10 facts about psychology, which is hard to believe, but the way it is

Psychology - amazing science: everyone fancies himself an expert in it, but very few people owned these knowledge. And yet we do not know much about yourself, what would not hurt to know. < Website Crazy publishes a list of facts about psychology.

You are viewing text faster with wide columns, but choose - narrow h3> Have you ever thought about what should be the width of the columns of text on the screen? It turns out that it all depends on how fast you like to read. If the width of the line - 100 characters, it is ideal for quick reading from the screen. But people prefer to read text from the screen if the column has a width of 47 to 72 characters.

A good example of how our intuition is cheating, is not it?

The more options to choose from, the worse h3> It is usually assumed that if we have a lot of options, we will make a good choice. In fact, we are not likely to make any choice. And if you still will be able to choose, we will later tear himself doubts whether the correct purchase made. That is why Apple does not extend to infinity range of manufactured devices. And that is why it is better not to go for food in the huge hypermarkets.

One interesting experiment showed that if you give a person who wants to buy a fruit jam, six different jars to choose from, he will buy it with a probability of 60%. And if you give him a choice of 24 banks with different tastes, then, with a probability of 97%, he never could determine

You take most of the decisions unconsciously h3> Imagine the situation: you are thinking about buying a new TV. You searched for a suitable model on the Internet. Have you read reviews about it on the forums. But what really affects what you buy in the end do?

What you will be guided - in the perfect size for a reliable brand, the abundance of extra features? Most likely, none of this will affect your choice. You just choose what you like to advise the seller. Or make a "random" choice. This will be an unconscious decision.

But this does not mean that it is irrational and non-optimal. This means that you need to trust your instincts. The fact is that our brain processes the vast amounts of data and make sense of them all with the help of consciousness is unreal. So when we talk about intuition, it is that our brains have had in mind all the necessary calculations and is ready to make the right choice.

You invent "memories┬╗ h3> Every time you remember a certain event that occurred, for example, five years ago, you "dorisovyvat 'memories. E. You can be sure of some details of the event, but they may not have any relation to reality.

In fact, every time you are about anything remember, then overwrite the cell memory. They remembered their wedding day? The next time you will not remember their wedding, and that was thought about it before. Each time memory is overwritten memories. Therefore, the less you think about the past, the more adequate way you look at it.

You really can not do two things at the same time h3> Forget about what you are able to deal with several cases simultaneously. In fact, you simply switch from one task to another without realizing it. And each switch costs you an average of 7 seconds of the time spent. Distracted every 30 seconds - it means your productivity dramatically reduced.

Therefore, if you want to achieve great success in your work, you have to learn to concentrate on the task and "turn off" all the "interference" of the outside world.

Social networks do not work h3> Many people in today's world it seems that all the work and all social communication can be moved to the Internet. What communication over Skype means for us no less than live communication.

But only during the live communication are allocated neurotransmitters that we need so much in order to feel happy
In the end, to be together with someone you need at least to laugh more often. Studies show that people laugh 30 times more often when not alone. Plus, laughter is contagious: if you see someone smile, you probably smile in response.

You overestimate the importance of events in the future h3> Imagine that you won the lottery a million dollars. Do you think you will be happy? The correct answer is: no, do not be. More precisely, happiness, of course, will be, but it linger in your mind on the strength of a couple of days. Studies show that people who win the jackpot in the lottery, and people who became disabled by accident, a year after these dramatic events evaluate their level of happiness equally.

So today, you may feel that the results of the interview depends on your whole life, and that of how everything goes, it depends on your satisfaction, but it is only an illusion. No event in our life - even the death of a loved one, or winning the lottery a few million dollars - will not affect the way you will feel after a year.

The maximum size of our circle of friends - 150 chelove h3> Anthropologists say that the human brain is able to retain the information only about 150 people. 150 - the maximum size of a stable social group. With only so many people you can maintain stable social relationships.

People are programmed to laziness h3> We are created to be lazy. All because of - millions of years of evolution, who taught us to what we will live longer if you will be able to maintain their energy. Therefore, if you do not want to do - this is normal, do not blame yourself.

Your mind "wanders" 30% of the time h3> What you were not busy, and what would not have tried to focus, you have to accept that 30% of the time your brain will be spending it is not clear what. < / on any thoughts that are not related to what you're doing. So it works.

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