Like love and swimming rescued puppy Harper

August 31, 2011 in one of the dustbins of Central Florida found a puppy. In poor thing was a terrible disease with which most puppies simply can not survive. We bring you the story of how a little puppy rescued human love ... and swimming.

1. This puppy was found in the trash Florida. There was a state of the baby, called vets' syndrome swimmer puppies. " Scientifically, a condition called funnel chest (pectus excavatum). This is a fairly rare disease, but if it is, the puppy is constantly on the breast, legs spread apart. Normally, this syndrome causes significant neurological problems, in which the majority of puppies simply can not survive. Veterinarians recommend to lull the baby. (Dolly's Foundation)

2. Eric Daniel, who takes to his dogs with serious illnesses, decided to shelter puppy one day before it was put to sleep. After a few hours of massage and simple human kindness and caring baby beginning to raise its head and move. Daniel immediately contacted Bev McCarthy - a therapist at the center of assistance dogs in the Winter Pare, Florida. In this photo MakKartt that is completely free of charge helped puppy feet. (Flyin Fur Pet Photography)

3. On the first lesson in swimming puppy, whom Erica Daniel named Harper, behaved very well. Bev MakKartt explains that swimming helped teach Harper natural movements. "Her brain to work, and by the end of the first lesson she seemed to realize that all can." (Flyin Fur Pet Photography)

4. "Hydrotherapy and massage help this dog to revive her simple instinct to traffic - continues MakKartt. - This is a great motivation, the ability to get the dog to stand up and just go. " (Flyin Fur Pet Photography)


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