As supermarkets are angling for your money (14 photos)

From the parking lot to the supermarket cash register full of artful networks and treacherous traps, placed so that you have spent more than planned and bought more than necessary.
You go to the store for milk and come back with a hefty ice cream bar (it was on sale), fresh baguette (smells - stunned!), A couple of cans of food (who knows what) and the magazine (with whom still meets Jennifer?!) ...

Here's how:
Let's start with the trolley. This indispensable thing was invented in 1938 specifically to make it easier to make out of the store as much as possible all sorts of things.

The most profitable divisions, such as flowers or fresh pastries, most supermarkets are located near the entrance. When you will be taken back, your truck is still empty, and morale is high.

Another reason to start with flowers and baking - the smell. It activates your "shopping receptors" and adjusts to rash impulsive purchases.

Supermarkets know why you're here. And, rest assured, will be hidden dairy and other products necessary to you in the farthest corner. To reach them, you have to go around the store where you are waiting for the insidious marketing traps and snares.

You just think that you are moving on their own chosen route. In fact, your way to the sacred dairy shelves pre-planned and defined by specially trained people. And the chance to deviate from the course you have virtually no.


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