12 terribly interesting cemeteries in the world

The cemetery - the place itself is eerie, and is associated with a not too pleasant emotions. But the cemetery of this collection - more interesting and amazing! They connected a lot of facts, legends and stories. < Website offers you a selection of unusual cemeteries from around the world.

Airport Savannah / Hilton Head, Savannah, Georgia, USA h3> You may be surprised that the first photograph of the cemetery in the list shows the airport. However, it is really a cemetery! Under the runway number 10 are the graves Dotson couple - couples that had lived in the house on the site of the airport and was buried on a site next to it. Airport repeatedly negotiated with relatives Dotson to transfer the remains, but they did not agree, and without the consent of relatives in the United States are not allowed to do this.


Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires, Argentina h3> The architectural splendor of the Recoleta Cemetery is striking, however, this list is horrible not because of him, but because of the number of scary and unusual stories about those buried there: near the grave of Evita Peron, which always lay fresh flowers, buried Rufina cambaceres, a girl who was buried alive and left a coma right in the coffin, and David Alléno Poor gravedigger, who Thirty years saving up money for a site for burial, and having accumulated, committed suicide.


hanging coffins of Sagada, Sagada, Philippines h3> We've learned that the cemetery is under the ground, but the Philippine Igorot tribe buried their dead ... in the air. Cemeteries always hang over the heads of the people of this tribe.


Merry Cemetery, Sepyntsa, Maramures, Romania h3> This cemetery - a popular object of visiting tourists in the Romanian village of Sepyntsa. Monuments of the cemetery, painted in bright colors, lead us away from the mourning atmosphere of the place, and the epitaphs on them are funny, and even satirical.


Highgate Cemetery, London, UK h3> This is perhaps one of the most famous cemeteries in England. Each crypt and every statue here - an architectural masterpiece. But other than that, the cemetery is known for its abundance of ghosts - for example, high Highgate vampire with a hypnotic stare. Another famous ghost - a crazy woman, runs through the cemetery in search of the children she killed.


Cemetery Greyfriars Kirkyard, Edinburgh, Scotland h3> Cemetery Greyfriars Kirkyard - it is an old cemetery with a rich history. It was founded in 1560-ies. at the local prison. Of the 1,200 prisoners only 257 came out of it alive - the rest remain here forever. Now rare brave dare to go to the gates of Greyfriars Kirkyard at night - it is believed that the souls of the innocent victims will not let him rest.


The island of San Michele, Venice, Italy h3> People are afraid to go to even ordinary cemetery. And what would you say about the whole island of the dead? He is in Venice! When it was established that dumping on the mainland of Venice leads to unsanitary conditions, the dead began to export to the San Michele. This is done until now in specially allocated for this gondola.


The cemetery of La Noria, Chile h3> mining town of La Noria and Humberstone located in the middle of the desert in Chile. The history of these towns - a terrible story about violence owners over their slaves-miners. Sometimes they just brutally killed, sparing and children. Buried in the cemetery of La Noria; Now while in the cemetery does not leave the sense of otherworldly environment around. At the cemetery, many open and dug graves, of which even, sometimes, showing skeletons!


Chiesa dei Morti (church of the dead), Urbino, Italy h3> The Church of the dead is famous not only for its loud name, but also the exposure of mummies. For classical baroque archway beautiful views of the majority of them. Each of the 18 preserved mummies located in its own alcove. To build a church, which is typical, "Brotherhood of the Good Death».


Cemetery "Grove bachelor ', Chicago, Illinois, USA h3> This place is legendary as one of the most overcrowded cemeteries ghosts of America. Eyewitnesses confirmed the appearance of the cemetery strange shapes. One of the famous ghost - the white woman with a child in her arms. Also in the 1950s. many visitors have reported ghostly graveyard house. In addition, the cemetery appeared a farmer with a horse killed nearby, and the black dog.


The Catacombs, Paris, France h3> The number of "inhabitants" of the catacombs of Paris is almost three times the number of Parisians living upstairs - buried here almost 6 million corpses. Seething life chic "top Paris" terribly similar to a gloomy underground city of the dead. Here you can find whole passages of skulls and bones. Paris catacombs are enormous, and no one knows how confusing maze of: here is quite possible to get lost forever.


Capuchin Crypt, Rome, Italy h3> Capuchin crypt - a six rooms, located at the Church of Santa Maria della Konchetsione in Italy. It contains 3,700 skeletons of the monks of the Capuchin fraternity. Their remains were brought here in 1631, which took three hundred carts, and buried in the ground, specially brought from Jerusalem. After 30 years, the remains were exhumed and exhibited in the hall. But the worst - it's not the mummy, and the "message of brotherhood", translated into 5 languages: "We are what you are. You will be the fact that we have ».


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