Alexander Borisenko, "In fact, I do not sell goods, and share the emotion"

Anatoly Golubovskii h6>

Sasha Borisenko. The entrepreneur, athlete, organizer of many things, and just a nice charming man. A fighter for life, although such does not consider himself.
Oh, and he was absolutely not what I am representing him in absentia.

-Predprinimatelskaya Vein was your childhood?

-Maybe yes. My childhood was a friend, Artem pitcher. We are now a good friend, and then tightly friends. That's really who employed ... From fourth grade began selling gum, which had just appeared in the assortment - Turbo, Love is, and the other, and looking at it, and I started.

-And where traded in class?

Yes, in the class))

-A zatarivatsya where?

-In Donesk. We then lived in Yasinovataya, biked to Donetsk. Two entrepreneur, target audience - 25 people. But his range was larger and had more customers. He bought a bicycle, and I - no

Why he had more customers?

-He Was more insolence, impudence. And there was the pope ...

-So, he had no other choice, or more control over your father?

-Both. And he, of course, the motivation more abruptly, and my dad was, yes, probably, and the position remained that the best work - the state.

He's a military or a civil servant?

-Master The depot on the railway. In his youth, he was a brilliant prospect - been a deputy district council, he was respected, appreciated, always in good positions ...

-And then what happened?

-On The next congress of the Communist Party of someone dug out the information that the father was going to me to baptize, but in those days, you know. Reprimanded scandal. He spat on the Communists, I was baptized and went to work at the depot

You're mentioned on the position of your father about the work. I tried to explain to him that the work for the state - not the most promising activity?

-Proboval. But he is a man persistent belief. How?

-He has a negative attitude only to trade and commerce, or even work in a private company, for example, a lawyer, and not welcomed?

-Also. All that is not related to work for the state, it seems fragile. Perhaps the image that was imposed on the system. His friends, businessmen, one day shoot. But he apparently did not want this to Kosovo's son, I would like to receive a stable salary, start a family, in general, to all on the shelves, and the "right»

-Father hard man?

-In The measure. He has principles. And thank you very much that he put them in me. Do not be fooled, do not substitute, keep your word, be a man, do not show weakness, be an example.

-B school years there were serious hobby?

-Hmm ... Stamps collected, I pass my grandmother's goats, read a bunch of fantasy, in sports ...


-First Run. Marathon


-TA-dah. We had a physical education teacher, he chose five people from the school and worked with us. For the sprint, I did not come, and with endurance - a full order, like that choice and place))
Then there was judo, then - little - boxing. But it is in college

-Dzyudo and boxing - for inner confidence?

-perfect Right) Times were wild, customs respective territory - dumb. In fact, our family is originally from the White Church and was quite prosperous in the 30s of the 20th century. But during the famine it dispossessed and deported to Yasinovataya where I always felt like a guest. Not my

< -Do you like - I mean lumpen?

-Very Accurate. Not interested. I do not have anyone to talk to. There is nothing to spit semok)

-After school - in college. Why?

-By Dad's footsteps. And, I do not even notice how it turned out. 94-95 years, a time of trouble, his father injected for three, remember and bread had to stand in line, and oil. In general, everything is banal - the documents carried, went to the draft board, and on September 1 - op - and classes. In general, the difference the person did not notice, school, college - all in one. He graduated, he entered the Kharkov Academy of Railway Transport. So - completely in the footsteps.

-B while you are on the character was a fighter or "do not touch me - and I will not touch»?

-Don't Fighter. Most romantic.

-Romantik? In Yasinovataya?


How did you survive?))

-Sumel) Fighter was not, but a coward, and no one will call. I do not touch, not because he could give a return line, and because he had authority. Unusual people. Custom. Someone, probably, and then realized that I can have a lot to gain. Because I had ambitions, dreams ...

Oh dreamed?

-Article President. At the final in 9th grade we were given balloons with notes, predictions inside - someone who will be in the future. And I was the youngest - and by age, and superficially, look from the outside - not 9th grade, and 7th. All took their balls, one - the school director, who - slaughterhouse. And I - the President of Ukraine. Pope honors one come up and say, come on, say, learn, do not let me down. And you know, I was hooked, and it's great pushed forward when engaged in politics at the Academy. When studied in Kharkov, I put a lot of effort to go into politics and become president, the absolutely no idea - how to start and how to proceed. Just set a goal and go for it.

-Quantitative pendal 15 years))

Yeah)) By the way, the Excellent, my friend - is now one of the key people in my business)

Well it's all classics of the genre))

-Yeah. And I wanted, and still want to elevate Yasinovataya - clean the rates in order to restore the village. In principle, it in fact there is a prospect ...

politico - employment, which remain neat unlikely to succeed. You stayed at previous endeavors?

