My Japan

1. Someone space arm casually thrown a handful of pearls in the Pacific Ocean and the 6852 turned into a pearl of the island - the Japanese archipelago, hitting the world for its beauty, self, tradition and novelty.

In all of us there is a part of Japan - from books, movies, food, philosophy. So often I wake me and asks little Japanese home. Prior to Japan, I visited many places and thought that I had nothing to surprise. Japan was able to not only surprise me, but the stun, excite and make you forget about everything. I went to Japan for a week and stayed for a month and was leaving with tears in his eyes and a promise: "I will definitely be back» ...

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2. Relationship with Japan at me, like all probably started with the books. Together with the author, I wander in wooden geta on the streets of ancient cities, praying in temples, wrapped in a kimono, samurai love, gossiped with geishas, ​​admiring the sacred Mount Fuji, cherry blossoms, detached on a holiday admiring the first snow and made a harakiri. Japan managed to retain a unique, distinct culture, ancient family values ​​and traditions. In this mysterious country can live together dancing robots and ancient Buddhist temples, high-speed trains and cherished tradition of the tea ceremony, the art of cutting-edge cars and ikebana. Japan - solid exotic. It's another planet. Kosmos.

Someone is going to Japan, driven by the philosophy of Zen Buddhism, someone wants to go on holiday chrysanthemums and someone serves poisonous puffer fish. Some of the new technologies and modern excellent gadgets «Made in Japan», someone has to make a wish in the pagoda or see prototypes of anime.

In short, every traveler will find in the amazing islands that appealed to him. For the most suitable life several major islands, where the indigenous population - Kyushu, Honshu, Shikoku and Hokkaido.

I visited the city of Yokohama, Tokyo, Kyoto and Nagasaki. During one trip to see all of Japan at all desire is impossible. But anyone whose plane at least once landed in Tokyo, aims to again and again! Moreover, Japan is always good - all four seasons unique and charming in its rare beauty.

We podgadali and went to Japan in mid-March. When the trees revealed about 40% of the buds and officially announced the beginning of the flowering cherry (Cherry Blossom). And it should be dismissed Sakura as the crowd is quite serious in other people's lives in a hurry in a lush garden.

This world is particularly dear

Becomes the heart - because when still happen

These see the flowers?


4. Sakura - Japanese name for ornamental tree belonging to the species Prunus serrulata (lat. Prunus serrulata), and its inflorescences. The well-known symbol of Japan and Japanese culture has long been revered by the Japanese plant. Japan - a country of farmers and ranchers are not. In this regard, the Japanese, much more attention paid to plants than animals, which makes them somewhat sterile culture and "veggie flavor." Chant the Japanese plants are deprived tend to practical application - in most cases they can not be eaten, that is. E., Their images have only symbolic, religious and aesthetic sense. The degree of admiration for Sakura, from which even the berries will not wait, because the cherry - this is not quite the cherry and it inedible species, a matter of respect.

At the time of flowering

Cherry is akin to the clouds - not why

I became more spacious shower,

Like a spring sky ... © Kamo Mabuchi

5. What was notable for the Japanese cherry? The answer to this question is given by historians and ethnographers. For the peasants cherry blossom meant the beginning of a new year, a new agricultural cycle. They believed that the magnificent cherry blossoms prior to heading of rice, and other, less important for Japan cereals, promises a rich harvest. In addition, the cherry blossoms were regarded as the abode of the souls of ancestors. "Admiring" the flowering was intended to pacify them and ensure the prosperity of the living. For a look at the flowers - a look at the ancestors, to remember them and remember. And then they, too, can help you.

6. Organization of transport in Japan is impressive. The whole country is in the rail network, a lot of high-speed trains, which go to the minute. Japan - a country where they were born the first regular high-speed rail passenger traffic. Name this train - the Shinkansen, which in Japanese means "new trunk." Sinkasen system was developed almost half a century ago and now covers all major routes in Japan. The maximum speed - 300 km / h. For comparison, our "Sapsan" accelerates to 250 km / h. Shinkansen is a network center of Tokyo, this is where Shinkansen lines diverge in all corners of Japan.



9. Service at the highest level, as well as everywhere in Japan, everything is thought out and organized so that the transition from the metro and train stations before boarding the train - all equipped with pointers, indicated by letters and numbers, provided with pictograms. Landing place in the wagons, indicated on the platform, and the corresponding color labels for each type of train. In the metro as well. People line up and do a 1-minute time to go out and get in the car.

10. The cars are different - with a guaranteed place without a place, VIP, Economy, smoking or not. Smoking is a tin carriage - this is not the usual vestibule and super-comfortable car, where sit the Japanese with yellow teeth framed newspaper leptopov, phones and their resin cigarettes, cigarettes and pipes. After 5 minutes, in spite of the powerful hood - smoke hanging yoke. The very popular cars for women only. This is not surprising, many have been driven work of Japanese roof goes by the cult of little girls in short skirts and golfikah. Girls do not prohibit the cause is mini, but simply offer a transfer to the woman's car. Here it is - the Japanese tolerance.

