12 STEPS OF THANKS: I thank those who hurt you.

Thanks to the truth, I was for a long time, it seemed to me the last few years. It was through the mind, and went through the heart. And I realized that I had done in the life of the road is long. And I am grateful to those who helped me to come to this.

Every man for us - it is our mirror. And there comes a time in life when you begin to finally realize it.

One day, I noticed one of my good friend. She began to voice their dissatisfaction with the fact that it does a lot of good deeds for others, it helps a lot, but does not receive from them any recognition or appreciation. Then in some certain moments, she began to speak to me, and his claim that supposedly I am as thankless as everyone else. I ask her to do something and do not thank you for it. I thought about her words and her behavior. Thanks to her question was paramount. I have always limited dry "OK" or "thank you" for me was synonymous with gratitude. But I knew that in her behavior and have a part of me. What is she my mirror.

I decided to change their behavior. At first, in relation to it, I became more attentive and became more and more pronounced in the desired her to hear "thank you." Gradually, a "thank you," I began to say in relation to other people. I changed. Changing thanks to its mirror.

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I've read and heard about gratitude from various books and articles. But this appreciation did not become a part of my life. Yes, I could be polite and cultured, I could say "thank you." But it was as a part of some of the rules that are needed to perform. All my words did not have the soul and heart. They sounded often mechanically. And the people felt it.

And now, thanks to his friend, I already decided that this same gratitude I finally learned. But as it turned out later, I was wrong to say "thank you" and "thank you" is not enough. It all came from the mind. From the mind I knew that must be so, so right that a person who has done something for you, you need to always be grateful. Even children are taught to say "thank you." Still, even this I was glad, because otherwise could not. I was grateful to her for being learned, as I believed at the time to thank.

This went on for some time, I was sure that I'm very grateful, until I got one very close person direct and severe blow to the heart. And I do not understand why. I was gentle and caring, considerate, always helped and supported. I took the solution of many domestic issues, was doing instead of talking, but the answer is not that received no thanks, as I thought, I did not get anything. She pretended not to notice how the house appears necessary things, that everything I do - it is commonplace and taken for granted. I made a cake for her holiday and had never even heard of her back, she liked it or not. It is a rare "thank you" was somehow dry and stingy. His behavior, it is considered normal, and I thought she was just being selfish.

By that time, I thought, I have learned to thank people and in response to other expected the same. They say, if you expect gratitude for what you have done, then you sell your services, not you give them. This view is the place to be, but to any person nice when someone appreciates and thanks him. Especially when you are in a couple. Thanks sometimes can be a measure of the balance sheet give-take. But from the nearest person to me this same gratitude I have not received. I just do not feel it. I honestly wondered why she was so drawn to me ?! After all, as I thought I did not deserve this. But somewhere in the subconscious, I realized that she did something otzerkalivaet, but I did not realize that the main thing for that.

She was very beautiful and deep ethereal soul. Such a shower unit in the world. Once in a practice her soul showed me who she was and where I came into this world. I have been to the depths of his soul impressed by what he saw: her beauty and grandeur. It was difficult to describe in words. It only had to see to see the entire range of colors that poured its inner universe, her soul. And I realized how shallow I respect her. And it is this great and deep soul, I believe, can not, in principle, you do something bad, and certainly not to be grateful. But I was sadly mistaken. So badly that my illusion was soon shattered.

The real answer and insight came to me only after a split my heart. More precisely, the split that stone shell, which was concluded in my heart. It hurt, but I realized afterwards, otherwise it is impossible. For many years I was engaged in spiritual growth, and the heart is no way to really uncover failed. It was close. The strike allowed me finally feel your heart. It is revealed through the pain.

And then I realized that she did otzerkalivala. Before my eyes was a picture of the inner universe of my beloved, it is the beauty and grandeur that so fascinated me. And suddenly I realized: that the universe is just, I never once thanked. I thanked her for her nor life, nor for the lives of my parents, which she gave to us all. I thanked her for the fact that I have not thanked her for being alive and well, and do not sit in a wheelchair, I have a good job, and am not a vagabond life. Everything that is done for me, I did not appreciate the universe, just as it did not appreciate it. All that gave me and brought the universe into my house, I perceived as a matter of course. I universe cook a cake for my holiday, and I ate it and did not even say thank you, it is very tasty. All that we have in this life, we have only thanks to the universe. And thanks to this I had not only the heart, but even in my thoughts.

So what if I wanted other ?! But if you do something wrong, there is always a person's life, it will show you that. And such a person is found. And it could be just such a great soul, which helped me to understand it. Understand that change. She spoke to me Master.

For me it was insight. And when it happened, when I first time in his life, thanked the universe, thanked his parents, thanked all those who made me hurt, my heart began to be filled with unconditional love and gratitude. And just when I felt this energy fills the heart, but then I realized what true gratitude and how it differs from that of gratitude from the mind, which I thought had long since learned.

And the most interesting thing is that after me to open the heart and energy of gratitude filled, then from that I thought ungrateful, I began to receive word of thanks, and where I did not count them. So my lesson was passed.

Now I'm making up for lost time, and thanks to the universe begins my every new day.

And further. After I introduced the practice of gratitude in your life, and became engaged to her every day, I felt like I started to change the way began to change my life, and most importantly, I felt a stream. I began to feel all different. Only through thanks to my life became more harmonious.

"No one quality I would not have to the same extent as the ability to be grateful. For a sense of gratitude - it is not only the greatest virtue, but the mother of all other virtues. "Cicero

Be thankful you did not teach anybody, neither the parents nor the grandmother or grandfather, or nanny, or teacher. Thanks to the truth, to the gratitude that comes from deep within, from the heart of your heart, you can only come for yourself. Each is its own process, its way to him. And it is unique. Thank yourself if you could come to this.

Yes, you can, and parents and teachers to learn to say "thank you." They can teach you to thank. You can be cultured and polite man. But the true gratitude in you unfold quite differently. Not as a result of someone's teachings. At one point, you will come to it themselves. And then thank all those who brought you to this awareness, this insight. It will compare the opening of the universe is within you.

Thanks - this is love. Be grateful - that means make room in your heart to someone you thank.

So, thanks to the universe began for me this article. And I realized that in order to thanks lived permanently in your heart, you need regular practice. The path to true thanks has several stages. And they go to, to do twelve simple, but at the same time, difficult steps.

The practice of "12 steps gratitude" to pass a person to attain integrity and inner harmony.

Some of these steps will be given particularly difficult, some lighter, and perhaps all. You can take them consistently. First master one, then move on to another. Or you can "skip" all at once. Do not hurry. Do it not for someone. Do it for yourself. Feel!

Each stage - this is one step to itself, to its true essence. Each stage - the disclosure itself, an extension of your interior space. When you say the words of gratitude, feel your inner space begins to expand. Feel your true inner universe.

In the words of thanks have no verbal formulas. Talk like feel. It can be in silence, it is possible ears. Thank heartily. It is necessary not to someone, it is necessary only to you.

Thank the universe.

Thank the Universe, God, Life, the Creator of all that they have given you. All that you have, all that you have, there is only thanks to the universe.

I thank the universe for life has given me and my parents and my child. I thank life for what I can breathe and see all the colors around. I thank the universe for her gifts for her care, because every day it fills something of my life: emotions, presents, things, events, colors, people, work. I thank the universe for the fact that I'm not alone. Around me there are a lot of wonderful people who sent me to study it, to support, for pain, without which there will be growth for happiness.

I was mad at the Creator, that he had no boots,

I have not met the young man, who was without legs.

Omar Khayyam


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