Saving a small coyote from cacti

Near Golf Club Sun City West in Arizona, caring people saved from death a little coyote.
He was covered with prickly cactus spikes.

First, running under the bushes young one noticed the yard of his house 86-year-old Gwen Maxwell. She decided that someone's dog ran away from home and followed the puppy. Gwen recently underwent surgery, and it's still not too lazy to look under a bush, where he saw a coyote whining, from head to toe covered with cactus needles.

Puppy writhing in pain and tried to get rid of thorns, crawling along the ground. A woman noticed distance adult coyote. It was a female, and probably his mother, who could not leave the kid in trouble, but could do nothing to help him.

While Gwen called on the help of neighbors, the puppy ran off the golf course. There he immediately attracted the attention of an employee of the club Jose Soto and his chief Sean Bordin. They enthusiastically embarked on the rescue puppy from the cactus. Brought thick gloves and pliers, then a puppy holding a gloved and the other tore him shoots with cactus needles.

All this time the baby's mother was nearby, without approaching too close to the people, but not running away. Puppy courageously endured the entire operation, do not bite, and almost whined.

When the puppy pulled out all of the needles, he was released to his family, and he fled with his mother. Later, an employee of the club saw him licking someone from the adult Coit. Also in the pack was about four Coit adolescent, apparently the previous young.

-I Have a dog, says Sean Bordin, -So I could not pass and do not help this puppy. I'm glad that he's all right.



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