Throw the trash out of your life that prevents you from moving forward! Stunning art Olesya Novikova, which will help you make the most important in the life of spring cleaning!

In a full glass of water does not pour her. This is one of the fundamental principles of any changes. You can not drastically change lives and to rewrite history on his sheet, if we act on the basis of unparsed luggage experience.

Your life will always be a puzzle to gather in the same picture, if you use the same elements, how many times they are not mixed at the start.
Start a conscious creation of yourself and your new experiences necessary to reset.

Not with the purpose of the search, not a declaration of seeing yourself in 5 years, with no issues of mission and purpose. This entire process will be confused about the old idea that, in addition, take a lot of energy.

We must start to discard all junk from your life: physical, mental and energy levels.

The uncontrolled hoarding past leads to two things:

Infinite reproduce his past. Life is like a deja vu.
Slowing down the speed of life. It is when you look at those who have time to three times as much and do not understand how they get it. Life success and implementation in all areas except at fast speed.
Stop living as if you have left 500 years
~ Bill Gates

By the way, sometimes a person sincerely tries to accelerate its rhythm early recovery, sports, rigid self-discipline, but nothing happens. The energy jumps from the heady highs to a sharp drop when nothing but devastation inside there. The reasons may be different, then it is necessary to look at the situation and ask unbiased questions yourself - "why?", But one of them may be just the desire to travel at normal speed, without detaching the van of his many years of trash.

"Machine" we all are created for full motion, the question in the driver and his approach to the whole process. Not only press on the gas, as well as not enough just to choose a direction, if you are on to something firmly tied or not gasoline.

General cleaning of living for those who prefer speed and new horizons:
It makes sense to clean the life in all three dimensions: past, present, and do not be surprised future. Yes, in your future, too, have piled govnische in the form of beliefs about it, sorry that so bluntly, but it is also necessary to clear.

I propose to start with this. It is the most objective, here and now. A complete cleaning of the moment of trash already give you a noticeable strength and fresh energy, and it for future reference.

The principle - throw everything that is possible and even a little more. The point - to put an end under each uncovered issue: either to finish the job, or cancel, if the need is not so important.

The main thing is to remove from the list of cases all questions dangling.

I want to note here is not offered immediately to polish its present Aki Cinderella (although it's useful!) - First you need to put things in order and close the "visyaki" even by their zeroing. It is necessary to remove the problem from the waiting list, or run them in the process, if they are stuck there for more than a few weeks. This will give a huge influx of new energy.

And now in more detail. The weekend days will be engaged in those who really did intend to collect new picture of his experience:

1. We throw garbage
Get rid of all debris. To start from your home. Throwing, distribute, carried into the shelter. But not on the principle prevailing in the box, somehow brought into the church. And right taken away. We do not leave anything in the "expectation┬╗.

What is garbage?

It's what you do not use. Let us so all that you have not used during the year (this is a very loyal) should be removed, to hand-sell-throw:

The clothes you do not wear.
Most of the gifts, except for those who really create comfort in the interior (in fact, it is the smaller part of what you have).
Unsuitable or old dishes, appliances.
And so on.
The more "naroete" so you better. Understand every thing literally every - it is a part of your energy, look at them soberly and take in your new experience only what you need and it will be good. Approach to all things with the question - "Do I want to leave this energy or let in its place will come new?┬╗

In a full glass of water does not pour her

You yourself devoured his glass. What pour, so many will join. Greedy, do not be surprised that big changes will simply have nowhere to enter.

I find it difficult to advise in detail here, since I have no such problem at all. Due to the frequent travel and relocation, I just learned to filter out the unnecessary and part with the seemingly favorite, but really goofy souvenirs. But seeing the apartment of some of my friends, who for years, even decades live in the same place - it's just a museum stuff from the past. What kind of changes are we talking about?

In general, spring-cleaning the house - this is a game called "As far as I'm willing to admit a new experience in my life┬╗.

