Secrets of shooting of advertising

Looking for studio door, you may find very strange tools used by photographers when working with food and other "capricious" modelyami.Inogda look at the image of delicious ice cream in advertising and even guess you can not present it, silicone, mashed potatoes or even in 3D. Therefore, professional advertisers always attracted considerable interest, not only the result of work, but also the process of its creation, behind the scenes of the industry - movies «making of» and the secrets of shooting of advertising.

The site has repeatedly appealed to the subject, revealing the secrets fudstilistov, writers of cult movies and publishing video reports of a series of «behind the scene». At this time we will focus on the effects of the bottle.

Professional photographers and directors know that special effects are not only computer. The vapor from the bottle, the web from a spray, liquid buoyancy of ice cubes and other gadgets known manufacturers (Condor and Trengove Studios) effects for film and advertising.

SpetseffektyEffekt couple

Fans of the maximum naturalness can be wet and warm in the microwave cotton balls. They create the illusion of steam rising from the hot food. However, technological progress in the field of special effects stepped far enough, and you can buy a set of two bottles, can get the effect of steam on any surface. To do this, apply a drop of each bag results, if they are close enough to immediately arises trickle of steam, which will hang in the air for several minutes. C using this kit is not difficult to capture light steam over a cup of coffee or to pass the effect of smoke from the extinguished wick candles.

In the absence of professional effects, you can use incense sticks. Can jets of steam and computer beautiful pririsovat.

The effect of tobacco smoke or tumana

Spray created around light sources in special aerosol-air. For more fog effect dose for haze - less.

The effect of water kapel

Many photographers to achieve the desired effect of a drop of water is applied to the skin of fruits, vegetables, steamed bottles, etc. In reality, the problem is that everything that can spray water, immediately dry under the hot rays of studio lighting. Solve this problem can either glycerin - it looks great on the wall of glasses, and the skin of the fruit. Either drops «Drop Effect», which are applied to the surface by an applicator not dry out and do not evaporate.

Effect lda

Ice cubes and whole frozen blocks of advertising consist of gelatin. Before operation should be dipped in water for several hours to ensure that they have acquired the desired shape and form, which may persist for several days. Using a razor can create any shape iceberg. In the case of dry storage of long blocks can be grown again in water to a normal size, and the conversion can be repeated many times. Fudstilisty also used, especially when taking pictures of ice in a glass with a drink glass or acrylic cubes.

The effect of dew

Rosa from ordinary water under the ruthless spotlights instantly evaporates. Sparkling morning dew on the grass and misted bottles taken out of the refrigerator, in advertising is "the work of" aerosol "Rosa", taking pictures. Rosa spray is applied and stored for a long time, not evaporating and drying up.

The effect of crushed ice

Shooting meat and fish products on natural finely crushed ice - a rather intractable problem for the photographer. Under heat this baby rapidly loses its shape and melts. For these purposes, a special chemical composition. A teaspoon of the composition is poured onto the glass surface (or glass dish) with water. After 15 minutes, an imitation ice chips, which retains its shape for several hours or even several days.

The effect of frost, izmorozi

Packages of frozen foods, bottles taken out of the freezer and frosted, frosty clothes, face - such plots often have to take a professional photographer. These natural effects persist for a few seconds and quickly disappear under the influence of the thermal radiation of studio lighting. Craftsmen say that the usual antiperspirant deodorant spray gives a frosty coating. And that the frost on the bottle can be prepared using salts and hairsprays. However, it greatly facilitates shooting these scenes a special aerosol formulation is sprayed on the surface of the photographed objects. This frost is maintained for many hours.

Liquid for buoyancy ice cubes

There is such a product. After dilution in water the liquid is able to maintain gelatin cubes "ice" on the surface of the water.

Effect snega

Until a few years ago to remove the winter infomercial, had to wait for suitable weather and beautiful fluffy snow. Now everything has changed, and the snow that does not melt in warm studios and pavilions, is available at any time of the year. In the shops of special effects you can buy a ready-made: even on closer examination it is impossible to distinguish from the present. It keeps track of, and applied through a screen creates the illusion of snow. In the winter, remove the rollers often using "snowmen" and artificial snow. Artificial snow - this paper and plastic. Huge fans usually stand behind the camera and sprayed white snowflakes in the right direction. To create a frame in the fairy tale where the light is needed, light snow, ash is commonly used.

