Helps young naturalists.

Recently I met here a couple of posts with a request to understand the fauna.
I climbed into your photo library and fished out a few pictures of living creatures.
The request is the same.
Help to find out who it is and what it is eaten and from what hell it is selected.

1. Kandalaksha Bay (the White Sea). Evening. Complete calm. I noticed that the water float like a snake. Br-rr. One of the creatures sailed to the coast and we all crowd ran to see what kind of HEX. Just like in a horror movie: scary and kind, but also curious.

Will 6 photo

2. Tvaryuga with about a meter long. It looks like a centipede.

3. Hunting bare hands is not our method. Hunted stick as in primitive times. They picked up the creature, and it is almost twice stretched. The trunk is like jelly.

4. When the patient was freed, he tried to hide in the rocks and round (such sea grass - tour).

5. We are a little povoroshit is to create, to make a portrait of the creature to rest and let go in peace.

Father in law said that when these things float, the cod are biting. And these creatures she enjoyed the thrill. They say that when the bait and end this thing next to floats, then hooked rod and threw it into the boat, let the bait more than once.
But the mother-in-law, though local, says never seen such a creature.

I got two assumptions: the lamprey and sea cucumber.

And another evil:
In the spring on the window frame that's a hell of an insect appears. were expelled out of the window with caution because xs.
The house is old, wooden barrack-like.
What kind of bug?



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