The young men begin and win

Come beautiful women in their forties and talk about their novels with the young men. To psychologists the same with happiness, do not go, usually with anguish and doubt, so I have that to answer them.

Want to raise a traditional belief: “it is Necessary (well, made, good) that the man was older women. And the older you are, the better.”

I have my opinion, after listening to stories about relationships and having their own experience.

A man aged forty – usually a wounded animal and frightening. Wounded relationships in the same way as women in the same age. Frightening consequences of these relationships and the ongoing obligations remaining on the memory of an old love.

Therefore, in a new relationship this beast behaves cautiously and extremely unpredictable: make contact, hide, then ambush watching, then the leg flippers. And for beast in its new condition this is a natural behavior, but the woman with hope for a brighter future is not yet dead, at least, may be in disarray or confusion: “What's going on?”.

Frankly, wounded women also behave this way, but before I talk about the traditional complaints of a female audience.

The older a man is, the (members of the opposite sex, excuse me) the better it usually becomes. It is only men think that women as the years wither and fade, in fact, the years of merciless to all.

In the struggle for young women even win because of their natural need to love and to be focused on relationships. Beauticians, fitness center, pools, spa, massages – beauty industry working to ensure that femininity and sexuality were magnitide as long as possible.

This industry and men work, but at the most, for what man over forty go to the gym – when the heart is pressed or the pool doctor ordered. Therefore, the majority of men in this age (over fifty, still sad) is a lazy, loose body and not very impressive intellect, because everyone knows how they think. The only thing in abundance is stereotypes about what is right and how everything in life should be arranged.

Do not jump on me at once, there are exceptions. Only caveat here is... If a man wants to please others, to collect the admiration of other people, women mostly, most of all, it has narcissistic traits. Love of self can go off-scale and reach-centeredness. Passed all the women and remained alive and unharmed – well, there is something to be proud of! And now itself should be protected! With such a man woman relationship are not in a rush – in the first place will always be the same character and his interests.

If a man over forty normal and adequate, takes care of himself due to sensible of self-care, health and appearance, it is abnormal it will make women. Their limitless attention and willingness to unrequited feelings. Free, interesting, held a man aged about fifty women are spoiled to the extreme. To such extremes that young guys can't afford.

A man can come to a date without flowers, and intimate encounter, for example, with empty hands. Well, that very same gift! Can a woman say that she's ugly, overweight or some shortcomings in his opinion, because he considers himself a standard and benchmark because of the increased interest in his person. Women are willing to accept a man on its territory, to drink, to feed, appease, without expecting anything in return, just happiness light their couch for one night.

As a result, the skills of wooing a man at a Mature age develops and standartisied and easier, if not get rid of them due to lack of demand.

And then young men begin and win. While elderly males over fifty enjoying myself, strong and active young men to take a woman into circulation from the beginning firmly and confidently lead to the goal.

Excuse my comparison, but the ratio of Mature male to female as his potency: that is, it is not a sluggish and unconvincing, then seize the moment. The young man intent akin to his erect phallus (testosterone to help them): I came, I saw, won. As a rule, the young man knows what women want: sex mean, sex; if the marriage has to end – so be it. He doesn't change horses in midstream, he was strong enough to withstand taken the rhythm of relationship.

The young men believe in love. Women didn't much scare and traumatize. Even if some of the episodes took place, they still try to avoid generalizations and looking for the one. They come in contact with openly and boldly.

Young men, I decide on a relationship with a Mature woman, wiser and usually older than their peers. This is the case when spirituality is important. They see their pure souls more than shows the shell of the physical body. At the same time, adult men often sertraline attitude towards the female body and largely pure functional approach to the woman.

The young men give a woman feel like a goddess, not one of... to Conquer, to win, to keep his is natural, not suppressed by rationalization, needs. The adoration of these men knows no boundaries, and affection will warm any woman's heart. Their love, not marred by the destructive experience, high and beautiful.

With regard to the well-known “only the young need sex”, I will say more about the sex and “standing” creature than a male over fifty, I have not seen. The crisis of loss of sexuality is not a joke, and therefore too insistent need for constant confirmation and evidence of its solvency. Young healthy men have no such problems – the mechanism works, you can think about something else, about important.

The young men developed in the intellectual sense, their capacity is torn out for great achievements and accomplishments. Smart, interesting, self-respecting woman will always have something to give and what to take in this relationship.

A young man is usually very interested in a wise, delicate and feeling woman. He needs love and inspiration, and peers at this age often are concerned only with themselves and do not know how to handle men.


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The relationship of a young man and an adult woman could be a long and happy if women themselves didn't kill them its limitations and doubts. Such unions fall apart, mainly on the initiative of women. Her fears ruin everything.

So only you can decide – to be loved and popular, or always catch up with the elusive Flying Dutchman.published


Author: Lilia Ahremchik


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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