Joe Vitale "born every minute another buyer"

Among the standard of books devoted to the rules of starting a business, product promotion and features of the laws of the financial market, it is difficult to find the book more than the original, but, nevertheless, very useful, than the creation of Joe Vitale.

A little about the author

Business coach, copywriter, marketing, unrivaled speaker and even a little bit of a hypnotist - it's all about Joe Vitale. From his pen came dozens of books devoted to business and entrepreneurship, in which he reveals the secret levers of success. On the basis of his work was even filmed the movie "The Secret", which focuses on the rules of the law of attraction and positive thinking. But the most famous book today Vitale is considered the story of the life and personality of Phineas Taylor Barnum "born every minute another buyer».

What is this book?

It is the unique destiny of the best entrepreneur and financier of the XIX century, a man who managed throughout his life several times and fabulously rich quick fast losing its state. What is the secret of his success, and that can be gleaned from the biography of a modern businessman man standing at the basics of marketing - an issue that worries most of the author, and it is the answer to it, and can be called the main idea of ​​the book.

It turns out that in its activities the famous Phineas Barnum apply the methods and techniques that are still very popular among representatives of different business areas, allowing to achieve success with ease. He also made a number of rules that must be followed to anyone who aspires to become an entrepreneur.

10 rules of Phineas Taylor Barnum

The first and best advice - choose a niche in the business solely on the basis of its features and abilities. No, even the most profitable business will not help you get rich, if you thought about it will cover a wave of disgust and boredom.

Second Council - Reputation in business is more important than any financial assets. So take care of it and do not make promises that you can not perform, because it will mean your end, as an entrepreneur.

The third council sounds banal - do not be lazy and share your best in that case, who decided to devote his life. But for all his beaten, this advice is relevant because it is losing interest in the business and a reluctance to devote to it all his time and energy often becomes the cause of the failure.

Fourth advice from Barnum's more than important for many of today's would-be businessmen. Pursuing business, be sober. In a very real sense of the word - no alcohol. Otherwise, your business will soon fly into the pipe, and you will be unless donate bottles remaining after a beautiful life. Disadvantageous contracts, loss of reputation, inadequate risk assessment - but a few dangerous effects of combining alcohol and businesses.

Fifth Board - hope, but do not wallow in dreams. The farther you are from reality, the worse it is your business.

Sixth Council - occupy only one thing. Combining several cases manages only a few (for example, the famous founder of the Virgin Richard Branson), the vast majority of entrepreneurs, spray on different types of businesses fail.

The seventh council - only hire the best employees, and skillfully manage them (example of a businessman who successfully mastered this technique can become Jack Welch).

Eighth Council - constant advertising is necessary for any business, and refuse it not to be.

Ninth advice - do not tranzhirte money and live within our means, otherwise you will never succeed.

Tenth Council - work alone, relying only on themselves, and then you do not have to answer for the mistakes companions, companions and relatives whom you have taken the job.

It's not all valuable information that can be gleaned from the book, Joe Vitale, we recommend to read for anyone who is interested in business and advertising.


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