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Online MovieListForDesigners collect movies for designers, illustrators and creative people. These films are forced to look for new ways in the history of design, performance and experience of well-known masters, helping to discover new names and simply draw inspiration.

Website has selected 25 films that have come to us especially in the shower. And publishes them with the permission of the authors collections.

Factory Girl

Andy Warhol - artist and director who turned a can of tomato soup in a fetish of the twentieth century. The film tells the story of this king bohemian hangouts 1960 and founder of the famous New York glam club "Factory».

Diana Vreeland: The Eye has to travel

A documentary about the "high priestess of fashion," Diana Vreeland - cult Explorer and fashion editors. She has collaborated with such publications as Harper's Bazaar and Vogue, as well as curated exhibitions that took place in New York City The Metropolitan Museum of Art. This film is about a rebel, which brings to life everything that she wanted.

Fur: ​​An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus

From the window of his apartment in New York, Diane Arbus saw a figure in a mask - a mysterious new neighbor. Intrigued, Diana wants to take a picture and sent to his apartment. Since then, and begins its journey that reveals the deepest secrets of Diana, it awakens in her genius, and directs the path of an outstanding artist.

Helmut Newton: High Photo

The film tells the story of a German-Australian photographer and photographers Helmut Newton, who was very prolific, and which is often imitated, whose provocative erotic black and white photos are not descended from the pages and graced the cover of Vogue and other publications. The eroticism of his works sometimes teetering on the verge of shocking revelations, but that's what made the world famous photographer.


A film about typography, graphic design and visual culture as a whole. Through the prism of the spread of the font in the film is considered the general question of how the font affects our lives.

Exit Through the Gift Shop

The film tells the incredible but true story of how the Los Angeles eccentric bourgeois French origin, becoming a documentary filmmaker, tried to find the most mysterious underground graffiti artist Banksy, and make friends with him.

Bill Cunningham. New York

Thin and funny documentary portrait of 80-year-old Bill Cunningham's favorite The New York Times fashion photographer who is world famous for his weekly column "On the street."


The film describes the history of a short but eventful life of the dramatic events of the Negro artist, bohemian Manhattan representative Jean-Michel Basquiat on the background of artistic life in New York.

Milton Glaser: from information and delight

Known as the founder of The New York Magazine and founder of the campaign I Love NY, Milton Glaser is almost a legend. This film is composed mainly of conversations with the great designer. He tells how he came to mind the idea of ​​well-known projects, and why he has devoted his entire life to art.

The clean lines, open spaces

The documentary describes the result of the construction boom in the United States after World War II. It explains in detail why the mid-century modern design, regardless of cold and unattractive, has become a by-product of post-war optimism and commitment to reflect the nation to build a new future.

Beauty - it's a bit ashamed

An ingenious and amusing documentary study of the life and work of Wayne White, his journey from an underground cartoonist from East Village to one of the authors of the famous TV show, won a number of awards, "Emmy." White created the images and concepts that have become an integral part of pop culture. A recognizes the results of the world or not - it does not matter.

Of contemporary Russian design

Sergei Shanovicha film - the first attempt to systematize the Russian experience of Soviet and Russian designers in the documentary format. The first of four films of the project «The Modern Russian Design» is dedicated to graphic design and introduces more than 60 speakers from the masters of industrial design in the USSR until successful contemporary designers.

All the street

The famous film director and photographer Shirley Dunn turns his lens on the pioneers and masters of street photography in New York. This documentary tells the story of how the famous New York street photography.

Nation Handmaiden

In 2006, an independent artist and filmmaker Faith Levin had traveled several thousand kilometers to make a film about the revival of handmade design and applied arts.

Secrets of "Night Watch»

One of the most picturesque and beautiful paintings of the artist-director Greenaway devoted to Rembrandt and his mysterious web "small company" in 1642, as the world famous "Night Watch". The genre is not a documentary, but rather, staging, based on real events.

Model Matisse

This is a story of friendship between Henri Matisse and Sister Jacques-Marie, a nun who inspired him to create some of the works.

Cutie and the Boxer

The film is about a married couple - the artist Ushio Shinohara and his wife, Noriko, living in New York. Ushio wrote unusual paintings on canvas beating boxing gloves that before impact dip into the paint. At Noriko has its own view of art, often her opinion of her husband's work at odds with the views of the author, but, nevertheless, it has always supported Ushio.

Royal Line: Al Hirschfeld Story

Al Hirschfeld became known for thousands of graphics they created sketches of famous people. This is the story of his childhood and adolescence. This is the story of his growing up, the development of his political views and artistic outlook. The artist says about himself seriously and lightly and shares his life story.

Ai Weiwei: Never apologize

Ai Weiwei - the most famous Chinese contemporary artist, "Beijing Andy Warhol" and a bully who made his name and reputation, not only exhibitions in Tate Modern, and open opposition to the Chinese authorities.

Image and text

A powerful film about advertising and inspiration. It shows the work and wisdom of some of the most influential ads of our time.

The artist Gerhard Richter

Documentary portrait of Gerhard Richter, one of the most significant artists of our time. The artist allows us to penetrate the inner sanctum - his huge and bright studio.

Sketches of Frank Gary

A documentary film about the famous architect Frank O. Gary. The film explores the process of turning Gary original sketches for major projects in the first three-dimensional models, often made simply of cardboard and tape, then into finished buildings of titanium and glass, concrete and steel, wood and stone.

Paul Smith: Gentleman Designer

The film gives an intimate and provocative portrait of Paul Smith, unusual designer and formidable businessman who has worked with clients such as Evian, Apple and Austin.

Vogue: Eyes Editor

The documentary tells about the moments of visual and historical contribution to the editors of Vogue, past and present, who have made not just a magazine, but also the world of fashion.


The film is about our complex relationship with the things of mass production and, consequently, with the designers of these things. This is a look at the creative work behind every thing - from a toothbrush to art. This film is about the designers who rethink, reinvent and re-evaluating our man-made environment every day.

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