The sacred law of gratitude.

"Peace - a mirror, and it returns only its image each.»
Do we know how to thank? Now is not that just to say "thank you" when we do good, even though it, too, for someone can be a step forward. And thanks for that - a comprehensive internal and external being, when all is revealed in the human desire to meet to give something of yourself ... to restore some balance in the invisible space and create around his being a field of harmony.

Our life, existence, takes place in space, where everything is a game and the interaction energies. In fact, this is one comprehensive energy Truth-Consciousness, Consciousness-Force, that is, just by playing, flow many streams and rivulets, and manifests itself in various capacities.

When to us comes from any source, the act of giving - that means to us from this source redirected "portion of the" Energy. Normally we are very pleased to get something. Any gift will definitely have an act of mercy. And if our inner psychic being lives has manifested its nature, we understand that any such act, a gift to us is to be evaluated. Valued to the extent that immediately arises flame rising from the depths of being the desire to give thanks, and it means - to give something back. And to give a measure even more often obtained.

In Space there is such a law, which many have already checked their lives. The more you give - with the disinterested, not thinking about getting something in return - the greater the gifts from everywhere come to you. Universe unusually generous. But it works according to the law of the echo, the law of reflection. She sees that you give - and it gives you. But because the universe is immensely richer than any of us, so do not even bestowed with the royal, and with a truly divine generosity.

It has been said above about the people with a strong return-Thanksgiving gift. When a man gives thanks, not thinking. But among us on the planet many young souls who are doing just the first steps in the development of the space of his soul, the spiritual heart. So people should just gently help. How? Generally always the best, most effective and safe method - by example. Some would say that is a way for up to a distant time result. Nothing, not scary. We do not need to worry about all the time, and none of the result. The main thing - just do.

It should be noted that the Thanks - this is our constant noble and beautiful teacher. And should he come in our life at least once, he discreetly becomes our constant companion. Because the first realized the desire to thank it develops into a necessity. Thanks becomes a necessity of our hearts.

As we learn to be grateful, quite magically change our lives. Firstly, to offer us the gift of seeing / feeling the things for which we should be thankful every day of its existence.

We wake up in the morning, open the window - the entire breast and breathe clean air. Lord, thank you! Soon the sun will rise in the sky, and will give us light and heat. Thank you, beloved sun! We'll go to the bathroom to wash up and open the water tap. Please accept my gratitude, generous element of water! You go out on the street and someone you smile. Thank you, God, that reminds me of his constant love! You open the computer to check email or go to Skype, and some of my friends have sent you a wonderful music, or valuable information or just write "Hi, how are you?»

And you know what that's all - not trivial, that someone gave you a piece of his time, he sent a ray of attention, a wave of tenderness - redirected the flow of energy in your direction. And in your heart suddenly reveals a beautiful, so fragrant and vibrant flower ... This flower - your gratitude.

It so happens that you ask for help, advice, support - and immediately the universe sends you this: someone immediately comes to the rescue reaches out substitutes shoulder ... and unconditionally gives you your time, your energy, your love - not even thinking he was you something gives. But we must understand this. And not only be consumers of donations, but certainly - otdavatelyami. In order to maintain the balance of energy in space, so you do not become energy debtors. In what form to give thanks - we are always present in an invisible prompter, who knows how we have to do at one time or another. It is our intuition of our awakened consciousness. For it is to learn to listen, because her voice is often so quiet and subtle ...

When you gain the ability to be grateful for any little thing, you are surprised to realize that the small things something, in fact, not: "For small, in fact, no: everything in the world full of meaning; stroke stroke is drawn to the story, and the thin thread woven Genesis movement ... "It turns out that all these our everyday little things - pazliki necessary to lay down a complete picture of your life. So that it becomes coherent so that it has become a real and fragrant.

And then, with the opening in your heart surrender to the flow Thanks in your life start to happen miracles. We remember: The universe is our reflection. And when we wake up in the bounty of Thanksgiving, the universe, life begins to shower us with no end in response to its tender mercies. And then you're walking down the street, you can just suddenly freeze on stream flows from the heart. Because you realize how life is generous towards you and how much she loves you ...

You know that every day a swim in the ocean it Abundance: because your life is constantly flowing into something new, you will find new opportunities, new relationships. In your life, people come jewels ... They just are attracted to you - by the law of correspondence, according to the law of Giving and Gratitude.
Learn to give thanks and do not cease to be thankful. Observe any change in your day, which is the gift: someone you comfort and encourage someone to help find the book, someone just laugh (and humor - it is always a gift from God, which is the greatest comedian of all we know) someone gave you something different, not least it needs someone wrote "I send you love and affection" ... Thanks in response.

Thank carrier gifts, give thanks for the possibility to thank, thank the universe, the Lord of Life - for all are one. It does not matter who you thank - most importantly, that energy comes from continually Thanks you.

My favorite heart Teacher Sri Ramana Maharshi once said one sentence that contains the whole philosophy and wisdom of Oneness: "Doing something for someone, you do it for yourself." Realize the full depth and power of the hidden meaning of what was said. This phrase is worthy of meditation. And in this deep, encompassing your entire being meditation, you will open and the first and second, and -nadtsatoe bottom of this intimate and at all times of Wisdom ...

And writing these lines to thank you, because you are here, on this portal, which is now for us a warm comfortable house of our communication, and produce energy exchange of knowledge; for what you are looking for yourself so aspirations persistently and relentlessly; because reading these lines now ... And for you - just there.


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