-In no case. That's enough, is not in the system.)))

-Buduchi Academy student engaged in learning or ipolitikoy everything organized some business?

-First-Second course - studied and enjoyed student life. The third course - politics, party, election with a friend in the local district authorities. Comrade used me and my party cell in all the extras and by giving my achievements for his services, was held. Fourth-fifth year - it is a business. Announced Tom, with whom I started school commerce, gave money, office, and I opened the point of photocopying, scanning and other printed next to the Academy.

Well and how?

-On The seeds enough))

-After the end of which moved?

-I Went to the budget office, and sent me a contract engineer at Krasny Liman, the state structure - a branch of the railway. Rate - 833 hryvnia. Over 200 hostel paying for a meal took about four hundred, to rest in anything does not deny. I worked there for almost two years. First - deep depression, well imagine, after Kharkov - in such a fun place ...

-A remember the feeling when I came to Kharkov - heavy, light, scary?

-Both. And the third. And yet - the excitement of adventure - what next will happen? Scary - because it was necessary to become independent - next to no pope, no mother. There were friends, and the realization that I am not alone, helped to overcome the fear. And after that - well, it was the first light jitters, but it is the little things ...

Well, in estuaries and ...

-Zhutky Depressnyak was about six months, then took for themselves, swimming, amassed over the next six months on a mountain bike and began to drive around the neighborhood - Slavyanogorsk, Slavyansk, forests. He began to read a lot. Met in Donetsk with a girl - my first love

-stop. This is how much you have been - sometimes 25? And - first love?

-The First is strong, serious, do not know what to call it ... It is clear to the school and to institute occurred love novels but it was so ... besides most were unanswered and slowly subsided themselves

-Bezotvetnye. A girl something about your love know?


Well -Otchego all so meekly?

-I Was small compared to their same age, and girls like boys older and bigger ...

Well, girls like that ... interesting, from their point of view. Clearly, at different ages, this interest is found in many ways, including in the overall adult boys. But if you yourself from something you imagine as a person, the girls see it and say they will sooner vkurivayut such things. The question is that the boys formed later

-Maybe)) But I liked it at the time to mess with appliances - repair mopeds, motorcycles; read fantasy and a little girl clings ... I have met, they rolled on a moped, talked about his world, but ... who are interested in people versed in magic and talk about space and the stars, rather than reduce the disco ...
By the way, I was at the Academy in the power system, and a branch of physics dealing with the conservation of energy, I was very hooked. We had a professor Eroschenko - I do not know whether he is alive now - and so it is great to have dragged on the theory of perpetual motion, the energy per se, I still live with these issues - around us energy, just in different ways ...

Well, since we are all only seemingly dense and corporal, and in actual fact - the energy substance
So, the first serious love ...

-Yes. I tried to look for jobs there, but did not succeed. A small town, some people are greedy and envious neighbor knows what you pay, it's all terribly pressing. Dismissed - shish - you have a contract, you have three years to work out. I say - transfer to another place.
And then events. My girlfriend N. ceases to see me perspective. Dad gives her a car, she lives in Donetsk, has a good job - earns three times more than I do. And I - a strange man with a bicycle - only at the time the property. N. says: "We need to take a break." I like nagreblo ...
Meanwhile I transferred to Mariupol, and I'm starting to get its endless calls. I work for a month and I do not remember how, manages to break a contract with the railroad, but give me a good position - engineer of the first category, dorm room for one - no one was not like this. I refuse from it all, go back to Yasinovataya and begin to look for work closer to the lost love ...

You did not realize that the train has already left?

-No Of course, did not understand.

-A today?)))

-Of Course))) What a fool I was))
But then it was crazy hard. Dipped health. In Mariupol dorm beds were armored, and so, when I went to bed, then heard the jingle shell strings - "dzzzynn" - from the heartbeat. I could not sleep, eat, listen to reasonable arguments of parents and their counsel, saying, stop harassing myself - did not take anything.
But a good interesting work in the Donetsk real estate development company, I found in a month. Earn extra money, he rented an apartment in Donetsk. Like it became easier, but suffereth not. Once, when we were talking on the phone, it rang a second cell. The conversation I heard of it found its approximate address - quarter, about a dozen houses. And the whole day under the rain in November dragged through this area with a bottle of holy water. Type as to relieve it from hex like a fool. That just does not navydumyvali yourself ... What is most killed - she escaped from dialogue and did not want to answer the question "why?". "Why will not you see me and answer, and so on." And then I finally got it. And during the next call I said Head N .:
What do you want
-Vstretitsya With N.
-Otvali. She does not want
And so rude and on a collision course - he insults me, I - it word for word - he catches me at my word, they say the man - Come. I came. N. looks out the window. It leaves me dude and snowstorms in full. Then he says, "Now you can go to her." A N. stands and smiles. And this cure me grin. In fact, let people beat me and enjoyed watching this ...

