Hole or where hid the bodies of their victims of the New York Mafia (37 photos)

"Hole" called a small area, located on the border of Brooklyn. And this is a real hole in all respects. The streets are just awful around incredibly dirty, the district itself is much lower than the rest of the city, so it can not be connected to the city sewer system, so during heavy rains flooded him well.

The hole is located on the border of two districts - Brooklyn and Queens, with it, each of them prefer to believe that this place does not belong to him and his neighbor. Same story with the police. The hole falls into the area of ​​responsibility of the two police stations and each of them is trying to pretend that it is not in him. Having a historical ignore from the rest of the city, the area has long developed its own laws, and lived a life that few people are interested. At some point, an advantage of such a provision has estimated the New York Mafia and started using one of the sites, as a cemetery for the victims. But it is not something on which put the tombstones, and then, in which the body with a bullet hole in his head wrapped in a carpet and throw a dark night in a shallow pit covered with earth and hope that no one ever finds out about it.
Welcome to the Hole! This is the first thing I saw drove in the area.

For a long time for these purposes mafia used the territory along the Belt Parkway-by digging or just throwing the body out there and trying not to repeat myself. At some point it came to the holes, and found that she was perfect for this. Place on the outskirts of the city, not too close and not too far from of highway, and most importantly, no one here was not up to what the case. As a result, one after another, here began to bring their body new victims. Some of them are, some are not found until now. All this continued for many years, and it is possible that the "hole" would never become famous, do not undertake the FBI as follow the current head of the Bonanno clan.

Right level of the neighboring plot of land.

The central street.

When in 1973 the head of the clan place Bonanno took Philip "Rusty" Rastelli, his leadership began to openly challenge the three "renegade" - capo Philip Giacconi, Al "Sonny Red" Indelicato and Dominick "Big Trin" Trincher. They went so far as to prepare a plot to overthrow him. With the blessing of other families, Rastelli has destroyed all three of them with the help of the then deputy boss Dominic "Sonny Black" Napolitano, as well as through a future boss Joseph "Big Joe" Massino. Two of the three involved in the killing of rebel capos were Benjamin "Lefty" Rudzherrio and capo Dominick "Sonny Black" Napolitano. Rudzherrio made friends with a man calling himself Donnie Brasco, and offered it as a potential member of the family, but Napolitano did not know that Brasco was an FBI agent Joe Pistone undercover. As a result of the operation have been collected a huge amount of evidence, but against family members have been numerous charges. Rudzherrio and Rastelli received lengthy prison sentences.


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