12 Reasons Why Dating a older woman - it's great!

If you are a man - in your head probably have the perfect image of a woman with whom you want to meet without obligation or, conversely, to spend the rest of his days. Typically this image is complemented by the fact that your fiancee "to be young." But life is different: not always meet their twenties UNIC - the best choice, no matter how they were attractive. Why older women may be the best life partner? Read fasting!

12. With them, you can talk

With young girls can chat about this and that, but only to do a lot in my lifetime a woman can talk. Listen twitter young maiden on her interests and experiences can be quite interesting, but the conversation with mature lady turns a deep and intellectual - at the expense of her life experience


11. They are able to teach your partner what a

If you see a beautiful young lady in a beautiful dress, mini skirt or T-shirt and shorts - most likely, this beauty has got it just like that, with a "good" genes. On the other hand, the beauty of a mature woman - a sign that this woman loves herself and knows how to work with them. After 30 years of female beauty - it's quite a specific skill, knowledge which characterizes the woman positively


10. Rather, they are focused on a career

It is not always focused on older women's career, but many of them really are. A ladies-oriented careers very well know what they want - in contrast to the young girls, focusing on the search for himself (and in fact after this quest you can not find a place in their life)! In contrast, the lady at the age easily can fit you in your current life and arranged.

9. This is a valuable experience

One of the most exciting parts of any relationship - the knowledge of each other and getting used to the "team work". With a woman at the age when you are young, it's more exciting than your own age: if two different worlds, two generations in your face trying to understand each other, while you stay together, and this is a learning experience for the destruction of stereotypes and understanding the differences between people.

8. They are what they are, and they love it

Young women often lack confidence. This can be seen by their appearance through their behavior - sometimes from them if the odor of fear and uncertainty! Yes, there are self-confident young virgins, but they are statistically rare. Older women have a better understanding of who they are, where they go and what they want. And it is this - the certainty - and is one of the fundamental elements of a successful relationship


7. They want to be your pair

Maybe it is due to a greater thrust to create a family at an older age, but the fact remains that older women want to have your pair were a real team. This feature is ideal for those looking for a long relationship. Young girls, unfortunately, are more focused on themselves and their feelings in a relationship.

6. They appreciate you

Many older women simply do not dare to offer the young guys to meet. Why? Because society convinces them that it is not accepted and indecent. So, if you make the first step - a woman will appreciate you more. Do not think that it will seek to keep you at any cost as a "last chance" - she is not stupid and knows how to distinguish the serious intentions of the affair. But remember: the first step for her means a lot


5. They are calm and balanced

Young women - are very emotional creatures. They are not yet mature enough to manage their emotions with the mind, so they can just sweep stream man is not prepared for this. Over the years, the girls learn to cope with emotions and manage them so as to not inadvertently destroy the existing relationship.

4. They know what a passion

Older women know how difficult life can be, and are not able to take it as a given gifts, and give thanks for them in full. When you meet a mature woman, for her, you - not just another victory and a star on the fuselage, and the open door behind which lies a new unknown world. Passion, mentioned in the title, not only applies to sex: the thing is that older women love life and know how to enjoy it. With true passion!

3. They are independent

Have you ever met a woman prone to control everything? She wants to walk you around, know what you are doing, and constantly write you thousands of SMS messages and messengers. And she, as a rule, it is very young. Someone feels comfortable in such a relationship and someone they scare. For them, there are older women who do not "hang on your tail" - they do not need it, because without you they are completely self-sufficient. And that's fine!

2. They do not play with you in a puzzle

Young girls often tend to expect from men that they will guess their slightest desires and literally read their minds. As if the brain of men from birth embedded microchip, responsible for perfect relationship! Are not older women: they know what they want, know how to articulate it in time and tend to build a relationship based on reciprocity


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