-Sorry for cynicism, but very cool, that's how one fell swoop all was resolved. Dude you really cured. I must say thank you to him and put down))

Yeah)) A little bit, of course, pobolelo, but then I started to look at other girls and gradually relieved

-When decided to leave Donetsk?

-In 2009, he is the same one Artem invited me to Kiev. I went and looked, to assess the extent, enjoyed it. However, the move was not planned. But then the freewheeling crisis that struck the great development companies, and begun to reverse. The day before I rented an apartment on the top, 14th floor. I go out onto the balcony, almost the entire center of Donetsk as the palm - where tall buildings because of the abundance of mines bit - stand, look and think, "But this is by the standards of Kiev - a metro station. What am I doing here and why do I need all this? Donetsk I never liked, go-ka I to Kiev, whether it would be. " And having 200 hryvnia in his pocket, he came to Kiev to Artem. Terms - horror, on the walls instead of wallpaper newspaper, but it was his personal apartment. Buy enough money, but not to make repairs or pay utilities funds left. But it was a place to live.
I lived there for three months, selling plastic windows, and then met a friend from Donetsk, who was involved in puzzles. Background: still dwelling in Donetsk, I'm with my girlfriend (after N) I got to Balaklava and took with him a Rubik's cube. I sit on the beach, twirl it, and so he had me hooked ... I learned to collect. And then I discovered that he had begun to approach the problems of the workers in a completely different way: to break up complex problems into simple, build a sequence of operations, which positively affected the whole process. And I wanted to give it to the people, to share what he has managed to find: "people, look, this is so cool!»
I persuaded a friend to give me Donetsk for the sale of goods: "Come on, I want to do this, it is not only business, but also a very useful thing." And happily failed

-Provalilos - in the sense of all to sell or failure - could not?)

-Do Not sell) anything. And it would be surprising if I had something to sell.

Why so?

Because I went on enterprises and products offered. Not that, you know, tactics)) This was my first experience in sales ...

-And once - direct

-Yes Yes. Especially - lines. And I though like an adult at the time was, but something worked as an engineer, you have no idea - what and how. In addition to the sale was a father - I was ashamed to do it. It does not release the feeling that I "vparivayut" goods. But you know that it broke the relationship? The desire to give joy to people. After all, in fact, I do not sell goods, and sharing emotion. And if you manage to apply customer emotion, he buys goods. If the buyer does not see the emotions, he will understand that you do not know the goods, not play with it, and so stupidly vparivayut - and as a result - will close and leave.

-A to share the emotion - it is necessary to feel it and believe in it

-perfect True. People see all this, enough of your eyes ... So, all my falls, and one comes from Donetsk to Kiev at the exhibition. Two employees, a large stand. And I suggest to him, "Let me help you. Money does not need, just - I-WANT-IT-DO. Grief. "He helped arrange the stand. The first day of the exhibition. Then I poured out of me like, I do not know how to describe it)) Friend worth watching stunned. At the end of the day he said: "We have never sold so many are not." But you know, I'm not selling anything. Just telling. But then people came up and asked: "Give it, and yet here it is, please," and at this moment I have with other buyers. And people come up and ask ... In general, worked, I have a friend in 1500 hryvnia debt left from the unsold goods, he suggests: "Let's you we will ... and who you want to be?" - "Let's PR-director will ". He began to delve into the essence. Because to say - said, but it is and who it is - no idea)) Start blogging movement Kubera spin - it all began with two people in Kiev. And somehow everything went quietly. He began to combine the duties of manager online store, hold competitions, began to grow revenues spidkuberskoe society and an online store, but at some point ... When we started to work with Igor, communicate on an equal footing, and did not agree on either a percentage or all of kakoy- any specifics about the salary. I - honest people - honest, will thank. And in the process understand that because I do artist. I did not like, offered to meet and discuss the situation. I decided to bluff, say at the meeting: "Igor, I'm leaving," and he - say, please. I'm a little surprised, but went away and stayed in Kiev, because did not want to leave. The fun began. It was 2010, the money ran out, there was no place to live. Returns to Yasinovataya not want to categorically. And I wanted to continue to engage in puzzles.


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