents should give him important assignments, even if it is the youngest among the siblings. Very well, if it will be engaged in a theatrical circle, or participate in school performances.

• Moon (second key)

Here come to the fore excessive emotionality, sensitivity to external influences, mood swings and moodiness. Usually these children for a long time to maintain contact with the mother, being dependent on her psychologically and energy-informational aspects. Therefore, for them it is important to long-term breast-feeding (sometimes up to two or three years of age) - through the mother's milk they receive and the biological and psychological protection. It is not necessary for a long time to separate them from the mother, because they are very vulnerable.

They can never raise his voice or raise your hand - it is not only useless, but even dangerous. Educate they need, creating a positive elementals, as they perceive all basically on a subconscious level. They are quite childish, so do not require them to early independence in actions. If they do something wrong, advise them to be patient. These children are exposed to different fears and neuroses, but the latest develop or not is entirely up to the parents, the atmosphere in the family and the outside world. Be patient with yourself and remember that at the right time, your selfless love for a child should bring forth fruit.

• Mercury (third key)

Even breast "Mercurians" is very easy to establish a connection via the hands - it is the parents enough to massage the palm and fingers of the child in the morning and in the evening, giving it positive elementals (in will be easy to "scan" a child with a massage of hands idea of ​​father and mother). It is important that as soon as possible, he began to master the game of dice, and the designer, molded from clay or clay, stamping, wood carving, and even computer games.

These children tend to be very sociable and in any case should not limit their contacts.

This excellent students, which should be taught skills in various crafts. They are very easy to learn a foreign language and have literary abilities. They need to load the maximum amount of information without which they lose their pace of life. They find it difficult to concentrate only on one thing, so they must be developed simultaneously in different directions, gaining the necessary experience.

Subsequent to the fact that they do not distort the information received, did not lie, did not speak ill of others. Sometimes these children are prone to stealing, and therefore, it is necessary "from childhood" to explain to them the harmfulness of this activity.

• Mars (fourth key)

These children are able to comprehend much only through "fatten cones." They are too active and sometimes pugnacious, so they should be from an early age to give to sports clubs, where they can realize their Martian energy. Usually, they are very like martial arts (even the girls). In this enthusiasm, and indeed, in all that contributes to the development of the physical body and willpower, do not hinder them. But remember: if they see that their parents or teachers solve life's problems by force, violence or rudeness, it can be very easy to adopt a similar demeanor. Therefore it is necessary to educate them noble and knightly character. Undoubtedly, they have to be strong people, but not to hurt the weak, but rather to help them in difficult times.

This born soldiers often need to be reminded of the fact that there are no hopeless or fatal situations that you should always take any danger face to face fight to the end and, if necessary, to be able to sacrifice himself. And with a sense of fear do the same as with the enemy - to meet him, and overcome him

. • Venus (fifth key)

The child needs a special approach, and bring him up is possible only in conditions of family and social comfort. Any stress will affect its character negatively.

It is strictly forbidden punishment one way or another related to the deprivation of material goods: "If you do not behave yourself - do not get the sweet." Equally dangerous is the attempt to replace parental love toys or sweets, because it can lead to drug or alcohol addiction in the future.

These children are usually developed creative abilities, so they should be taught from an early age music, painting, dance and other art forms. Aesthetics - the basis of their education. The earlier held their acquaintance with the monuments of culture and beautiful landscapes, the better. They love all beautiful - it must be borne in mind when you buy them clothes or giving anything

. • Jupiter (the sixth key)

Such children are usually born leaders, seeking to take the place of social egregor, without which they can not imagine their development. The system of their worldview is formed very early. It all starts with his own family; They definitely need to know what their position and place in it. These children need to explain everything very clearly from an early age. Do not be afraid that they will not understand you; it will be much worse, if you will cheat them or something not to negotiate, believing they are not enough adults for understanding of certain things. No penalties, no parental anger does not give effective results. The only way - a reasonable explanation. If the parents will be able to convincingly explain to the child what he is guilty, and why he committed the act is bad - the problem will be solved very quickly

. These children tend to be very intellectually developed, and therefore they would prefer a more serious degree than their peers. Perhaps we should think in advance about the specialized school or grammar school. In addition, it is necessary as soon as possible to start communication with the authoritative teacher who is not a family member.

Their development will greatly facilitate travel and change of geographical egregors. If the parents can afford it themselves for financial reasons, it is desirable such as the children abroad often can be taken out. At the same time we must ensure that the child has not formed a complex of pride and "idealization" (subconscious exaggeration of its features or egregor to which they belong).

