Revelation sellers

Sellers told about the trick supermarkets and clothing stores, slaughterhouse workers, too, reveal the secret.
The whole truth about supermarkets. It will be hot, hold on.

Defective mikrovolnovki- Discount!

 - Somehow I got a job in the capital hypermarket network - says Vitaly. - Has been selling very well-known kitchen appliances. Sold with a good discount, but there was a catch ... This party was initially defective. This sometimes happens.

Conscientious manufacturer, knowing the error, withdrew the goods repaired and returned at the price of 30-50% less. So, under the guise of sales in the store is initially pushed cheap, in a quickly patched technique.

But then abruptly: the sale of goods of our shop are prohibited from returning. And this even hung a warning. But buyers did not react - hype. The most offensive technique was something brand: the people rejoiced that he can buy something nice for half the price ... As a result, many came back, complained of damage, and deliver the goods back could not!

Distinguish the "culling" is easy - on the packaging label. There estbukovki REF (from the word REFACTORING - literally "production again»).

 - The buyer is not entitled to surrender defective, broken goods only if the sale had been warned about the shortcomings - says lawyer Anna Dobryuha. - Defects must be specified on the sales receipt, label or other written means. And the seller is obliged not just "in general" to mention the shortcomings - of the "devaluation of marriage" - namely to describe them. Because if you show up problems that are not stipulated in the sale, the buyer is entitled to make a claim.

Secrets slaughterhouse

 - You swear on sellers who washed sausage with "Fairy". In fact, even in the stores all the glory to God, the horror comes at us in a meat factory, - says Tatiana. - All expired products from supermaketov and shops returned to the manufacturer - that is, us. Do you think it emit? Where there! It is processed, mixed with minced meat is processed and again becomes sausage. And I know exactly what is happening not only in our meat processing plant, but also on others. And not just meat - jelly with the same ...

Beware of discounts on underwear

"Let me tell you about one more trivial to sell. I learned it from a girlfriend who worked in the lingerie store. The store prices were decent. A girl saleswoman, trying to earn a few extra hryvnia, went to the nearest market, bought from Aunt Clara panties for a penny, and hung them to firm for the price - well, slightly lower than the mean in the remaining labels. And women customers joyfully "search for" a bargain, and in a hurry to pay for it until it was "taken away" more nimble ladies. Natasha ».

 - Similarly, do and small grocery stores - says Oleg, a former employee of the supermarket chain. - Carry out the "extra" items quite easily. Option One: being double box office, that is, products are recorded in the two magazines. Legal - for inspections. And "black" -for themselves. The second option: knocked out bogus checks dummy - not everyone will look into them, especially if the purchase seemed successful. And the third - checks for a fake product did not knock.

Award ... for cheating customers!


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