Misanthropic creature

Misanthropic creature or how to hate people because to love dogs

Yesterday I watched prezabavneshuyu picture with one, never young, half-dead, Madame, who found a way to slightly spoil the blood of inhabitants of about five hundred apartments.

The story began three years ago. Near my home there is a vacant lot, enclosed by a fence full of holes where all of a sudden there was a pack of stray dogs. And this is a good flock of perhaps two dozen heads. Perhaps more. A flock of this no one likes because of the hot dog love its representatives to the loud barking at each other, howling at the moon, and the whole bunch of other persecuted stray dogs, not to mention such trifles as frantic barking domestic dogs, which are walking their owners. Since the area is quite quiet, I heard they were extremely clear and far. Well, in general I think never aesthetically pleasing to watch when you rapidly sweeps past dozens of fairly large dog. Personally, I'm a little strained. Others think tensed noticeably stronger. Especially women, children, women with children and pet owners.

Basically, I realized that just because there are not a bunch of mongrels. They appear where there is food. As in the wasteland food just is not generated, respectively, there is some damn that feeds them. I shared with a neighbor fabrications, and he confirmed my fears. The nurse was a five-foot marvel considerable indeterminate age, with a face alcoholics with the experience. The appearance of the object concealed gender, but apparently it was a woman. She lived in another house, about two hundred meters from the dvornyazhkovogo wasteland. Moves uneven limping gait and always drove for a truck with a bag. I remember these carts polzovali retired twenty years ago. Metal frame with stand and wheels, which put on a bag and fastened with rubber bands with hooks. Although recently began changing cart with bags and string bags.

Every day she went to the fence and feed their dogs. A particular favorite of her was a knot around which the whole flock and ran. Perhaps there were a few bitches, but unfortunately, I'm not really versed in canine hierarchy. Trying to talk to her neighbors did not bring success, for instantly reflected selective flow of battle. Matthew was two stories, was a truly amazing rate for this half-dead creatures, and could compete unless aerogun, the machine gun accurately. In his promises, sobachkolyubka wanted all addressed the terrible suffering and death in the same to their relatives up to the third degree inclusive, for the reason that they are creatures, not like her dogs.

A couple of times when I saw her, I really wanted to make it something bad. For example to break her leg. Unfortunately I have little idea how this can be done in real life, and knew that even if implemented plans, it will stink so much that it will block the usefulness inflicted injuries. I do not think that this I am a maniac. Similar sentiments sobachkolyubka caused literally everyone, including older women. I was surprised myself right. Perhaps the whole image of the nurse was calling for its violent euthanasia. A kind of perverse form of coup de grace.

Attempts by residents of nearby home to solve the problem psinok lock in their habitats too, did not bring success. When a major hole in the fence tried to score sheets of plywood, sobachkolyubka showed nedyuzhy force, again quite unexpectedly from the rock being "let go of the death of shit" and tore off the sheets, accompanying all the angry curses. Workers from nearby Jeka, unable to withstand the flow of angry letters from citizens brewed hole with metal sheets. But that did not stop the defender of animal rights. Fuck, you would not believe. She began to dig a tunnel.

Especially pleased sobachkolyubka their screams calling bitch favorite for lunch or just to the hostess. Now I know how to call the terrible monsters in the myths of ancient Greece. Favorite bitch old bag apparently called Nadia. It seems to me that Nadia was the name of some friend or relative sobachkolyubki from a past life. In the sense of the life she has not yet become rampant sobachkolyubkoy. So, it caused a bitch multiple, non-stop repetition of her name. It sounded something like "Nadyanadyanadyanadyanadyanadyanadya ..." for three minutes without stopping. Then he repeated after a short pause. And I do not think I'm exaggerating about three minutes. She did not stop was making these cries for several minutes. Screams were such that I could hear them on the fifteenth floor. And it is up to 50 meters and 100 meters horizontally to the point of calling dogs.

