Marketing tricks of the supermarkets

Tricks in the supermarket!

Truck. This is an indispensable item was invented in 1938 specifically to make it easier to take out of the store as much stuff.The most profitable departments, such as flowers or fresh baked goods in most supermarkets is located at the entrance. When you get there, your cart is still empty, and morale is high.

Supermarkets know why you came. And, rest assured, hides, dairy and other desired products in the furthest corner. You only think that you move at a self-selected route. In fact, your path to the coveted dairy shelves pre-planned and determined by specially trained people. And the chance to deviate from the course you have almost none.Most of the shops leads his buyers from right to left. This is due to our habit of right-hand movement. For the same reason, the products on the right more likely to capture your attention, and hence to get into your truck.

The products that the store wants to get rid of in the first place, laid out at eye level. Cheap cereals, packaged in large packs at the bottom. Healthy food – right at the top. But beautiful box of expensive famous brands are placed so that you just won't be able to ignore them. Another trap – free. This is when you suggest something to try, smell, or spread themselves absolutely for free. Beware!

The richest in the catch area near the cash register. It is here, within a few minutes of waiting in line, you can easily fall victim to sweets and gloss. Even if your list is still passed by all the marketing gimmicks without loss, this test may be too tough for you. It's time to get a discount card. It is, of course, allows you to save a little, but its main purpose is to firmly tie you to this supermarket.

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