Imitation of the frozen window stekla

Frosty pattern on glass is applied as from a container: 15 minutes to get through the elongated ice crystals resemble thin chrysanthemum petals.

Effect Web

Almost every horror film is present dusty cobwebs, evokes a sense of dark and dramatic scenes of mystery and horror. This web is sprayed from balonchika. Apply artificial spider web can be almost any object, including walls, windows, bottles, books, etc. The pictures artificial cobwebs looks indistinguishable from the genuine.

Effect pyli

Creating a natural dust takes time, which the photographer is never enough. Simple and quick to create a special effect of dust powders that are applied through a sieve, an imitation of dust when recording tracks of ancient objects.

The effect of foam

White flakes of foam, spray, which reflect the sun, powerful amber stream falls into the cup - a picture is in almost every beer commercial. Beer foam can cook yourself from washing powder or economic means, who whipped whisk. You can buy a ready-made: to mix the two ingredients and 120 ml of foam ready. If you do not close up, it is possible to use ordinary shaving foam.

Effect roasted korochki

Tint meat, bread or vegetables can be soy sauce, iodine, fuel oil or grease. Some food stylists prefer to fry foods construction hairdryer or a blowtorch. But it is sold and designed specifically for such purposes paint, inedible, but imparts a golden crust any products.

Dummy fudstilizme there are two directions. The so-called purists use only real food, while others have resorted to their colleagues fudmulyazha art, ie, "Falsification" of the product at every opportunity. Artificial strawberry slightly blurred background or acrylic ice cubes in a glass of lemonade artificial or plastic berries and nuts in yoghurt of PVA glue.

Artificial embers

Artificial cheese

Artificial water

Artificial berries

Artificial chicken

Artificial ice

Artificial chips

Artificial pool

Simple hitrostiDlya fudstilista food should be especially beautiful. And not tasty. By fudstilizm kitchen it has a very mediocre attitude, but to the industry of pleasure - the most that neither is direct. The image of the product should cause primarily aesthetic pleasure, caressing the eyes and teasing the senses. Fudstilista task - to achieve salivating while watching images.

A well cooked meal is rarely photogenic, photographs often are hours when using cameras, flashes, backgrounds, expensive lenses, fudkosmetiki and other attributes. This "model", even if it's not a fake, after shooting in any case we can not eat.

In addition to the standard props in the arsenal of food photographers have professional equipment and supplies of cloth, medicines, groceries and art galleries.

Blowtorch for roasting hot dogs, raw edges of the chops to burgers, and "goose" skin raw venison. (note: before the hotdog roast blowtorch, Sausage should be boiled, so they do not explode).

Motor Oil to replace inphotogenic syrup.

Glycerine in conjunction with the brushes of different sizes (in order to give the seafood a fresh new look, as if they were caught this morning) and spray (to give freshly picked lettuce and freshly washed appearance).

Hairspray gives new life to a piece of dried cake.

protective fabric spray prevents impregnation of a pancake, pinned him with blueberries, syrup of engine oil.

Toothpicks fasten naughty sandwiches and pick out the perfect shape of the crumbs of "hot" muffins.

Tweezers with the help of pasta swirled in the beautiful ring and distribute tiny, but has a very important role crumbs.

Big syringe help simulate the effect of a lush chicken breast, pumping raw poultry under the skin mashed potatoes, fried chicken followed by a blowtorch.

The brown shoe polish to give richness' just-what-fried "raw meat.

Fragrant sticks and balls smoking: to simulate a couple of hot dishes (for removing zazhennuyu cigarettes lying behind the plate, on the need to smoke a little blow).

PVA glue used instead of milk Photo flakes and dry breakfast, as well as for the bonding of the pie (which is actually filled with mashed potatoes and just smeared on a cut lemon custard and strawberry jam).

Kitchen towels if you break them into small "blob" that they help consolidate the viscous syrup on top of ice cream, which is actually a concoction of sugar and fat.

Sturdy cardboard boxes used for shooting pies or sandwiches with meat in order to prevent contact of fatty meat with salad. A few strategically placed pins milliners and voila! The most perfect in the world a hamburger. And the choice of buns here - a critical part of the process of stage, photographers know how to sesame paste glue where it is not enough.

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