Kafka, a girl and a doll

Living in Berlin, Franz Kafka every day strolling through the park. There he once met a little girl who lost her doll and cried loudly. Kafka asked her to help find and meet at the same place the next day.

Doll famous writer, of course, is not found. But they brought the written letter from her face. "Please do not grieve my absence - reading aloud France. - I went on a journey to see the world. I will write to you about all my adventures. " The next few weeks, they met in the park, and the girl read the letter writer in which a doll in the colors described her trip.

Soon Kafka happened exacerbation of tuberculosis, and he needed to go to a sanatorium in Vienna. Before this trip, became a writer for the latter, Kafka met the girl and gave her a doll. It was quite similar to the one that the girl had once lost. But it came with a note: "Travelling changed me."


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