Competition Sony World Photography Awards

More than 122 thousands of photographs taken from 170 countries took part in the International Photography Competition Sony World Photography Awards. For seven years he had already become one of the largest and most important competitions, which can taken part both professional and novice photographers.

Amateur category. Culture and Art. Anurag Kumar

The competition is divided into three categories: professional photos, amateur, student. Are allocating sub-categories depending on the subject, such as architecture, nature and animals, traveling. By the way, this year the category of student competition and competition videos are presented for the first time. Competition is no less serious than in past years, the judges will choose the best photo that will stand out originality high quality.

Professional category. Modern problems. Deytsung Lee

The winner from among the lovers will announce on March 19 and among professionals April 25, 2013. The lucky ones will receive a cash prize of $ 5 thousand. Dollars and 25 thousand. Dollars respectively. All photographs will present in London Somerset House from 26 April to 12 May.

Professional category. Landscape. Kechun Chang

In the meantime, we are waiting for the announcement of the results, I suggest you enjoy the top twenty works. Collected here are images of both professionals and beginners. Who knows, maybe they have a real contender for the win.

Amateur category. Travel. Maciej Mach

Amateur category. Landscapes. Paul Uhorzhek

Professional category. Sport. Adam Pretty

Professional category. Campaign. Christian Aslund

Professional category. Landscape. Florian Breuer

Amateur category. Nature. Hoang Nguyen Hip

Professional category. Nature. Hudson Garcia

Professional category. Sport. Rob baths Tien

Professional category. Landscape. Nenad Salzhich

Professional category. Travel. Agurthan Konselon

Amateur category. Travel. Nathan Willis

Professional category. Travel. Mehmet Karachi

Professional category. Travel. Val ponds

Professional category. Campaign. Scout Tufankyan

Amateur category. Architecture. Peter Proline

Amateur category. Nature. Frederick baths Heerden

Amateur category. Landscapes. Elmar Akhmetov


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