9 ways to believe in yourself

Magic is believing in yourself. And when you do it, then fails and everything else.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

If we begin to sift through the sieve analysis, all useful qualities, that you would like to have, we will see that faith in itself is a real gold nugget. You can be the smartest and most beautiful man, a strong athlete or a resourceful entrepreneur, but without faith all these traits will never manifest itself in full measure.

We can say that belief in yourself is the Foundation, the fertile soil in which grows the tree of your success, both in professional sphere and in personal life. It is closely connected with such concepts as self-esteem and self-respect, the foundations of which are laid in early childhood. However, this does not mean that we can't develop them in adulthood. In this article we want to introduce you to some techniques that will help you believe in yourself.

1. Volunteering We prefer not to think about it and not notice. However, even the most successful society, not to mention our open spaces, there are a huge number of people in need of your help. Maybe it's the children from the orphanage, a beggar on the street, a veteran in your porch or even just free blood.

Try to make someone's day a little better. There is nothing that boosts confidence and self-esteem than the consciousness that you essential. Charity and volunteering you can not only help other people solve their problems, but you personally gain the lost self esteem.

2. Make a list of wins You beat your head against the wall and ready to give up in total despair?

Try to make a list of his accomplishments. Surely you have in life was a difficult situation from which you emerged victorious, or victory that you can be proud of. Drawing up such a list serves as a good psychological motivator that helps to believe in themselves and believe in themselves.

3. Surround yourself with people who believe in you If in your environment the first violin is played by people you constantly criticizing and degrading, it is not surprising that you can't fly. Not so long ago we already wrote about negative people and what role they can play in your life.

Try to remove from your life such characters or to keep contact with them to a minimum. Instead, find people with similar values and interests that will support and reinforce your progress. As a result, your confidence will receive multiple support and protection.

4. Take yourself to believe in yourself, you first have to accept yourself as you are. How can you believe in something you cannot fully accept? If you do not, it means that you reject part of yourself, maybe even hating some of their quality. It is impossible to believe that you don't like. So you have no other way to gain self-esteem, how to love yourself fully and completely, with all its advantages and disadvantages.

5. Adjust the angle Stop focusing on the imperfections and wrongs in your life. Instead, focus on what is around you is good and interesting, thanks to destiny for it. Every time you want to complain about the difficulties and injustice, try to find the situation the least bit positive, and it appears that problem is no and no. If the fate of solid feeds you lemons, find a way to make lemonade.

6. Step-by-step victory is Absolutely impossible to begin to believe in yourself if you constantly suffer failure in their endeavors. Maybe life really throws you too difficult of a task, maybe you are not good at assessing their strength.

In this case you should try to determine for yourself is obviously a real and attainable goal. Start small, but achievable step. It is better to move forward dear modest wins than each time to count the bumps after the resounding falls.

7. Examine yourself Francis bacon said that “knowledge is power”. And he was certainly right. If you are unable to cope with the problem, then you study all of the information that can help in its solution. If you can't handle yourself you must first learn yourself.

Reading psychological and motivational literature, seminars, courses, workshops on personal growth can help you to find the support that you lack in life. Learn, explore, think. Knowledge about how the world works and how people tick, helps you to gain peace of mind and confidence in life.

8. Live your goals Try to take stock of the goals that lie ahead of you for a year, for five years, in life in General. Evaluate each of them. This is really your goal or just a picture from a fashion magazine, jammed in the mind? Do you want this or is it a goal imposed on you by your half, head, environment? Maybe instead of a journey through tropical Islands at heart, you really want to close the office and to write the super program, or a novel? Or Vice versa, it's time to drop everything and change corporate tie-in Bungalow with ocean view?

You can start to believe in yourself only if you're honest with yourself and you will live your life. You can't spend your life to fulfil other people's desires and respect yourself at the same time.

9. Stop comparing yourself to others , Your appearance, accomplishments, earnings, success and everything else in any case we should not compare with others. Everyone has their path, their goals and their achievements. Don't waste your time, emotions and energy in running a race with others, otherwise your whole life will be in the shoes of a racehorse, driven by the whip of vanity and spurs ambition.

Belief in yourself is crucial for every person. She is like a beacon helps to move through life without looking at the voices of those without getting off course in the confusion about the purposes and tripping over failures and problems. Good luck on the road! published

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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