Photos of Japan in color 100 years old

Japan is a country with a great history and incredibly rich culture. Traditional culture is very distinctive, unique. The principles and attitudes of Japanese are influenced by the distant geographical location of the country, as well as capricious climate. Various earthquakes and typhoons which frequently occur in Japan, affected the attitude of the Japanese toward nature – they perceive it as a living being.

So they learned to honor her pristine beauty and raw power, to enjoy all its manifestations. These principles of nature appear in virtually all types of Japanese art.

Culture of Japan is based on historically formed traditions of the country, as well as careful and respectful to them. Ancestors for every Japanese are saints because they are considered to be pioneers of any kind, so they were given respect and gratitude. Also Japanese of a child brought up to respect and obey elders, to listen to parents and be a support to them.

Original and traditional symbols of the Country of the rising sun for many centuries does not change, but only become increasingly established in the art world.



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