• Saturn (seventh key)

These children are very closed and terse, early start to demand autonomy and your own space, but at that - quite ascetic. They almost from the first days of life is formed by the inner core, so they are not in any way be trying to "break". The apartment it is necessary to allocate a room, but if this is impossible - for them to do partition and personal wardrobe

. They are extremely difficult to be brought up in the team. Therefore it is better not to give them to kindergarten. However, this does not mean that they must at all times be under the control of their parents (especially mothers). These children may be early enough to take responsibility for certain actions. They can safely entrust to go to the store or to carry out some work at home. They enjoy when doing the same as adults, for example, wash the dishes or clean the apartment. By the way, they really love to keep order and can take responsibility for younger siblings. In life, they look up to his father, describing it as a kind of standard of behavior. Therefore, the father need to devote more time to this child.

Do not worry due to the fact that they are not very likely to communicate with their peers and prefer to spend time alone. It is possible that in the beginning they will not learn very well, but then surely catch up or overtake their classmates. In such children need to develop strategic thinking and ability to perform sequential, targeted actions, to accustom them to ensure that necessarily achieve their goals.

It is necessary to pay attention to the excessive secrecy and pessimism and to correct them.

• Chiron (eighth key)

This small planet located beyond the orbit of Saturn, is, in fact, the largest asteroid or planetoid. However, in astrology, it must take into account, as has on people is very strong influence.

Children with Chiron - the first planet in the horoscope should be brought up according to the "alternative." They must always provide a choice. For example, they never say, "You're going to have oatmeal for breakfast." It is better to ask, "What do you want - oatmeal or buckwheat," and the choice in this case must be equivalent. They should not offer things to them clearly unacceptable or unfavorable.

The objective of these children - to learn around "to find a middle ground," to create harmony around you and develop the diplomatic skills. However, parents should be careful to ensure that they are not cultivated ambiguity, hypocrisy, and a penchant for betrayal.

• Uranium (ninth key).

With such children is a lot of difficulties because they can be too freedom-loving, independent and unpredictabi- predicate.

They need to "grow like grass." If you try to limit them, or put down, very quickly there is a problem of "fathers and children". A child can get away from the family or begin to imitate those who challenge society and its laws (ie criminal elements). Therefore, parents need to exercise extreme caution and consistency, and it is best if they will be for your child literally friends. Only in this case they will be able to maintain good relations with him, and love. These children should be given a free hand, but in a friendly way to share with them their experiences and talk about a possible life term. We must be prepared for their unpredictability and inconsistency, and at the same time remember that they are - the best and most loyal friends

. It is necessary to teach them to be included in the situation in any non-standard circumstances.

• Neptune (ten-key).

For such people, it is important to develop their imagination and live your inner world. They are just like children with a second key to education depend on the resonance factors (Manas-karma). They should be brought up on fairy tales and legends, to develop the effect of "presence».

They should have their own little secrets. It does not require them to disclose fully the soul. Parents should not laugh at their fantasies and to destroy faith in the "good forces».

They need to learn to understand the status of other people and the outside world. They can easily develop the ability of non-verbal contact with animals, birds or plants. Dreams and different signs of nature are very important in their lives. However, they are prone to excessive illusions and suggestible, and this must be considered in their upbringing.

• Pluto (the eleventh key).

This child is hidden a huge capacity to store energy shakti (even before puberty) and "revive" it creates elementals. This energy is in an unresponsive state is just as dangerous as a thermonuclear reaction. The thoughts of these children very quickly come to life, however, can be disharmonious and even destructive both for the child and for others. Therefore it is very important to create a vast field of action, download it and physically for him, and psycho-emotional "in full". Otherwise, the child may be permanently injured or seriously hurt.

Such children find themselves in critical situations and overcome fear, develop very quickly. They can be taught to swim by throwing into the water. It is necessary to teach them to manage all the elements. Surprisingly, various disasters (earthquakes, storms, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, terrifying lightning storm) only "charge" them. Often small "plutoniantsy" during the violence of the elements pop out to experience the enjoyment of a truly demonic.

Of course, they must teach themselves to harmonize and control its energy flows (although this is a very difficult task even for experienced child psychologists). In any case, a quiet and peaceful life - not for them

. Should devote special attention to sex education because, as a rule, puberty may occur from them unexpectedly early, and the inability to transform its energy shakti is able to cause serious complexes, and even perversion.

• Proserpine (twelfth key).

This planet is the farthest ( "transplutonian"). Due to the low reflectivity, it was discovered only in the late 80s, although it described in ancient times.

If Proserpine - the first planet of the zodiac, the child needs to develop the capacity for deep analysis and synthesis of information received. He must, like Sherlock Holmes, one detail to be able to construct the most complex system of interrelations. Therefore, of particular importance to him acquires observation. It is also important to develop it realism, the ability to not just accept anything on faith, or intuition, but to explain himself. It is necessary to encourage your child to think and constantly evaluate every step. Very useful is the game for him in chess, that will teach him not only to plan their actions, but also to analyze all possible options for their consequences.

These people should be taught from childhood to order. Each item that belongs to them, must have its place.

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