11. And this curious or careless tourists leaving the car met the guardians of the law and must cut off his head with a sword. Or fined, they have provided there?

12. In all public places, in the subways, trains, toilets, elevators, there is a button Sos. Suddenly you become ill. Or lonely.

13. But the road to the Japanese characters on the pavement. Do you understand where to turn?

14. Though the colors of a traffic light in solidarity with the world.

15. In Japan, a thriving cult of food, food everywhere. But why the Japanese are very slim and healthy nation in the world? You know? I - no! Japanese skinny when I swallowed a huge portion of the famous ramen with pork for 3 minutes, bowed and left the cafe owner. I went with an open mouth spread his food on a plate. Famous real ramen.

16. Endless idzakaya, retei, teysёkuya, Yatai, street cafes and family restaurant - it is impossible to stay hungry. Upon entering you will be greeted plastic dummies, for the emergence of the unconditioned reflex in the form of excessive salivation.


18. I liked the restaurants, conveyors. Past the floating plates of food - manage to pick up. The cost of food is determined by the color of the plate. Empty plates will not rush to claim - it is for them then you present a bill. And you can always order that either the menu. You cook it all on your eyes with the freshest ingredients.



21. But it is not so simple. Some restaurants no dummy, either photos or conveyor. Only Wendy machine. With characters. It is necessary to choose food, push the button. Drinks there. Stick your money in the slot. Take the check, the check to pay the cook or waiter behind the counter. Often in small cafe cook, waiter, dishwasher - one and the same person. Sit down, look like on TV once a samurai villain scary eyes bulge and fatally frowns, and cries.

22. These machines are very popular in Japan, and they are everywhere. In them you can buy food and hot coffee, and the press, and charging for mobile phones, and dirty magazines. I got here is - selling drink "Pocar Sweat." Very refreshing probably.

23. But let us return to our restaurant for this infernal machine, instead of the normal menu. A waiter will witness how you torture. Not because he is also a villain, but because they respect your space and never without an invitation shall not enter therein.

24. You look at him with a plea for help in the eyes, and it will run up to you to help. In sign language will represent you and beef, and pork, and turnip.

25. The Japanese have a special dish, like pizza or omelet, but different kind of flavor and taste. It's called okonomiyaki, and it goes deep history in the Middle Ages. Visitors to the restaurant to enjoy okonomiyaki, sit around a special frying table, which is mounted in the center of a large steel plate heated from below with gas or electricity. Fry can be anything. I liked the fried noodles. You sit yourself sipping, talk, roll. It's getting hot, and home-style cozy.

26. My friends, fans sake.

27. Well, that's eaten - now you can get some sleep. Rather go to the toilet. Why read any report about Japan, you are bound to stumble upon the description of the toilet? Because it's really interesting. If we consider that the evolution of the Japanese latrine happened not so long ago. You can still find the traditional "hole in the floor", where squatting you comprehend the truth of the universe.

Toilets in Japan have progressed considerably, much to continuous product improvement, only one remains the same: never and nowhere in Japan for a visit to the toilet do not take money. Japan produces the most advanced and most remarkable toilets in the world. Japanese toilets can check your blood pressure, you play music, undercut warm some water and dry with warm air the most intimate place, remove the unpleasant smell, turn on the light so you do not stumble in the dark at night, lower the lid (this function is also called the "guardian of marriage") . And wash away all your "pyramid". I was a bit confusing and scary to use a remote control, so I did not dare to use the full service.

28. Toilets in Japan is not just a plumber, and a kind of cult thing. In any department in a specialized department of rows stretch computerized products respected the toilet Japanese brands: Toto, Inax and Matsushita Electric (recognizable by the huge inscription Panasonic). The cause of the cult simply explained Marketing Director Inax Masashiro Iguchi: "The Japanese house is the only place where you can sit quietly in solitude - this toilet." And the toilet in it - the main entertainment center. Modern Japanese toilets can be a lot. Products Matsushita changes the temperature in the toilet 7 degrees for half a minute and massaging the buttocks with warm water jets. The top models are supplied Inax two stereo speakers on either side of the seat and a slot for flash memory to your favorite tunes in MP3. Toilets are available with five support options: birdsong, music for relaxation, classical, sound of a waterfall or a traditional Japanese harp. But all surpassed Toto toilet under the affectionate name WellyouII: a small mechanical arm with a spoon take a urine test, automatically tracking the level of blood sugar. For such mechanical arms with spoons future. Soon they will not only take a urine test. The fact that high-quality acoustics equipping toilets, sales have not increased. On the other hand, Japan's population is aging rapidly, and more and more people are in need of constant medical monitoring.

About the Japanese as about the phenomenon - you can talk for hours. They are unique - the most cruel, the most cultured, the most educated, the most advanced, most hypocritical, the most open, the most incomprehensible nation in the world.



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