12 reasons why young girls prefer men older than themselves

An adult male and a young innocent girl. It sounds dirty, isn't it? For many — even offensive. And in any case — a bit odd. The difference in age is usually associated with various negative connotations. Talk about relationships, as if descended from the pages of Nabokov "Lolita", is a social taboo; it is believed that in these respects man is a predator, and the girl is the victim. However, girls themselves may choose relationships with men older than themselves, and with good reason!

12. The maturity of the partner

Maturity sexy. Many young guys do not realize how hot the thought held, responsible and confident man. This is reflected, of course, not only in external attributes: this is an internal condition. A man who believes in himself and so does not need to constantly "feed" with confidence and energy. Maturity is manifested in a variety of situations: how a man behaves in everyday life, how he copes with difficult situations, what goals he sets to himself (even in old age).

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11. There is something to brag about

Well, what girl would stay on to brag that she's Dating an older man? It is always perceived as an interesting topic of conversation. If you like to be the center of attention, tell her that your new boyfriend is older than you X years old — and enjoy the reaction. Of course, they will have a billion questions and they will admire you for the fact that you boldly stepped outside the comfort zone that they don't dare to do. And maybe, on the contrary, they will look at you with contempt and say that I would never have fallen so low. In any case, the reaction will be; frankly, many girls Dating Mature men only in order to shock others.

10. Usually they are looking for long term relationship

Older men appreciate a serious relationship. Maybe the fact that they are looking for confidence that they will not leave and will not betray (especially if they already had such experience). Long-term relationships much better than something uncertain, and Mature, wise men know this like no other. Yes, some men do not want commitments and expect from a relationship only fun and pleasure; unfortunately, women have a different opinion, and usually it coincides with the views of older men. Sorry boys, nothing personal.

9. They are true gentlemen

Mature men know how to conquer a woman: they always behave with women like a true gentleman. They don't just do not expect sex on the first date — they really take care of you, and thus they have no time for those games that love to play young guys, then abandoning the commitment, expressing readiness for him. The "gentleman" aspect is one of the main reasons why girls prefer older men: women want someone who behaves with dignity and not happy with AMD.

8. While they are with you — chivalry will not die

When a man opens the door before the woman pays for two at the restaurant, says his pair about how he appreciates her, and just paying his respects to her every gesture, is wins. Specially for boys: get the door before the woman is not the gesture of paying for sex. It's just something that you do without even realizing it and showing my respect and admiration. Mature men know this. If you think that a pair of chivalrous gestures buy yourself a hot meal and a bed — think again.

7. You don't need to wait, when he will "grow" to your level

It is a known fact that boys Mature much later than girls. So it's hard to blame a girl that she doesn't want to wait when her boyfriend will come out of adolescence. Hard to take a guy seriously who behaves more like your son than as an equal partner. Mature man already out of this phase and doesn't want to go back there. Equality of minds is also an important part of a relationship. So, if you have to choose between the guy for whom the only important skateboarding and partying, and matured in all respects a partner... the choice is obvious.

6. You feel protected

To be with a man older than oneself means to feel "like a stone wall". Yes, this is the proverbial search in men the image of the father. The older man protects and supports you; with it, you can afford to be a fragile woman. No one says you can't experience this in relation to the partner of your age, but a Mature man with these feelings intensify. In the end, every woman wants a man loved, defended and respected her.

5. They decided and took place in my life

For women one of the benefits of Dating an older man is that she can judge how he succeeded in life. Some girls just don't have the patience to be with someone who has serious goals and objectives. Sad when the ambitions of men is zero, and the job is such that he can't provide even yourself, not to mention partner. With a man who knows what he wants from life, you don't need to wonder "what if...". Such relationships are deprived of a number of stress and give you many opportunities to just enjoy each other's company.

4. They are experienced in sex

Not always the fact that the man lived to his age means that he does have extensive sexual experience. However, usually the experience and wisdom come with age, and Mature men can be know what young men did not even suspect. Sex is not always the basis of relations, however good, when near you, someone who knows what he's doing in bed. Mature men are not afraid to talk about what they want and what their partner.

3. Such relations have a taste of the forbidden fruit

There is something wrong, taboo and... it is fun! When you was barely twenty years old, and a Mature man finds you attractive is flattering and a turn-on. In addition, this experienced boyfriend, as distinct from inexperienced youths, not a sin to boast. Perhaps you will meet secretly, because I just don't know how to explain these relationships to others. Which is a pity.

2. Sometimes you just fall in love

Actually you can fall in love with anyone, and age is not the determining factor. Love, as they say, all ages, and feelings 19-year-old to 40-year-old man can be as strong as the feelings of the other 19-year-old girls to 19-year-old boy. The relationship is a relationship; love is love. There's nothing you can do about it.

1. They were men

The terrible truth is that a woman needs first of all a MAN. And attributes of a real man is everything that is listed in this list. We're not talking, of course, that boys — not men, but there is a difference in how they Mature from the point of view of women, compared with men older and more experienced. There are, of course, happy exceptions, and among young men, but we know that exceptions only prove the rule. published 



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