23 pictures that are hard to believe

Thanks to technological advances and photos we can get to know the world from different angles. It seems that a lifetime is not enough to be surprised and even more to understand all the mysteries that hide from us the history and the universe. Although some of them are located at a distance of just arm.

In this article Website has collected 23 photos, a reality that is hard to believe.

Sunset and eclipse odnovremenno

Shuttle launch - view from sputnika

Pyrite crystals form perfect kuba

It's one photo instead chetyre

Marlon Brando before and after make-up for the movie "The Godfather"

Slice of meteorite Fukan

Machine calculations kirpicha

The sky in an umbrella - the annual installation in Portugalii

Cloud in the shape of a flying tarelki

Fish bred in an abandoned mall Tailanda

This form after processing will be a 2-liter bottle

Squirrel with an incredibly fluffy hvostom

Horse in okeane

Reconstruction - Manhattan in 1609 and segodnya

Cabbage is geometric absolutely vnutri

Since cats see the world in temnote

Cliffs in Zhangjiajie National Park, Kitay

Sea turtle moves via meduzy

Morton - sandy island of sunken ships in Avstralii

The deepest pool mire

Autumn on the Lake in Pomerania Polshe

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