At the same time, fighting a beaver with a donkey between residents and lover of dogs did not stop for a minute. Attempts to poison dogs were not successful. Tricky beasts were not hungry enough to eat poison. Personally, I'd even take the other's air rifle powerful enough to check its lethal effect on pets, but the thought immediately threw, because he was not sure the possibility of its safe use and the fact that I will be able to fill up the first shot psinka. Hear the cries of a wounded dog think even less pleasant than a night howling. Other than that I doubted the possibility to shoot all and hope that a couple of soaking, the rest run away were naive, not to mention the fact that a wounded dog will successfully for some time to smell. But it was summer.

To avoid dirty insinuations just say that the thought of the extreme measures that come to mind after realizing the impossibility to do something with animals relative legally. City officials happily arranged attraction unprecedented transfer of arrows and cover asses, the energy contained in the paper scribbled think would be enough for a successful herd dog cremation total. In addition it was found out that dogs were shot this before. Now they are in theory caught and sterilized. If in Russian, the stupid pussy money and do nothing. The idea is excellent by the way, for the control of its execution is impossible in principle. Builders with his tear / bury nervously bite their nails with envy.

Eventually, through a year and a half or two, the paper about the terrible situation with stray animals finally went upstairs, where after some time came evasion that dogs live compactly in a vacant lot, in the possession of a nearby military unit, as part of the FSB, so they mourn, but can not do anything. However, surprisingly, the paper probably left classified destination. After a few weeks of wasteland has been thoroughly cleaned and was built around a concrete fence with barbed wire and lanterns. Dogs at the time disappeared. Immediately reminded of the story of a friend, both during the military service, they were cleaned from the area of ​​the four-legged beasts using crowbars. However, most likely, a dog ran away from working on clearing the tractor.

After a while the dog again began flickering, but rarely in significantly smaller quantities. However, it was yesterday I watched a gorgeous picture, as is already familiar from the description sobachkolyubka, tried to throw some pieces of food through a three-meter concrete wall, calling to his favorite psinka. Judging from her no strength nor the hole in the concrete wall or the tunnel in the newly laid asphalt.


Now I try to figure out what's going on in the mind of sobachkolyubki.

In my opinion, all very simple. This is quite typical alcoholic-sotsiopatki, hating people so that it is ready for this love of dogs. At least naive to try to explain to her the nature of her actions. She understands what makes, moreover, well aware what an inconvenience it brings to others. And she is really like. Personally, I do not know what you can do with such clinical animals like her. It may help social isolation or otstrelivanie them nafig, so as not suffered. For the most bigoted morons I specify that the shoot was a joke. Similar sobachkolyuby really suffer because life for them is suffering. And this suffering is to find among other people. And to somehow brighten up this suffering, they have to take revenge on the people. Revenge of humanity certainly gives them some joy, but quite small, and its hard to compare with the severity of their suffering. As for insulation, it's not a solution, because the hatred of the whole society, like the animals without society can not. They need it, without it they can not exist, but they are due to some violations can not adapt to it and it causes them to hate others.

Animals I call them for a very simple reason. The man himself an animal, but a social animal and lives in close contact with other people. Without the people around them, the person is not a person, it is a mammal. As sobachkolyubov and the like, they consciously or not, in itself kill all human.

But there is another side. A lot of them. Surely, reading this post, you remember at least one similar character. It is good if they just fed mongrels alcoholics. They can with equal success to avenge the people of making the homemade bombs, fires, or arranging to go to work the guards. This also should include some of the more vocal advocates of religion. So, perhaps, as the choice of the lesser evil, even fighting for the rights of little animals, and sometimes spoil coats than satisfied with the revolution and the fight for the rights of the oppressed.

To summarize. You may have heard the phrase - the better people know, the more I like dogs. Do not believe it. In fact it sounds like - the more people hate, the more I like dogs. Instead, dogs can substitute any other misanthropic hobby. Although in fact, with the proper fanaticism, any hobby become misanthropic.

As usual, I specify that the author is a fool, the texts should be taken with a healthy doleyu humor. But if someone knows effective ways of influencing such misanthropic creatures happy to hear.

P.S. Not all dog lovers hate people. There are those who really love dogs. Although it is still no one will read.

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