How many you throw out, and so ready.

By the way, this applies to all of your spaces, including workplaces in the office, cottages, cars, private jets, and there you still have. Surprise your colleagues - Uber really on his desk, start a real process uncovered.

2. We throw files
Kicking garbage - it flowers, it is time to throw out the files. How to spend much time at the computer and in the network? This is also your space, albeit virtual, it is also part of your energy.

We used all stored on your computer. Why throw away? Hard Drive for all enough.

Here the principle is the same: cleansing - a release of energy. Keep only what you like and expensive. Why keep a film that did not like? Why keep some stupid old files? It's a piece of you. Bear with me, knowing that the greater the load, the slower the speed or give way to the new?

Debriefing requires not only your own, but working computer and virtual accounts: social networks, blogs, websites.

3. To restore order, giving things their place, systematize files
Not to throw out the trash, it is necessary to restore order in that there.

I've never been on the side of strict purity, even long cultivated a creative mess, hiding behind his penchant for art.

Now, I will say this - harmonious order (not a fanatic, and systematic - when things have their place) - is the key to good and effective functioning of affairs, especially if it is time to accelerate. You can not change the life of the new speed at the chaos on the desktop and in the apartment.

4. filtering incoming information
Order and cleaning, also requires your stream of incoming information. Generally, it is food for the mind and the quality of the work depends on ... your mind. In no other way to tell.

Information intoxication, have you heard? This is a common ailment that many people are now infected. They read everything on the network, endlessly make a census of quotations of great people, completely atrofiruya ability to hear the voice of his soul.

We have the ability to accumulate information, it is not going anywhere from our subconscious, so it must be carefully filtered. Let alone what is valuable and immediately start the implementation of the - if it teaches and develops us, otherwise clutter up the channels, creating a powerful information noise. This leads to the commission of mistakes on the way from the inability to hear the voice of his soul.

Therefore, today, I recommend to do the following:

Clean your picture of friends.
Remove the Friend, the reading of which you will not resonate and inspire
Clean your walls.
It is necessary to remove or hide those whose news annoyed. Especially those who are fasting from negative world events.
Decide on a set of blogs and websites that you intend to read.
My main principle of how to determine for himself the value of the resource - a response in the soul. When you read something and feel inside out, it's quite perceptible sense of awareness and action thirst.
And it is in any case should not be a tape on the principle of "I added - I would add, and I will read." No, it has to be a selection of only those resources that fill and delight you personally. It also needs to be cleaned regularly and updated with new resources.

I have a rss-feed reading, which handed down sites, blogs and LiveJournal, the people for whom I want to watch, as well as a list of "read" in a tweet. In a separate mail folder "Newsletter" where the letters come from those whom I have signed. And I read them! If any author ceases to satisfy me, I unsubscribe. But I never get letters just like that. And I do not read the tape of social networks, with a few exceptions. All channels are exposed to general cleaning on a regular basis.

5. finish unfinished business, or zero out their
It is important to finish all the works from the "expectation": either to transfer them to the status of "in" and really do and do a reset. It is better to decide for yourself that at this stage the case is closed and I do not do it any more than the "wear" with this burden. You have to feel inside, that all things are made, the current processes in the schedule, stale questions remained. This is the "first speed gear" to approach the question: "What do I want from this life?" And move towards conscious change.

In conclusion, I want to summarize. The process of general cleaning their present consists of two key elements - getting rid of the junk at all levels, as well as the ordering of affairs, including the incoming flow of information.

Adjust your TV so that you receive only high-quality information is useful in moderation and you will see how to transform your world. What is the difference, how are all your friends and acquaintances? They can meet in person when the time, but use them "news" on a daily basis - it's almost a guarantee that no major changes will not happen. Is that all your friends are living the life of your dream

Create yourself anew possible if you understand that the old experience of you in this not an adviser.

And now for the cleaning!

Olesya Novikova


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