Joe Vitale: the Practice of GRATITUDE is a strong method that is attractive and pleasant events in life

Practice "Gratitude" is a very powerful method, which helps to attract a lot of pleasant events in your life. "Living with the installation of gratitude, we can change the world very much.

When we forget about gratitude, it is very easy to deviate from your goal," says Joe Vitale.

Joe Vitale, who was homeless 20 years ago, is now recognized as one of the best marketing professionals in the world.

The author of over 20 books, which sold millions of copies around the world. Among them — "Secret of gravity", "Life without limits" and "Hypnotic advertising texts". Ideas Joe Vitale also formed the basis for the book "the Secret". Through participation in the movie "the Secret" and the success of his books "the Secret of attraction" and "Life without limits" Joe Vitale has acquired a reputation as a self-help guru.

When you are successful, rich, happy and healthy, we can be thankful for this, but what do you do if your life is full of problems? For what thank, when everything seems terrible?

If you think about it, the reason for the gratitude is still there.

Try to find joy in the simplest things:

— I am grateful for living.

— I have relatives and friends (a loved one, children continue to do this list...).

— I have friends (at least one close friend or girlfriend probably is!).

— I enjoy socializing with interesting people. (Again – if they are not yet on the horizon, look for, and they will be).- I have a roof over your head (no matter their homes or removable, a big house or a modest one).

— I have a computer with Internet access (and so, if you are reading these lines).

— I have a desire for success and prosperity (and maybe you already are successful and rich! But even if you're only on the way to it, too!).

— I have a favorite work (if it's not there, it means there is at least a job that feeds you, and you probably have a hobby for the soul).

— I know how to enjoy the sun, birds singing, and the smiles of passers-by.

— I thank destiny and God for every day because it brings me so much discoveries! If you get in the habit of keeping a gratitude journal, you every day will find more joy in your life.

Aerobatics — when you move from gratitude FOR SOMETHING, to a total feeling of gratitude inside. Not be amiss to radiate gratitude for everything that happens in life.

Practice "Gratitude"

All of us, as a gratitude. Consciously or not, we are waiting for her. And most often expect from others. We want our achievements and victories have been evaluated and recognized.

Make a list on the theme: "From whom I expect gratitude, and for what?". Take a pen, notebook and write: "I expect a thank you from..." (and all that will climb into your head, do not think and do not evaluate) the following: "I expect gratitude..."
Long the list was? Now ask yourself: "Can I thank? How often do I thank others? And yourself?".

There is no sense to expect gratitude from others, begin to thank yourself. When you thank, you begin to notice, to accept with joy and more to appreciate what you have in life.

Thank you anyone and any number of times. Parents – for what they gave you life, country — peaceful sky over your head, the planet beyond what even tolerate our antics and experiments, the sun – that warms us with its rays of sunshine, the rain, that nourishes the earth, the storm over the wonderful rainbow that you see after a long winter – for the opportunity to ski or play in the snow with the kids, and, of course, themselves, for all their talents, all good deeds and even positive thoughts.

1. My thanks

The task is very simple, but in order to make it work on the machine requires daily practice.

Make a list of things for which you are grateful:

1. For what you are grateful for in life/business/profession?
2. For what you are grateful for in your personal relationship?
3. What are you grateful to yourself?

Every day you make a NEW list, the answers must NOT be repeated.

2. Practice thanksgiving

After you have made the gratitude list, hold a short practice to FEEL gratitude and not just think about it.

Assume a comfortable position. Close your eyes. Focus on your breathing.

Take 3 deep breaths heart.

Remember any moment of life when you have felt gratitude... for what you did.

This is the moment when inside you there was a powerful stream.

Catch the feeling of gratitude.

Go back to your list. Focus on the 1st item of the list.

On the inhale mentally say: Good on the exhale Give.

Feel how your heart opens up and a powerful stream is directed from the inside outward.

2nd and 3rd item of the list: thank you.

The next day repeat the practice of thanksgiving with a new list.

It is important not just to say Thank you, and feel it with every cell!

3. Share your gratitude with friends

Post your gratitude list on your social networking profile. One day — one list. It is possible a question: And for what are YOU thankful for today?

This is the best way to inspire your friends to do the same.

What to do if you are NOT using the social. networks? Post your gratitude in the comments!

4. Exercises for practicing gratitude:

Pick 10 people who have special meaning in your life and thank them. Express appreciation and gratitude. (You can do it personally, but if that's too difficult for you, write them a thank you letter and re-read from time to time).

Remember the most important situations in their lives: and their successes and failures. Thank yourself and the Universe for all of this. It is your experience, your work of the soul that helps you to open up most clearly.

Every day thank:

— 10 times myself (for what you have and do)
— 10 times of other people and loved ones, and far
— 10 times the Universe for what you get

Give thanks as often as possible. Out of transport – say thank you to the driver; thank the seller or the postman, the cleaning lady on your stairwell. The feeling of gratitude is not just to develop, it must constantly cultivate and strengthen.

The fact that many people are taking good things and events that happen to them for granted. That's actually not correct.

For everything in this life should be grateful. It does not matter good or bad events. You happened to life's challenges? Are you sick? What to do in such a situation? Right complain the fate, complain, maybe others... And do not notice that a series of troubles continues to reach for you.

And if you look at the situation from one side, and space? You sent the challenge that must be overcome. Just think, why? To strengthen your morale, to motivate action and development.

So be thankful for that instead of pouring negativity and blame all around in your own troubles.

Gratitude enriches us spiritually. Look at the word itself: to give the benefit. What could be more valuable? That word holds so much positive energy and a deep sense that they cannot be neglected.

Give thanks as often as possible. Out of transport – say thank you to the driver; thank the seller or the postman, the cleaning lady on your stairwell.

Open yourself to the world! It is not difficult to utter just one word. Thank you! What a huge effect behind it.

Scientists have found that people who Express gratitude several times healthier and more energized.

Once again, to practice gratitude, even if you are experiencing a difficult time. Only through gratitude can cope with difficulties, to overcome adversity and to learn to see around yourself a lot of good and kind, then sometimes you might not notice or did not want to let into your heart.

Ways to develop a sense of gratitude

There are several great ways to practice gratitude came in and settled in your life.

Gratitude journal

Before going to sleep, it is very useful to record some events for which you are grateful. You feel gratitude today? Note, do not miss. It can be anything: a husband helped with the cleaning, the child brought good mark from school, on the street it was a warm Sunny day.

Most try to thank others

I have already mentioned earlier. Say to all the people who deserve a word of thanks, let them know that their work is not indifferent to you.

Learn to see in everything the positive side

Somewhere I read that one person fell back to the airport and the plane on which he was about to leave for a business meeting, of course took off without him. This man was terribly upset, broke, big deal! But soon, what he learned left him in shock. It turned out that the plane crashed. Now he was not so categorical reasoning about a failed transaction and thanked fate.

Gratitude is not just some kind of tact or politeness. This flow of goodwill, coming straight from the soul. People practicing gratitude are much less frequently exposed to various stresses. published

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Gratitude is the cure for neurotic guilt


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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