You agree that material well-being is an important component of our lives, so let's continue talking about wealth and prosperity, or rather how they preserve and enhance. I propose to use the advice of our ancestors.

1.Pridya a visit to a wealthy man, ask him otrostochek one of his houseplants. After returning home, put this process into a new beautiful ceramic pot. Say thus: "Did you bring the richness of my friend, and bring it to me." Next, well take care of this plant, without giving him sick, wither and die even more. (Better to take the sprout growing moon).

2.Postavte in the living room or in the hallway jar (vase, box), where you will be putting every day a little bit of money. Filling this tank would symbolize the content of your home finances, which will contribute to raising the money power. When the container is full, then the money to buy anything for your home and starting to re-collect the money in it.

3.A Here is another pretty effective tool: Using adhesive tape, attach the mirror (in which you are most looking at) any number of banknotes. This "napominalochka" will not be easy to attract money into your home. The fact that a constant visual contact with these bills will contribute to change your thinking and attitude to money. Gradually you will be thought of as a very wealthy man. And this in turn will be a positive message to the Universe, speaking about the need to pribavleniyafinansov.

4.Chihnuv, say to yourself "Be Healthy (Health)" and "Live richly!". Word of material, so that even this minor premise can contribute to your enrichment.

5.The growing Moon put on the windowsill open wallet so that it is sure to fall moonlight. Say: "Growing up, the moon, grow wealth." Wallet leave on the windowsill overnight.

6.Hotya least once a month to help the needy. Many people believe that they are not in a position to help others, t. To. Do without money. This position is not attracted to the life of a man of high finance. Firstly, because it is a negative message of the Universe, the mood, talking about poverty (and money, as we all know, go to the money). Secondly, the money does not usually come to those who know how to save them only, but to those who also know how to spend them, and, moreover, not only for the benefit of themselves.

7.Chtoby welfare has not left your home, do not throw anything out the window.

8.Berite into debt only in extreme necessity, otherwise you may be formed around the field of negative energy, and money are not willing to come to visit you.

9.Izgotovte "beater wealth." In a small plastic bottle put a coin (any and any number), and a note: "I am rich (rich)." Shake the mallet, removing it from loud noises and at the same time think of wealth as on progress: "I'm rich! (rich) ».

10. To the money you were not translated, take notes with your left hand, and give to the right.

11. If you have accidentally opened the purse, and out on the floor woke up a trifle, is going to her right hand.

12.Do not put your wallet (money) on the dining table.

13.Nasypte schepotochku cinnamon in a purse, and its magical aroma will attract money.

14.Do not to stuff bank notes in his pockets, and money might be offended.

15.Ne show your money to other people, not to the evil eye.

16.Privlech wealth will "Mirror millionaire." For its production purchase a mirror in a fairly wide wooden frame. Also prepare adhesive notes and pictures, imitating the currencies (euros, dollars, rubles, and so on. N., Better to choose a denomination more impressive, bigger). They can be cut out of magazines, printed from the Internet and even draw (of course, if possible). Further, in a quiet environment fully okleyte framed mirror so that it does not remain in the space. This mirror hang out there, where most will look into it and see your own reflection future millionaire.

Good luck, wealth and prosperity!


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