9 terror, through which will pass the woman whose man is going through a midlife crisis

Many women are better prepared in advance, because there is no more terrible beast than a midlife crisis in men!

Every man goes through hell once called a midlife crisis. More precisely, it is, he believes that passes through hell. In fact, in the underworld travel is not a man, but the one unfortunate that at this moment is near. As long as the spouse is fully wring their hands, half of it is forced to be smart, patient and understanding as the wife of his father Fyodor or Countess, for example.

In fact, of course, to be the wife of his father Fyodor or not to be - you decide. But the fact that men called the crisis better prepared in advance.

1. Sadness
Crisis husband will be sad and whining. from morning till night. On any occasion idiotic. He is whining because Monday, Thursday, autumn, the house ran out of coffee, the coffee is, but not the sort of global financial crisis, life is a failure, etc.. In this atmosphere, dribbling whining you will need to be friendly and active. However, your kindness will make him happy, too. Because it - all abandoned lonely tuberose, and here you all so light goodwill, wretch.

2. Unjustified anger
When my husband will not be sad, he will be angry. As a consequence, domatyvatsya to all, and first of all, to you. Even if you know how to cook soup "like mother," Schubert played the bagpipes and dance Kamarinsky - this will enrage him. "Do not say that, do not look, do not behaving themselves." At such moments, you will have a hankering to hang him for the bells to the chandelier, but this desire you, unfortunately not realizuesh. Firstly, he's heavy. And, secondly, it is crisis!

3. Paranoia
Crisis husband turn into a hellish paranoid. It will seriously believe that everything that happens in the world is done in order to "bring it to the handle / Durkee / grave." It would be tolerable, limit poor fellow conspiracy theory zhidomasonskogo, but one day he seriously accuse wife's mother that she purposely overdo burgers. "What is it?" - Pointeresueshsya and you'll be able to answer - "Yes, to me dokanat!". And he will check the receipts from the supermarket secretly read your mail and absolutely know that someone (Tesza course, who else?) Persuaded cat piss in his slippers.

4. Resentment
Over time he begins to remember and to procrastinate all the real and imaginary "grievances." It turns out that over the years of co-existence of your grievances accumulated as hell. This is where you open and the depth of man's subconscious. Are you surprised to learn that ten years ago, threw his most favorite t-shirt. You find out what he's been waiting for years, your marriage, and when did you know to congratulate him on Marine Day. And the most important thing - in 2008, you ate a cherry yogurt, and he wanted it! And God forbid you say "yogurt was excellent».

5. Rotten movie
He begins to hear strange music and watching weird movies. Get ready for that all the time, free from domatyvany, whims and whining, he'll stick to something heavy, mournful and suicidal. Under these "grave chants" you will wake up and fall asleep. Instead of family comedies and detectives hundred times you revise dreary "boys'" documentary about submarines, airships, and fortification baleen dead generals.

6. sociopaths
Escaping to the crisis of the street or the husband to visit, do not wait for the conversion of shit in ledenechik. Scandals with its neighbors, a showdown with janitors, waiters and assaults on merchants, as well as regular skirmishes with the neighboring car drivers become commonplace. Pofigizmom better armed and pepper spray. Because 99% of the 100 will be such that the driver of another car, too, is going through a midlife crisis.

7. active stage
At some point, he said that "something needs to be global change." Of course, it starts with you, but at this point you have already learned how to beat off his attack and you will send it to a known address. And then all that was before, including a statement by the district, which is served on you neighbors seem flowers. Because active crisis much more dangerous passive husband. At best, he will lead his fee and a young mistress, and at worst would start spending your long-term savings for adventure tourism or gambling. And he begins to wander through informal get-togethers, buy a new T-shirt with Che, bike or helicopter. Hate it or not - you decide.

8. The culmination
In the end, inevitably will suffer! And he will certainly do something irreparable. Stating for example, that all his life is not in order, but in fact it is - a brilliant stockbroker, web designer, or, even worse, the writer. Under this confused delirium, he will throw the normal work and plunge myself into the abyss of a ruthless freelancers, and you (and children) in the full financial ass. Talk him out of this is not possible, to appeal to reason is meaningless. This catastrophe can only wait, unless the laurels of Sophia Andreevna still seduce you.

9. Finale
Crisis husband can go. Really can. But if he is to this well-tried all the above steps, then most likely, you'll think "Died Maxim, and would let him." And thou shalt law.


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