"Hard to believe": a documentary film, causing shock

Hard to believe, but in China there is a state-sponsored harvesting of organs from living prisoners of conscience. Ken stone, a two-time winner of the "Emmy" and the film "Hard to believe" knew almost nothing about the Chinese spiritual practice Falun Gong. In addition, he is initially skeptical of reports that with the consent of the Chinese authorities of Falun Gong practitioners remove the bodies.

But later he realized that mass killings are made in China, but almost nobody takes it into consideration.

"I wanted to tell you why no one pays attention, stone said. — It reminded me of the words of Martin Luther king about the civil rights era in the United States: "the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the shrill cry of bad people, but appalling silence of good people"".


The film "Hard to believe" Ken stone


After sixty-odd shows around the world, received several film awards the documentary film "Hard to believe" (2015) is now available in digital format.

Lance Howard, senior lecturer of geography at the University of Clemson, including movies in the curriculum, as reported in a press release. "I showed shocking documentaries about human rights abuses in his lectures before, but this film is shocking. And precisely because it is so hard to believe, we don't want to talk about it, he said. My students sat riveted in their seats until the end."

The screening of the documentary "Hard to believe" in Clemson University in South Carolina November 16, 2015

The film was also included in the program "Global initiatives on bioethics" ethics Society in new York.

"The film is "Hard to believe" showed us how easy it is medical professionals are involved in something that is unethical without realizing it, noted ESMA Paljevic, associate Professor of the University "pace". — The film gives us the opportunity to pause and make sure we look at the overall picture and unable to protect vulnerable populations of the world."



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Director Ken stone said: "One of the lessons of the film "Hard to believe" that so many good people not just silent, but didn't pay attention. I hope that this film will cause more people to Wake up."published


Author: Larry Ong


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