5 tips how to invest in her husband with a maximum profitability

A few tips from Catherine Inozemtseva how to invest in her lover at the start, to get the maximum yield lifelong

Every girl dreams of a "good" marriage to feel like a stone wall, know that it has a reliable rear, stable and prosperous future. All the girls from childhood to believe that true happiness - to love and be loved, to be his muse for the second half, his constant inspiration for further creations. To inspire a man to great deeds and excites in it an appetite for new developments - as appears to the traditional role of the woman in the relationship.

However, as practice shows, not all girls get the status of "a happy wife of a successful man." There is a lot of questions: why do not I become the wife of a millionaire businessman, investor or politician? Why did not I, because I'm such a beautiful, smart and talented? The answer is simple, we must be able to invest in the bright future. Invest now need to get what you want in the future.

One of the most striking examples of a conscious approach to such investments can be called Catherine Inozemtsev. She is known as the author of the project for the development of online awareness marathons, reciprocity and search for a loved one. Catherine - the wife of Dmitry Yurchenko, who was able to become successful thanks to the entrepreneurial gamble, and the ability to set and achieve goals, and most importantly, thanks to its beloved, which wraps around the clock it their support and understanding.

She is a true woman, she was able to recognize in time and learn to live by the principle: "wife, leading her husband forward, certainly pushes him back." This principle she has created for himself, when he was just starting a business in her eyes. She knew that "the wife startups, not running with it, certainly pushes the marriage into the abyss." Of course, in the beginning there was an instant take-off was a terrible shortage of time and energy, and profit could only dream of.

Catherine calls himself a "venture capitalist" and his most successful project considers a project called "Dmitry Yurchenko." Its approach - to "invest" from scratch, that is, not to wait for a ready held millionaire and co-resource relationships turn out to youth, with whom he sat behind a desk from 9 class, a relationship he became a knight. Then the "white knight" will be a welcome consequence and not the root cause of reciprocity. It must learn to run alongside, but without acting on someone else's track.

Here are some tips from Catherine Inozemtseva how to invest in her lover at the start, to get the maximum yield throughout life:

1. Do not invest too much, leave space for themselves
The groom or spouse for any young girl - it's always a start and your family - the team. Each project must not remain until the end of "fed". "Slightly hungry" entrepreneur will be more active and to seek new markets, but the "full" start will never be interested in becoming the first on the market.

Do not overpraise husband's first victories and successes. We must learn to see the line between generosity and practicality, and try to go this route. When you invest in her husband's time, nerves, energy and power, first of all, determine what are the prospects for self-development and growth will you personally.

The project selected for the team and scale. The team selected for the goals and values, and the distribution of roles should occur in such a way as to complement each other. And you are at one. And then on the scale of priorities becomes "we", but initially there is only the "I". It's not about ego, but about the ability to first recognize herself as a woman, as a partner, and then learn to give and understand relations.

For example, I use a tool such as "meeting with him." Up to the fact that it put itself as a problem in the calendar or diary. This is the time for yourself and for yourself. It differs from sports, swimming pool, manicure and shopping. It's time to relax, planning, dreaming, for all that allow me to remain a muse for his men.

In all the family as well as in business. Leave room for their own goals and dreams! How the dream of their own desires, and why it is not harmful, but even beneficial to relations, will tell all book accessible Sher B. "Dreaming is not bad».

2. All of your investments should be "smart»
Ask yourself what you can do for your loved one, to help in its work? What is your help will be indispensable? If you are a born copywriter or a master in the use of PowerPoint, it's time to invite her husband to help. All your communication and close contact can also be useful for his new project.

Do not take what you do not like or scares. No need to sign up voluntarily sorter "waste business" or to assume the role of the Secretary, unless it gives you pleasure. Save energy, strength and the mood for really good cases to give him the maximum of "smart" effort.

For example, I can easily write text as fast proofread them and retest. God only knows copywriting as texts in the beginning of our relationship has passed through my hands. And then ... the husband began to write myself so that I can only wonder how the same style and has become a letter.

The main rule - invest in the health of their beloved. Make sure that it is enough sleep, eat on time, write it on a regular medical check-up and put it in his calendar. A joint exercise not only develop family relationships, but also strengthen it and your health, both mental and physical.

Start by jogging in the morning, have one healthy habit this drags along the other: a healthy diet, healthy sleep, physical examination, and fortification. Read about how to start and run a whole marathon run to, you can book George. Daniels "From 800 meters to the whole marathon».

3. Recognize that the money in this life - not the most important thing
Yes exactly. The most valuable, no matter how trivial - is the support and participation. However, you need to speak a language he understands. Find your own "language of love" and help the beloved constantly feel your support. If your husband's an important concern, then manifest it in real actions, if important implications, give it to him if need compliments, then praise him often.

Your husband loves it when you spend with him all the time? Set aside one night a week, you will always spend together, discussing all the accumulated problems, listening to each other's views. Your support in the language that he hears and uses, will make you both happy. Will this book Mr. Chapman "Five Languages ​​of Love».

Any joint project in your family life, for example, organizing a wedding, buying a car, plan a trip, or building a house - are extremely important for relations, especially in the beginning. The project is becoming a kind of a test indicator: all life situations either reinforce or destroy the relationship. Use them wisely and well. Home leave room for personal space, not to invade his territory, his respect and do not use the money as the primary argument. Learn the language of love and relationships, without using the equivalent of a global exchange.

4. Help him to properly compose your schedule and prioritize
Learn to combine work and leisure time together. No discomfort should not be. Do you like skiing? Combine slopes with the negotiations. Planned vacation, but do not have time for sports? Let the rest will be sporting. Since then, the husband began to get involved in triathlon, all of our trips and holidays associated with sports starts or Camp, where you can exercise and relax at the same time. From this year we decided to have a healthy lifestyle Camp in Thailand and called everyone to try this format of us.

Set your priorities first in his head, and then help him to decide on it. For the man is always a primary career and self-realization. This is his normal state because he brings home the mammoth, and you have them expanded in jars and make preparations for the winter. This gave him the opportunity to experience your gratitude in full. Discuss Just what you personally want him in your relationship, it may please you and surprise you, not dropping out of working hours.

He has no free time to solve puzzles and female logic to practice juggling priorities. It is better to give him a book and read for yourself the "Rules of profitable start-ups", and also learn how to apply these rules in family planning.

5. Finally, decide for yourself whether you want to be with this person in the future
No one will ever be able to guess the future. It's like a lottery: it all depends on luck and your patience. The chance that your loved one will become a millionaire, one in a million. This statistic. But everything is in our hands. It is a fact of life.

Every woman can be a man or inspire confidence in his strength, or convince him that he is a complete loser. It all depends on the woman and her ability to inspire. And then, be honest with yourself. Decide whether you need a husband certainly millionaire or success and happiness be measured to you in other coordinates? To realize his true desire to help book M. Williams "Awareness."


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