Tricks of the big stores

From the parking lot to the supermarket cash register full of artful networks and treacherous traps, arranged for you to spend more than planned and bought more than necessary.
You go to the store for milk and come back with a hefty ice cream bars, because it was on sale, fresh baguette, because it smells amazing, a couple of cans just in case and the magazine - who is it that Jennifer found?
How is it done?

Let's start with the trolley. This indispensable thing was invented in 1938 specifically to make it easier to make out of the store as much as possible all sorts of things. The most profitable divisions, such as flowers or fresh pastries, most supermarkets are located near the entrance. When you will be taken back, your truck is still empty, and morale is high.
Another reason to start with flowers and baking - the smell. It activates your "shopping receptors" and adjusts to rash impulsive purchases.
Supermarkets know why you're here. And, rest assured, will be hidden dairy and other products necessary to you in the farthest corner. To reach them, you have to go around the store where you are waiting for the insidious marketing traps and snares.
You just think that you are moving on their own chosen route. In fact, your way to the sacred dairy shelves pre-planned and defined by specially trained people. And the chance to deviate from the course you have almost none.
Most of the stores leads the buyers from right to left. This is due to our habit of right-hand traffic. For the same reason, the products to the right, more chances to capture your attention, and hence get in your cart.
Those goods that the store wants to sell in the first place, laid out at eye level. Cheap cereals, packaged in large bags - at the bottom. Healthy foods - at the top. And that's pretty well-known brands of luxury boxes are placed so that you just can not miss them.

There is still a level of children's eyes. Here they deliver, such as sweet corn sticks and other yummy, which certainly grabbed your offspring will moan until you give up and agree to buy it.
Another trap - advertising campaign. It is when you offer something to try to sniff or smear themselves for free. Be carefull! Otherwise, you do not have time to look back as will give a lot of money for some unknown reason, and will then be tormented by remorse.
Size matters.
In the crowded stores people are not so friendly, easily irritated, trying to quickly grab the things which come and leave. And Asians are much more tolerant to the flea market, while the British did not tolerate it.
Warm tone attract. Cold - lull vigilance and contribute to higher sales. The best option - a brick on the outside and cold inside the blue interior.

Do you hear that tune?
Studies have shown that people under the quiet music moves slowly and spend more. Everything is loud and rhythmic banned - and you, God forbid, to accelerate the pace and get past the most snare sound. Under the classic men tend to choose the more expensive goods.
The richest on the catch zone is located near the cash register. It was here, in a few minutes of waiting in line, you can easily fall victim to sweets and gloss (well, it does not grab a magazine you look through mechanically removed).
Even if you are with your list so far passed all the marketing tricks without loss, this test may be too tough for you.
It's time to get a discount card. It is, of course, allows you to save a little, but the main its purpose - it firmly tie you to this supermarket.
Be careful, do not let yourself be fooled, because in the end hurt your wallet.



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